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  1. Does anyone have any of these knocking around at all?
  2. rka

    Almost out of print

    In the western wonders book are there any south Wales photos?
  3. All that would happen is your warm air would condensate on the bare wall and cause no end of problems.
  4. What is a transition curve, if I might ask?
  5. I might have a set of the brass masters headcode box roofs for the class 24 should I find them would anyone we ant them?
  6. If anyone wants some airfix mk2ds I have a rake of 8 I'm considering selling as my interest is WR before the aircons arrived.
  7. These look good, where did you get the dimensions from? Regards Richard
  8. A1 models do the roof panels, check on eBay as they have a shop selling their etches.
  9. Thanks for the offer, I'm after the instructions for the tender part of the crownline kit so I'm not sure how similar the instructions will be. Regards Richard
  10. Hi Brian, Yes that helps, thank you. Regards Richard
  11. Hi, Does anyone have a copy of this that they wouldn't mind sharing please?
  12. I believe the guy who bought craftsman,was called Dave Jones!
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