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  1. Hi all Please can I ask if anyone has a set of instructions for the above that they no longer want and could send me (obviously I would pay postage costs etc) or that they can scan and e-mail me. Bought one second hand and no instructions are present. Thanks in advance All the best Chris
  2. Hi all Sorry I have not been on for a while however I have been doing and are still doing the loft conversion with occasional modelling time. I have now weathered the loco. I went and snapped off the push pull connection pipe from the buffer beam so will have to do those again and add some couplings. See what you think. Thanks for looking All the best Chris
  3. Hi Dave I am sorry but I have been absent due to a loft conversion which is still ongoing although painting now. This looks absolutely stunning, thanks for the tip on making the washout plugs I may have to use that in future. Did you secure the drill to anything ? Keep up the great work All the best Chris
  4. Hi all Has anyone got a spare knocking around that they are not going to use, I have a Q kits white metal locomotive model to build, but the funnel is missing (I went to bid on some funnels on that well known auction site for some last night but my computer had an episode and prevented me). I will happily pay. Thanks in advance Chris
  5. Hi all Got some paint and decals on finally, I need to matt varnish to then weather appropriately will hopefully do some this week/weekend. I have lost to of the push/pull pipes on the front as they broke during handling so need to replace. The paint is Humbrol 85 Satin Black mixed with Humbrol 78 RAF Grey/Green to tone it down a bit. I know the Southern decals are slightly too big but that's all I had and I am trying not to spend too much. Thanks for looking Chris Edit, I have just realised that I have knocked off the lamp Iron in front of the funnel.
  6. Looking very nice good to see the wheels turning too. Keep up the good work All the best Chris
  7. Wow thanks guys for your kind comments Thanks Peter that is good to know Jack, I am doing the Transition period so a few years either side of 1948 so I can have BR, Southern and transition (although I do have some later BR liveried locos too, but may redo these at some point. Thanks again, Paint is now on and will be gloss coating tonight for decals, then weathering hopefully this weekend hopefully. All the best Chris
  8. Hi Great work, the Dynamo and associated wiring looks lovely. All the best Chris
  9. Hi all Cab handrails now on using .33 wire with plasticard capping and I am now calling it done so we are now ready for paint finally. I may get some done tomorrow as a bit tired to continue tonight. Thanks for looking All the best Chris
  10. What a lovely looking loco and what amazing work. This looks great. Keep up the good work All the best Chris
  11. Hi Bryan No Worries, I cheated I am afraid by using the etched sheet. I don't know who else does them. I would hope someone would take over the etches but I have not seen anything anywhere re that I will keep an eye out and let you know if I see any. If you do them out of wire the result will be amazing I am sure. Keep up the good work All the best Chris
  12. Thanks guys for the kind comments and thanks Brian for the image that is reassuring and I hope they are similar. I was going to paint however the moulded on cab handrails were bothering me so I have pared them away and have made plasticard top mounts and will hopefully get them tidied up tomorrow and add the new wire ones which should really help to finish it off. Thanks again All the best Chris
  13. Hi Bryan Wow retirement (I hope I can make it). I would love more modelling time too. I have been pondering couplings and am still not sure what to do yet, I have some auto couplings to play with and try out also read about some in a book by Ian rice on modifying and improving RTR goods wagons which is a good book and may try this method but not sure yet. I was also looking at the newer standard couplings with part of a staple glued to the dropper to allow a magnet to lift it up which I saw on the lovely Stockton Mill Layout in a back issue of Railway modeller. So plenty of food for thought. I have replied to your question in my D3 thread and use Cyanocrylate glue which is great stuff. Keep up the good work All the best Chris
  14. HI Bryan Thanks for your kind words. The grills are not that bad to attach, I am using a Mainly trains etch and they are not correct as they are 6 bar and the D3s were 4 bar windows as far as I can tell. They are stuck on with Cyanocrylate glue I use Expo thick which is also good for gap filling, I also use the thin stuff to flow into joints and they are both good. I hope that helps. Thanks to all for the likes, it is much appreciated. I am finally ready for paint now. I made up the gauges as per an article in the Detailing and Improving Ready To Run Steam Locomotives by George Dent, which has proved very useful (I particularly like his work on the Dapol/Hornby Terrier and intend to do the same conversion myself soon). Basically it is wire bent round in a circle (well sort of) and then solder is melted into the middle of the circle and they are filed flat. Very basic but quite effective in the cab. Whilst on the gauges, I am unable to tell if they are in the right place or not as I could not find any references, but I am not bothered as they will look good (to me anyway) when painted. I have also corrected the rear window bars on the left rear window and added two hooks to the buffer beams I had missed off. I am calling this done now and will start painting etc. One thing I would like to add is that this Loco kit was sold to me by Ray Kinsella (Wainwright on the forum) who was very kind fella and helped me out with details for locos such as this and my L1. He loved SECR and the Hastings area and so the D3, which ran in the locale was a bit of a favourite from what I gather, unfortunately Ray passed away last year and so did not get to see it built. I hope that I can do him proud with this build when finished Thanks for looking All the best Chris
  15. Hi Looking great so far, I have a great admiration for people who build up Etch Loco kits, it frightens me to think about all that brass to solder together. Does look amazing though. Keep up the good work. All the best chris
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