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  1. Princes Risboro - Aynho Jnc. Of course doubled again recently, well I say recently but actually looking at nigh on 20 years!
  2. The brake handle is similar to a normal air brake on any other loco but also electrically energises the tap changer, relay valves signal the amount of rheostatic braking in relation to air braking. From the DVT or DBSO (Intercity days) the TDM controls the electrical signals to loco via the RCH cables.
  3. Also stations like Clacton tend to have units left stabled in the platforms as opposed to shunting to adjacent sidings. More to do with the changes to services and need for stock. When we work the RHTT into there on an afternoon the platforms are full of Desirios and Dusty Bins waiting to head to London for the evening peak.
  4. Having said that we used to have 'Wash & Return' jobs at Aylesbury, work the 165s to London via the Met or the Western then shunt out then in through the carriage washer then shunt back into platform for a return working.
  5. Cleaning would happen in the terminus on arrival, carriage cleaners would go through prior to next departure. Carriage washing would be done at a larger depot usually at end of day after services finish. Only time trains would move to sidings would be say end of peak when they would be stabled until next working usually afternoon peak or at times when the service goes quiet.
  6. You could add a second road next to the carriage washer, usually referred to as "Bypass" so as to allow shunting movements without setting the carriage washer off.
  7. Think EWS had control of it in end as it was a dumping ground for old wagons.
  8. I'm liking the click and collect option via Argos, brilliant as it's easy to pick up and the wife doesn't know! I recently sold some motorbike gear on EBay, I didn't plan it to sell abroad but the buyer came from Bulgaria. He contacted me and asked for some quotes but specifically asked for me to not use Royal Mail as they are unreliable and overpriced. I sent it Hermes which aren't the greatest but I dropped it off at despatch point and he got in two days!
  9. Although I was on one this morning which struggled to pull a 66! Some of them are pretty tired now, although I recall many years back, when BR, being on some old dogs! The interior and exterior was rotten, heaters were non-existent and damp inside. Yet they were the predominant traction on Tilbury and Felixstowe liners, engineering jobs and tanks off Thameshaven.
  10. The 66 was/is and when EWS came about the then Grande Fromage, Ed Burkhardt, said there would be a clear out of locos especially the 47 which was maintenance heavy but the 37 was an issue as there wasn't any similar product offered new.
  11. Seems odd that this was in 2002, seems an age ago that I worked on these! These were cracking units, went like a Ferrari and stopped like a Supertanker!
  12. Thanks all for the advice and help, haven't things changed since the humble old tube of glue!
  13. I was nervous about stepping into DCC but I've found the NCE powercab a good buy and easy to use. I've also found that the Hattons chips work well and not too expensive either, I just went bog standard route no sound etc as that doesn't really interest me.
  14. A number of things have happened, Locos and DBSO have had faults but also the Drivers are restricted in what they can do.
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