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  1. Hi, Does anyone know of a 'off the shelf paint ' for Highland railway coaches C. 1910 please?
  2. Hi, Can anyone tell me the dimensions of the Bachmann wooden barels set please, having looked on the web there is no 'size' ( height and diameter), of them. Below is a photo of the set as supplied, off the web. Yours Peter
  3. Hi, scale link do a brass etched version of the small style, as the 'tenteron' one here is a link to a photo https://www.scalelink.co.uk/acatalog/SLSV03.jpg Peter.
  4. Should there be a partition between the seating in the compartments and the luggage area? Nice work though, Congratulations.!.
  5. This new release, which would have been ideal for going behind one of the 'Showmans road locomotives' is too large - its 1;68 scale. Ref number is sp140 That information is from Hatton's who I asked to check for me as it is listed as scale 'other' - they did, and say it is too large for behind a Showmans road loco.. ' Full Marks' to the staff (John Nickerson) at Hatton's for checking the pair together; I have sent a question (are they going to make a 1:76 vesion?) to Oxford, but don't expect a reply Peter.
  6. The West Highland and its extension (Fort William to Mallaig) were built to relieve the devastation of the Highland Clearances,.with Government cash. The best general book is the David & Charles book by John Thomas, for historical facts look for 'Mountain Moor & Loch , again by D&C - this is a reprint (from 1895!) of the NBR descriptive book for the line - lots of engravings and a lot of details in its 178 pages. New books, by Amberley, are the 'New Railway' and 'West Highland extension' both being photo books. All northbound railway companies sent sleepers but soon the (always looking to save money) NBR made the service one sleeper per day in winter. The WHR had its own special rolling stock, but the first ones had to be modified - superb wide windows - but with sunshine too hot; the best method for coach & wagon drawings is the NBRSG, who have 3 books of drawings of loco's, coaches and wagons.. Finally the 'Jacobite' is o the extension route, and the route from Glasgow/Edinburgh to Fort William , and from London there is still the sleeper!, that now is 16 coaches long, though is splits down to a lot of destinations in Scotland, and is having new coaches.delivered soon. The loco colour is most unusual have a look at the preserved one at 'http://www.srpsmuseum.org.uk/images/90001/90001.jpg' and it is said that it varied a lot! Coaches are maroon.
  7. Hi, Glad to hear that your son is 'on the mend'. The Inspection saloon was a vehicle in regular use on several railways , one of the larger ones for was for was for Mr Webb, of the L&NWR, Here is a link to a photo of the style of vehicle https://hattonsimages.blob.core.windows.net/products/KB315_3198374_Qty1_3.jpg This is a large one, smaller ones are on e-ay on the web,, try 'LNWR inspection saloon', there were several designs The Caledonian Railway used a redundant ( ex WCJS) 6 wheeler that was rebuilt for the same sort of purpose, . A side view is on the caledonian Railway society web pages athttps://www.crassoc.org.uk/forum/download/file.php?id=2412&sid=c9c13abaa8e93f348140618d5813c37f When more space was needed (extra persons involved) the large Family saloon vehicles were used. Peter.
  8. Hi, Have a look at the following link http://www.009.cd2.com/members/how_to/coach_building.htm, which should assist. Have a look at multi temperature soldering irons (Aldi/Lidl have them at some time of the year) A good thing to have is a steel plate, with an aluminium angle on one side - the you can solder two pieces at 90 degrees to each other, can a friend make on for you?? Clean the brass with 'shiny sinks' from the supermarket - brass can get an oxide on it Solder at the top and bottom then the centre always checking that the join is correct, then you can fill in the gaps. :Looking at your kits , I would separate the roof from the sides, the the body can be assembled, and the (part?)partitions added to stiffen the body.- make from plasticard perhaps? As suggested practice (on the bits at the edges of the etch), having cut them off to start with, Best of luck, and don't burn your fingers! Roll the roof with a piece of plastic water pipe om some old carpet and really the edge needs thickening. Practice with 20 thou plasticard, the radii is not very much. Ditto the tumblehome at the bottom of the sides. . Peter.
  9. Hi, Does anyone know if the CR loco can be easily converted to EM please? Or is a new scratch built chassis needed?
  10. Hi, Trundling through EBAY found this link https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hornby-DUBLO-VAN-CONVERSION-TRANSFERS-COLMANS-MUSTARD-LHP-HD010-/160540354724 I know nothing about it!
  11. Hi, Jim, that a double picnic saloon carrriage, The clients would be very less than pleased at the accommodation for a long trip - no sleeping facilities. Here is a link to the LSWR bogie Family/Invalid saloon that used to be on the Longmoor Railway https://mikemorant.smugmug.com/keyword/rolling%20stock/i-Dhw5hmr I have a set of sides/ends for one from the much missed 'Trevor Charlton' to build. and a Roxey Moulding carriage for the rest. The CCT's are built, and a horsebox at least! Roxey have a 6 wheel version, the ex LSWR Models kit, in 4mm, here is a link to the 7mm version built by Raymond Whalley. http://www.raymondwalley.com/pictures/carriages/other/lswr-saloon/body-5a.jpg Just the thing for a visit to the races! Peter
  12. Hi, The Midland ran trains from Liverpool/Southport through Victoria and up to Hellifield via Colne and I would think then to Carlisle. The OA&GB ran through from Guide Bridge (with GC engines and stock) to Oldham. The GC & Midland ran through the Chorlton (the GC branching off to go to Hyde Road and Audenshaw etc for Guide Bridge and Woodhead); the Midland continuing to Marple, and Millers Dale to Derby. Back to Manchester stations the LNW had Exchange(and London Road) which was severely bombed and has disappeared; the GWR ran trains to Chester from there as well as mentioned above.. There was a connecting line through Beswick which I would think that the Midland/LNWR, and possibly the LYR used. Another It ran from London Road (GC side) with a branch off the Ancoats Goods Yard (MR) and through to the Miles Platting (LYR) area. The NER and the LYR ran a competing service through from Liverpool to Victoria , en route to York (via the Calder Valley and Rochdale) and Newcastle for which special rolling stock was built by both railways, and needed adjustments as the stock was too wide! The door handles were sunk into the sides to rectify things. Peter ;
  13. Hi, Can anyone give me some GCR numbers for the D &S (Danny Pinnock) kit DS 73, the 4 wheel coachbuilt Fruit & Milk Vans please? Peter.
  14. There is a 20 page PDF re corrugated iron buildings in Scotland, though they could be, and were anywhere really at the following link - https://www.arct.cam.ac.uk/Downloads/ichs/vol-3-3097-3116-thompson.pdf Wales also had some: put 'Tintown at Bronaber' into a search engine and the 'images' - that was built when the Army had a Artillery Range in the hills at the left of the (southbound) road. There is not much left now a couple of buidings I think. Bronaber is on the A470, south of Trawsfynydd. Peter
  15. Hi, What is missing re the above are the (cosmetic) outside 'W' irons; is there a supplier of 4mm scale ones? The GNR and the NBR and I am sure others used them, they I would suggest be available in (multiples?) of 2 so should not be expensive? As they are really cosmetic, the inner (standard) one does the work, and to the outer one a (plasticard) block, with a dimple for the 'top hat' bearing, can be fitted between them so the outer, and basically cosmetic, one can even be plasticard? Possibly sold in 10's? Could it be an exercise for an owner of a 'Silhouette' cutter to be a small supplier? Yours Peter.
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