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    Panic buying

    Local Aldi is allowing 60 total at a time total then 1 out 1 in. West Kirby, Wirral
  2. My technique is to vary the spacing between tracks by on the outer rail(s) extending the straight leading into the curve before starting the larger radius curve so that the track spacing on the curve is larger. To my eyes Peco spacing looks wrong. Obviously any points on the straights need the straight part of the curved bit shortened to adopt my spacing!
  3. I m making a rather simpler model than most of the correspondents but I am particularly interested in ballast colour in the SW valleys, and rather less SW mainline, esp. pre-grouping. My memory from the 50s would be black (coal dust I imagine) everywhere except where recently replaced. And composed mainly of ash. Comments?
  4. One technique i use to get max number of tracks on the straight is to make outer tracks longer before starting a curve; also on my layout I further use the difference in straight lengths by a full quarter circle of 4th radius, adjoining a quarter circle of 1 4th piece of track followed by 1 3rd radius piece of track adjoined a quarter circle of 1 3rd and and 1 2nd adjoined a quarter circle of 1 2nd and and 1 1st . So on the straight trains are protoypically close to each other on adjacent tracks and as they enter a curve the spacing increases. I've got three tracks going under a Hornby footbridge (but tight on the platform edge!!) All helped by the fact that using Hornby track each track piece covers the same angle. When did you see ALL track at the same spacing on the prototype over a significant distance?
  5. Statins I was put on Atorvastatin 40mg and aspirin 150mg (both daily) after a quadruple bypass op. So I've been on it since 1997 and have never been fitter. Bypass op caused by bad chloresterol; reading was around 11 when 5 was the max target figure and main heart arteries were blocking. 7 days after the op the district nurse couldn't understand how I managed to get to the door to let her in the house. 76 birthday was last month and I'm still active- indeed my understanding is being sensibly active is good for a weakish heart. Hope this helps others.....
  6. Just to correct my previous entry and agree with others: TVR 30T Timber Truck, later GWR Macaw G. Length over headstocks 35 ft, width 7ft 4", The bolsters are removeable and don't revolve. Bogies axle spacing 5ft 6", Distance beween middle of bogies 24ft. distance between buffer centres 5ft 8 1/2in. This from the outline diagram I prev mentioned. Presumable removeanle bolsters suggest the are relocatable; as drawn the spacing beween the outer pairs is less than the next inner and the middle pair are between the others. Diagram has no overall length over buffers.
  7. JN Maskelyne Editor MRN (GW Fanatic) in Sept 46 MRN Page 188 has a similar list to the one just above starting from 5071(1940) to 6952 except that 5049 splits the 5017 period: no dates unfortunately. Obviously nothing post 1946
  8. Jan 2020 Page 57, what have pictures 3,4&5 got to do with their captions? Look to be breakdown crane review material (;-)}
  9. On the uk modelshops directory listing there is a list of "local" railway stations; all are fine except the last "West Kirby" which is "9" or so miles away it says. This is, I think,as the crow flies and ignores the river Dee which would need to be crossed. Chester is closer for people without boats! I have put a note to uk....
  10. Not all platforms on a line were necessarily the same length; Halts could be shorter for example because the train/autotrain predicted to operate them was say 1 or 2 coaches as opposed to the more significant stations which could be expected to handle handling 5 or more coaches. Also some platforms could be for more than one larger train. Contrast Alberta Road Halt/ Llandough Halt, Abercwmboi Halt, Penarth Town, Cardiff General (Central?), Queen St and at the long extreme Pontypridd from my memories. Regards
  11. What scale are you on: N OO? Regards Basil
  12. GWR, or rather BR(WR) typically modest have apparently hold the steam speed record and over a long distance and with a 45xx in the 1950s! Source ;Back Track Back Page of Oct 2019 122 and half miles in around 35 mins! How they did they make the coal last out,! 3717 efforts pale! (PS I think it should read 12.5 miles)
  13. A real find Just a thought - these could be ex Taff Vale Railway stock possibly condemned?; Or other South Wales stock? Llantrisant was a point where ex TVR and GW came together. I will be working on possible identification against TVR diagrams. Nice mixture of roof colours.
  14. Penarth Town (BR(WR), GWR, TVR, CP&BJR) had bays on the up and down sides;; latterly Cadoxton autotrains used the up side bay(misnomer in a sense since the track went down both ways. In early days I believe at least the up side bay was accessed by passing purple aspect signals.
  15. Deleted because in wrong section. Sorry Regards Basil
  16. Some more info would be helpful; size and pictures as well. Values can vary vastly depending on what it is and how scarce. Sympathy Basil
  17. What always puzzles me is: Are we talking about the colour of the paint or the colour that a loco looked like? Basically what it would look like would depend on lots of things especially both the "primer" layers and the varnish. Both would influence the final colour depending on the number of coats. And varnish would NOT be translucent clear and would have a yellow tinge which would get darker with age; indeed there was an entry in this site some years ago complaining that their Humbrol varnish had darkened even with current technology Loco Paint samples are only of use if what they represent is clear - observed colour or paint colour, and the you have to allow for ageing.
  18. Triang/Hornby old 7 compartment clerestories have different sized compartments to the brake "3rd" - the later's compartments get 5 compartments into the space that the 7 compartment allocates to 4 1/2 approx ; ? different class? The seven compartment compartments are all the same size - so all same class. Based on a direct comparision of the models in front of me
  19. Don't forget that the colour we see is amongst other variables influenced by the primer. paint layer and varnish coat(s) which even these days will vary in eg thickness, and age not to mention the effect of distance on what we see
  20. I find it distressing that some stock just drifts off the "catalogue"; I am thinking of the, to me, iconic GWR Whitewash coach which had a v long active life into BR days and then, after joining the national collection was allowed to deteriorate and was then "loaned" to ?WSR?. Anybody know what is happening to to it now? It is not in the subject document. As I recall even the LNER dynometor coach went through a rough spell until FS, Mallard etc enthusiasm built up. Regards Basil
  21. Just to say thanks for that extra info - a trail to be followed (:-)) Basil
  22. Lots of 522 errors here - often associated with following a thread. Regards Basil
  23. So this is why National came off the title of NRM; no operational GW or Southern steam; so for the GW locos operating no KGV, Pendennis, City of T, Lode Star, 28xx And no Pannier? And which Rocket replica to Manchester; original, steamable replica or dissected replica? Regards Basil
  24. Locos GWR Part 10 has a likely candidate on Page K139; Llantwit acquired from Thomas Powell in 1845; In September he offered the loco to balance wagon hire. 12"X18" cylinders built 1838. By 1855 it was a 6 wheel 0-4-2 with 4ft 6in wheels. In early 1850s recorded working at Llancaiach and RCTS suggest it was used as a wagon shunter and pw. Built by G & J Rennie. This seems to be the only 2-2-2 the TVR had; they favoured 0-4-2. The above summarises the RCTS Pt10 entry. Dates at this range seem to me to be capable of being misunderstood. The 3 Yankee Engines from Norris can be represented by the American Bachmann ones albeit HO rather than OO. Some more work to be done with the L&C info , I think Regards Basil Stephens WRRC
  25. I cannot access my feed thro' Feedly now; prev no probs

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      I think that that the RSS detais are what I am looking for so that I can apply it at Feedly; I've looked at ?all? the FAQ and altho' searched I've not found (;-))

      I am probably just not seeing it; but Feedly itself can't automatically find it - I've used it ever since Google Reader died. 

      Your help is very welcome.



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      No problem, just so we're on the same wavelength.  This is one of what are now called activity feeds?  Ie Unread content, or content you follow?  If so, then go to the page on rmWeb, at the top of the page (below the rmWeb banner), you'll see the page name, ie Unread content.  On the same line, over on the right it says RSS - and you can copy the feed address from there.

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      Superb; thanks


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