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  1. Will make the trip to So'ton just to see this. So glad that I will have the chance to see it in the flesh. Regards, Mark
  2. Is cooking some Cumberland snorkers for lunch

    1. Jol Wilkinson

      Jol Wilkinson

      How the rich live.

    2. Debs.


      Gosh!.....how smashing! :-)

    3. Western Stalwart

      Western Stalwart

      @LNWRmodeller Ah yes nothing but the best for us.

  3. I hope to be along in the PM. Kin I 'ave a play please mister? Be good to see Combwich, it'll be another Nevard layout to tick off in the spotters book. Regards 'n' all that
  4. Have a look at the Airbrush Company in Lancing for the Neo airbrush made for/by Iwata who make the Rolls Royce of airbrushed. The Neos start at £47. They also come with a 5 year warranty. I don't have one (I have a Harder & Steenbeck) but also have the PremI-air G35 which is now £42 so I'd pay the extra fiver. Cheers Mark
  5. With all the froth about the F**l loco and if Dapol want to go out on a limb, how about the GWR 'Kruger' if we are talking ugly loco. That certainly fell (Ha Ha) out of the ugly tree hitting every branch on the way down. Tongue firmly in cheek, Mark BTW Class 33 in N would be good Dave!
  6. Happy New Year everyone! Esp. Andy for all his hard work through the year in bringing us such a great site. So much inspiration. Not forgetting all the Mods and others behind the scenes.

  7. Sorry to hear the news about Mike. When I was a member of the Western Model Railway Society back in the 1980s we were invited to attend the exhibition with our German outline layout Akten Vohwinkle. Great show with plenty of organised evening entertainment. Last night was a barn dance with a female troupe of morris dancers as part of the activites who really were very aggresive with the banging of the sticks and indeed a lump broke off one a hit my beer glass. I also remember the terrible hangover the next day. How I survived operating the layout, packing up and driving the van back to Acton in London, unloading and then going to work for a 6AM start the following day I don't know. Thanks for a great show Mike! May I offer my deepest sympathies to his family and friends. He will be deeply missed.
  8. Oh my god, no! How ever will I get through Christmas day without the Hornby announcent to look forward to. Oh. I know. I'll eat lots of Turkey, Xmas pud etc, drink moderate quantities of alcohol based beverages and enjoy watching my son, Adam who now being four and is a state of excitement already at the thought of Santa coming.
  9. "Johnny. What are you doing in your bedroom?" "I'm shunting Mother!"
  10. <pedant> Dear Mr. Nevard, I quote. "Mr & Mrs Penguin ponder on whether they should go in to The Pedant & Armchair public house next to the halt at Polbrock." It was "The Armchair & Pedant" the other day. Please make your mind up or pay more attention to you typing. Yours etc Mr, P. Edant <pedant> Oooh! Your leaving yourself wide open there Chris. Some will say that type of pillbox was never used in Cornwall. Regards, Mark
  11. Surely all those pedants wouldn't own Rovers. They have to take the bus/train everywhere. If they do the most certainly won't have used 5th gear. Looking good Chris.
  12. Well my infrequent blog is updated two days running. As you all guessed it is of coursea Bulleid tender for a DJH Merchant Navy that a bought a fair while back in the days before Hornby's efforts. I have just sold on ebay a Crownline Q1 kit again bought before Hornby bought out their RTR model. I decided not to build that as I purchased one of Hornbys finest. The Merchant Navy came out of the draw at the same time and I decided to make a start on it. Anyway this is the state of affairs after another day at the workbench. I have also added the whitemetal castings for the coal space which can't be seen in the pics. On the whole the kit goes together very well but the instructions leave a bit to be desired. There should be a cople of castings to fit in the front of the tender (front tender curves or something) but the drawing is so vague I can't identify the castings in the bag, so the plan is to leave them off for the time being and see whats left at the end. I know that there is still a blob of solder to clean off of the tender side and some other bits to identify and attach but so far I am pleased with the result. I would like to thank Tony Wright at this point for is kit construction dvds which gave me the confidence to solder the white metal parts to brass. Hope you will be back to full health as soon as possible. Regards everyone!
  13. Well as the title sez, I'll post updates to my blog at irregular intervals. Today I dug out a kit that has been languishing in my collection for more than a few years. Todays efforts have produced this along with some scorched fingers. So as the entry states, can you guess what it is yet, and yes it's a tender. Wheels are a bit of a give away Sorry for the crap photo.
  14. I agree with nigelb. I bought some of their slate sheets at the scaleforum. Again though lifting problems may occour. Also have you looked at scalescenes buy and print papers? I think the flat version on the hut looks good despite the lack of overlap, the painting and weathering have disguised the lack of that. As for the Wills sheets could you not bevel the exposed edge to reduce the effect. BTW whatever method you use your modelling skills will make the result look tremendous.
  15. Thanks for posting the pics and video Paul. Had to make my mind wether to go to Wycrail or the East London show and chose Wycrail as it was easier to get to. Will make sure I go next year. regards, Mark
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