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  1. Desperately slow progress, what with family commitments and other life stuff... However, the dropped (removable) board now has its elevated sections for the bridge under the mainline and a shorter bit for the head-shunt. Once the alignment was drawn in to fit the plan, the track board supports were glued (with screws in some cases) and various fillets added for lateral strength. Thought I'd try some laminate flooring underlay foam on this layout - seems to stick down OK with PVA glue, but let's see how it takes paint and Copydex for the track side. Early tests reveal it's quite quiet, so here's hoping... Oh, and the track and points have arrived - just need to order some microswitches for the frog switching.
  2. Brilliant! Gave me paws for thought...
  3. Care/able to tell? You can't leave us in suspenders...
  4. Interesting progress summary in Building - some of the links therein are good reads but you may need to register. Worthy of note is CRL's letter to Caroline Pigeon. One wonders where '95% complete' came from...
  5. Agreed. Synopsis for episode 2 is up now: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0002p93 However, these things have a habit of raising more questions than answers...
  6. New Series 3 (two episodes) of the Fifteen Billion Pound Railway starts tomorrow night: 9pm BBC2, repeated Sunday at 7pm (not Scotland or Wales). Synopsis is at https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0002jt4 Could reveal some clues to delays?
  7. First of 2 episodes in new Series 3 hits the screen tomorrow night: 9pm BBC2, repeated Sunday at 7pm (not Scotland or Wales). Synopsis is at https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0002jt4
  8. This is amazing! I'm afraid I haven't read the whole thread (yet), but it takes me back to parts of my childhood, as West Kirby was home to my mother and Uncle when they grew up. I have many photos of the area, but sadly none of the station inside. One of the little retail units in the station forecourt was for a short time c.1947 home to the shared businesses of my afore-mentioned relatives - one half art/craft and the other half clerical/business services. But that info isn't really much help for this layout is it? I do remember travelling to/from WK station at various holiday times - your model's whole atmosphere is spot-on! Top-notch modelling
  9. So here's the next development - having realised the similarity to Minories, it is now a Minories with sidings. This one addresses the issue of the headshunt not being accessible from the inbound route. The right-hand part with the fiddle yard is unchanged from the initial plan. A variant I tried when drawing this is to have only a single siding to the bridge, which then becomes a headshunt to two splayed sidings in the top-left-hand corner. This arrangement might be better for goods and/or simmering engines awaiting turns. Any more thoughts anyone?
  10. Very forward-thinking! My contents list was just the old tag-driven feature, so I'll need to do some writing... Miss the old 'tag cloud' thingy too. Thanks Mikkel.
  11. Thanks Corbs, I found that but it looks as though you have to compile it manually - is that right? Just assemble a list using links to entries?
  12. - thought swearing wasn't allowed on here?
  13. Very nice upgrade - especially the activity streams - thanks Andy! One point I haven't seen raised yet - though Mikkel has led the way - is indexing tags in blog posts. My blog entries were carefully tagged in the old forum software, but those tags now seem to have disappeared, just empty tag fields on each post. Yet tags work on forum posts (I think). Before I go through and add my tags again, is this a 'feature', or has something not caught up or been configured yet? And do blogs no longer have any easy method of listing their contents in a side bar? Not a whinge, just wish to understand.
  14. Yes, you're right! It would mean interesting operation, but uncertain how prototypical it is. One option would be to convert the headshunt into a siding, then put the kickbacks and lead up a level as though it's part of a high-level goods from elsewhere. That way I get to shunt and simmer but there's no visible connection between the two lines. It would be visually appealing, but lose some operation interest?
  15. Hi Barrymx5, Thanks for taking time to comment. I'm not really a fan of turntables because they take up space, are difficult to build, and are often fiddly to operate. Though they can look impressive, especially with a smouldering Castle on them! I should have mentioned that my preferred eras are mid-60s and end-80s-early 90s. Envisaged location is Wessex/South-western areas, mostly suburban passenger and light goods and/or parcels. The fiddle yard is in a tight alcove with a sloping ceiling, so I'd need something very ingenious to handle cassettes. Hence the planned 4-fan tracks at the right-hand end. Something to think about there! The curves into the station area are also tight at 20 inches radius which is going to look naff, so I need to ease that a little - it's constrained by the board join. I've also realised that the station area is almost a Minories layout. Tony
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