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  1. Cheers Kat- ill probably try and find some middle ground but I guess what im trying to say is that im going to slow down a bit and not go at 100 miles an hour all the time .... the small bits are usually the most important ones .... Ben
  2. Right little update for you guys and girls out there on the RCS Coaches and the postage charges ..... It is technically correct in that they charge postage based on the expected release dates ..... and they obviously dispatch separately when released. The dates for the coaches are 26/12 and 27/12/2021 and therefore as one is Boxing Day and there is not postage then common sense will hopefully prevail and they will be packaged together when released (assuming they hit the expected release date). I did ring them and was advised that even if the coaches arrive
  3. Oh no - fortunately post is back to normal here and seems most days there is either a new model to do or new decals and nameplates arriving for models in progress..... Ben
  4. Quite right mate .... we do have many chats about things over the years ....... looking forward to putting things into practice .....
  5. So, what follows here is either an attempt by me to be honest or it will turn out to be a Gerald Ratner style professional suicide ...... lets hope its the first option ...... Last night I received a semi anonymous email which contained lots of constructive criticism of my work from my peers - some of whom may frequent this forum ..... It mentioned various things from taking on too much work to the quality of my finishing and it made me think - it certainly didn't make me sleep last night - but I have to admit that they were right on a number of the points raised ... S
  6. Thats terrible ...... one lost order here ......
  7. Has anybody ordered the RCS Mk3 Charter Coaches which are a Web Exclusive only available from Hornby Direct on their website ......... the coaches are £34.99 and when you get to the checkout - It charges you £4.98 postage ... PER COACH..... therefore to buy the full rake of 5 coaches including the support coach it costs you £25 postage ... So with that in mind - dont think I will bother ...... what a bloody rip off !!!!
  8. RCS Coaches deffo on the Hattons Website .....
  9. Good to see the Hornby Website is as useless as ever for responding ......... cant get onto the site for love or money .......
  10. The RCS coaches are on the Hattons site - just search via coaches and select Era 11 and they appear .... pre-ordered some myself
  11. Hi all - am in the process of respraying a Class 90 into RfD Livery ... have sprayed the lower bodyside Rail Grey and referring to the Fox Transfers Paint Guide - it says the upper bodyside should be flint grey but looking at the pictures - it seems darker ..... What do you guys use ?? Ben
  12. Thank for your help - managed to sort some now Ben
  13. cambo74

    2021 hopes

    Correct colours would be a nice surprise ...
  14. cambo74

    2021 hopes

    There's nothing for me ....... sorry, just wanted to get in first ....
  15. Wasn't it Oxford with the Mk3 Coaches ..... the ScotRail flavour .... the so called 'expert' told them the wrong colours ...
  16. Yeah im thinking of doing the same to mine .... though we shouldn't have to .....
  17. Me too ...... and the Hornby Kettles ....... #theresnothinginitforme
  18. Great work as always Jerry - Have a great Xmas and I look forward to us duplicating workbenches in 2021 pal ..... Ben
  19. Well Everyone its that time of year again ..... Going to be a bit different for a lot of people this year ........ The workbench has been packed away and I just want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your support this year in what has been a difficult year for everyone in so many ways..... Bens Resprays has now been going for just over 3 years and business continues to grow year on year and as I've said, I couldn't do it without your business and all of your kind and encouraging words ...... So thank you all, I will still be contactable over the bre
  20. cambo74

    2021 hopes

    It doest matter - Hornby's announcement will still be 99% Steam 1% Railroad Diesel .....
  21. Hi there - wonder if you can help or offer some alternatives ..... I've ran out of Railmatch Silver white which I use for the lower bodyside on Inter City Swallow livery ... cant seem to find it anywhere ... Does anyone know of any alternatives ?? Ben
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