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  1. rka


    Poor Brian, Dammed whatever he does.
  2. I have many old style diesel modelling projects on the go, my latest effort is using a lima deltic stretching kit, I'll post a picture later on today. Best regards Richard
  3. I can appreciate classical music and I like really heavy and mental rave music.
  4. Hi Mike, That sounds fine to me. Best regards Richard
  5. Hi Mike, if mji is interested as well and is happy to share the cost would it be possible to get some made please? Kind regards Richard
  6. They do look very good, I have the silver fox Sr 10201 and 10203 kits and they look ideal. Perhaps Mike might design an etch for them?
  7. Which fox house do you mean? If its the one near Hepworth in Holmfirth were keeping it.
  8. It was me who mentioned it, what about lonlas tunnel? Regards Richard
  9. I wonder if glamorgan might be in with a shout?
  10. Hi Tony, I should have made myself clear, I meant which are the best three link/instanter couplings? I have found romford and smiths so far. Best regards Richard
  11. Thank you, Looking for couplings is there a "best" make or are they all pretty much the same? Regards Richard
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