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  1. Mindreader Gerry :-) I've got this on my wall. Copy of the A K Walls photo that features in the Abbotsbury Branch book. Not good quality but has pencilled date/location n the back. No idea where it came from but Dad did have a handful of B+W photo's where there might have been some significance. Actually it's 7754, quite why is a mystery as it seems to been a Wellington loco. However I do have both 7780 + 82. I have a couple of spare bodies and have been working on a Comet chassis plus a High level one which looks a bit intimidating but I'd like to do it EM. Just need a 16 ton mineral now. Perhaps a Rumney chassis might have been a better place to start on etched bits.... Dad had a high opinion of 7780 and 82. Apparently they were both overhauled at Eastliegh and were something of a revelation when they arrived compared to those done at Swindon. Cheers Stu
  2. Hi, A belated update, partly due to a protracted family medical crisis, not covid and thankfully now making a good recovery and partly because the motor gearbox combo I had for the 14xx was simply too big. So I ended up odering a High Level gearbox and motor. The gearbox is excellent and the motor tiny and should have checked the size carefully before ordering. But it's all gone together well in spite of my hamfisted chassis building skills. With a decent amount of lead in the body running is fine and it seems happy enough with either an autotrailer or a few wagons. Got a small Zimo chip installed and although the speed curve (and wiring!) could do with tweaking runs well across the range. Progress so far in all it's, in more ways than one, shabby glory. Still got coal, lamps, crew, etc,etc to do though I have managed to sort installing some NEM pockets. Thanks for looking. Stu
  3. Appreciate that Martin, must make time! I'm not a professional track builder, heck I'm not even an amateur so must give credit to Templot and various threads associated with it on here for helping get as far as I have.. I'll try and squeeze a bacon roll out of the deal as well next time we get together at a show, inflation etc....... :-) Stu
  4. Sorry been busy with family stuff so only just caught up. David's answered this pretty comprehensively which is good as I've never tried re-wheeling one. It might be worth doing a "re-wheel 14XX" search as there seems to be quite a variety of stuff out there. Hatton's 14XX was a bit of a misfire and given it's history unlikely ever getting a re-run. I'm really surprised no-one else has jumped in with another attempt but it'll happen one day. A bit baffled by the smokebox door comment. My 14XXis stalled as the motor/gearbox I had planned to use is a tad too big and as High Level Kits are now back have ordered something more suitable. Have been kept busy though. A friend saw the pic of my completed 3 way that I put on a different platform. He got in contact and asked if I would do him one plus a B6 point to go with it for a planned micro layout. Was happy to help on the basis that it would not come with a 7 year 100,000 mile fix at the roadside in 30 minute warranty and the only thing to change hands would be a few pints. Having done one meant a couple of potential pitfalls avoided so it was comparatively straightforward. Now with their new owner. It's worth checking to see if Martin is doing any web sessions on using Templot. I'ver not managed to catch any - my fault - but they'd probably be very useful in getting to know the programme. Not sure if it's the Templot thread or website where they're mentioned but worth looking. Cheers Stu
  5. It's not really noticeable in practice. It helps if you put plastic chairs on the rails after that are simply cosmetic. Ballasting then makes it even less noticeable. There's some pics of my track here https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/93421-sheepcroft-em/&tab=comments#comment-1692441 I'm sure those more experienced than me will add more comments Stu
  6. 121's and without checking and the date of the last green may not be recorded would guess 68/69. Blue 121's (SYP, White cab roof) were in use early 67, maybe late 66 Hth Stu
  7. Hi, Have a look here then PM me if you think I can help Stu
  8. Earlier this week the weather wasn't exactly good so the weeds got a reprieve andtrip to see the Sand Martins postponed so I got a bit more time at the workbench. The pictures pretty much explain themselves. Have attched all the boiler bits plus some homemade lamp irons and fire iron hooks. One thing that came up was epoxy adhesives. Sometime last year ran out of my two tubes mix it yourself stuff and had to replace it with the double syringe setup. Anyone else find these difficult to use? In the end separated the handle to become two and mixed in the oild fashioned way, one part at a time. The chassis is coming together but with the wheels simply plonked in to see how it's looking. Ended up using some recycled Romfords, not strictly correct as the crank is in the wrong place I'll live with that. Looks a bit of a mess After a coat of paint Thanks for looking Stu
  9. Ok, any old thinner, white spirit etc is fine I find with humbrol enamel. Get some old card and try some mixes out before putting on layout. Stu (in haste, being taken shopping!!!)
  10. Looks good, a lot neater than my efforts. A darker grey/brown wash would tone it down, brush it on or if you have an airbrush even better. Curious about the name of your layout...? Stu
  11. In my typically erratic fashion gone of at a bit of a tangent as browsing the Wizard Models site for something and found the old Mainly Trains Airfix/Dapol/Hornby 14XX improvement bits were back in stock. It's a loco I always wanted to have on Drewry but was always somewhat lukewarm about the Airfix version though do have the Hornby version and was disappointed with the DJM/Hattons effort. So having a gash body on hand got the kit and decided to get on with it. Did a bit of searching around to see how others had handled it and eventually found this which helped and actually inspired me to go a bit further. https://www.scalefour.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=90&t=6987&sid=2f824c3d6c994fd6ed6fe44bc2c31276 Now I'd quite like do a High Level Chassis but as they're on Furlough that side may have to wait though I do have a Comet chassis that I bought when I got the spare body. I'm going to do 1453, have the plates, so inspired by Mr Willis's efforts have been hacking the body around. Orginally didn't intend to remove the top feed or move the tool boxes but as 53 is top feed free and has offset tool boxes decided to go for it. This is progress so far. Will update as and when as we're due to have the grandkids to stay...... 'nuff said! Stu
  12. Have a look here https://www.sanddmodels.co.uk/images/ff001.jpg They were first done some time ago and the staff uniforms are definitely 70's HTH Stu
  13. Looking very good Steve. Have you sorted out the running yet? Stu
  14. Cambrian OBA and OCAmore or less finished now, just think they need a bit more time on the interiors. Stu
  15. Interesting stuff and I'll see if I can find a number for the bsyp unit Neil. A bit curious as to where the OP's got to. Stu
  16. Possibly, Drove to visit the MiLaw for the first time in months end of last week. Had a few jobs to do at her place so before we went was sent to local DiY store for new doorbell, lightbulb, etc etc. Came home with some timber as well :-) Gone EM with this stock, partly as I might get away with it on Sheepcroft and partly because of the pointwork I'd built so something new? Quite possibly! Cheers Stu
  17. Getting a bit introspectiveanyone looking at any of my posts probably realise my interests are all over the place. I’ll admit to three exhibition layouts that cover a few areas and and projects I write about are quite random to put it politely. I admire the many who doggedly pursue a single theme but I’m obviously not wired for that but it can make life interesting ! One thing I’m certain of is that modelling was an important part of my work/life balance when I was working and I’m damned certain it’s helped me in keeping both oars in the water over the last year and as a possible bonus dive into various aspects of modelling I might well never had time for. My latest stuff wasn’t really planned. Earlier this year I had an idea for a few projects but sadly the covid effect on certain products rather scuppered that. No problem as I can hopefully come back to them so had a look round for something to do. Stuck away in a box in the garage was a Hornby “dutch” Tope bought sometime but no recollection. Also had some other dutch era stuff laying around plus the aforesaid Bacchy 08 that was doing nothing. Have subsequently found a Hornby 08 stuck in he back of a workbench cupboard. I looked for it a couple of years ago and failing and convincing myself I’d got rid of it. Old age......!! So with a few wagons and one (maybe 2 now) loco what do you do? Go out and get more obviously. Well not so much go out as get disapproving looks for spending to much time apparently on the internet and muttering darkly about availability, prices, do I have the transfers and what buffers to use. All good to distract onefrom life’s vicissitudes. So got some decals, a couple of wagon kits and bits and a loco. Now today for anything under a £100 seems to get you little more than a nice small tank engine with the wheel arrangement of a recycling bin but I did eventually find an eminently suitable Dutch 33/2 for a similar price. As this had the original sideframes they’ve been modified plus some etched arrows and crew added but otherwise OOB. I have though had a go at the translucent glassfibreroof. Not really a coincidence that Pete Johnson has had a go over on EMGauge70’s but I have tried before as seen on Sheepcrofts blue 33. I discovered I had a plan of the loco showing the pattern to guide me masking up. Had a few attempts with different colours as no two pictures looked the same varying with the shot angle, lighting conditions plus they seemed to have aged over time. Finally settled on a grey/green base colour darkened down for the translucent panels. Not totally convincing but I’ll live with it for the moment though a different approach did occur to me after to might try a test with that. Modifying the sideframes, pretty self explanatory. A view of a 33's roof - Photo ©Paul Wade My attempts You can debate amongst yourselves whether I've succeded or not :-) I wanted the loco to be not quite ex-works so have done some light weathering to tone down the OOB look, I'll put some pictures up later. The two wagons were a Cambrian OBA and OCA. Bachmann do a decent OBA but the OCA is rather let down by it’s Panzer IV armourthickness sides. The kits were built largely as intended though the W irons were split into 3 parts then reassembled a plasticard strip to reinforcethe join. Removed the coupling and centreing arms and fixed them in place with the help of some chassis/W iron spacers to make sure they’re correctly lined up. If you’re doing EM you’ll need to carve a bit out the top toget free running. If I do more like to try some etched W irons such as the Stenson models ones. Replacement buffers improve things as does some small fettling to the underframe. All primed up and waiting for a paint job. I've enjoyed doing all this as some bits are new to me so it'll keep the interest going. SWMBO and I recently visited the garden centre. As went in I dutifully picked up a basket only to be told we'd need a trolley so off I trotted to get a supermarket sized one. This got the reply "we'll need a bigger one"......... I'm sure my credit card company will soon be offering me a substantial upgrade! Well if it's good enough for her it's good enough for me so got one of the two remaining Dapol Dutch 73's they had on offer :-) Thanks for wading through this. Stu
  18. Before Weymouth shed closed at the end of steam they were often stabled and quite possibly fueled. Poor quality '67 shot of weymouth shed with an ex-works blue 121 with small panel and white cab roof. Definitely a 119 minus centre car. Stu
  19. The Hobby Shop, Faversham have put this up OPENING HOURS Following new Government guidelines we are now CLOSED. We have temporarily suspended our mail order and Click & Collect services whilst we prepare for re-opening on 13th April. Our opening hours upon re-opening will be:- TUESDAY 10 - 4 WEDNESDAY 10 - 4 THURSDAY 10 - 2 FRIDAY 10 - 4 SATURDAY 10 - 4 SUNDAY closed MONDAY closed Stu
  20. Welch's book Diesels on the Western pages 45/46. Class 122 W55015 on the branch. Surprised me as I wasn't aware any worked it. Generally it was a 121. My late father worked the branch often but then don't imagine he was too concerned by minor unit differences as I never recall him mentioning it. Stu
  21. A fairly wild guess would be around 1960 when Standards moved from SE division to SW div. No hard evidence but early crests on pre 3rd rail Kent lines but don"t recall rhem on SW lines. Wild guess though Stu
  22. Steve, the 3 way was scary but there's a good post I bookmarked that gave a few tips on what the best order to do things might be. Helped a lot. The 08, now with a thinned wash of MiG dark wash to accentuate the panels etc plus a bit of exhaust staining with powders. The wash wasn't used straight out the bottle but thinned down a bit, that's waffle for try a bit and see how it goes, and applied with a OO brush. Like all weathering it's as much art as a science though methods are shamelessly nicked out of the aircraft/afv weathering playbook. There's now a bewildering range of weathering aids and book aimed at that market such as here https://www.migjimenez.com/en/8-weathering-products and that's just one manufacturer. Thanks for looking Stu
  23. This may well help https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157627773064944 The Farish one was a WR (ex ER) loco. Stu
  24. Hi, A couple of things. Firstly a 3 way in copperclad. During the last lockdown I did a single slip simply to see if I could and thought then that I’d have a go at a 3way. The advantage of doing it like this is there is no pressure. If it all horribly wrong then no-one else would be the wiser. Use Templot for the template. Really excellent programme except I can’t seem to get my head around it. Can do points on their own but start to put a few into a plan!! It’s certainly me, not the programme and yes, I have tried the tutorials. Perhaps I need to do it on two screens or perhaps at some future show there’ll be a demo somewhere. One of Bachmann’s first run 08’s has been languishing in bits in an ice cream tub at the back of one of the storage boxes so dug it out, checked it was working and pondered what to do with it. I’ve got 3 Hornby ones in green and early blue thought I’d have a go at a weathered faded TOPS one. For what little it’s worth this is my take on doing faded Rail Blue. Airbrush the shell using your preferred Rail Blue as if you were doing an ex-works one, when done tip any unused back in the pot and put a small measure of a light neutral colour such white or pale grey in with whats left, add a measure of thinners to get it back to sprayable consistency. You should be looking a a very pale version of blue. Spray to taste but with an 08 there are plenty of panels which you can lighten carefully from the middle out. Here’s a couple of pics to give you an idea of the result. Decalling up and a bit more weathering next. I’ll pop a couple of pics up when this is done. Thanks for lookinjg Stu
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