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  1. This is what why I'm looking for stuff. A small ground frame controlling two points and a couple of dods. Nothing majorly fancy, but thanks for the help. Cheers, Owen
  2. Thank you both, two very helpful replies. Cheers, Owen
  3. Hi Chaps, I've been scrounging the internet for 4mm/OO S&T equpment, but have been having limited successes. I'm currently building a small 2' 5" x 10" steam-era MPD. I've got a Skaledale ground frame, which will get chopped up and repainted but I'm at a loss as I can't find any of the pulleys and point rodding that would typically be used to connect such a ground frame to a couple of dods and a turnout. The only items I've managed to source are Peco Dummy Point motors and Knightwing hand points. I'm also trying to find the concrete troughs for signalling cables, and a decal shee
  4. Thanks for the info. Such things are always typical - this may now cast away my intentions of building a layout on the cheap! The next logical step would be to source a replacement control unit. As previously stated I have two unused R965 types - apart from the bulky design I see no harm in using one of these for layout control and point motors. The layout lighting could then be powered from a secondary transformer (I have plenty of these, too). Cheers, Owen
  5. Out of boredom, after recently having to take down my large layout, I've been knocking together a small micro layout (Roughly 24" x 10") using old components from previous layouts to form a small steam-era MPD. I've chosen my little-used Gaugemaster Model 100 controller (Single panel mount job) for the layout control, but after plumbing it in to a control panel, I've realised that it only has one 12v output for driving trains. I'm really not clued up on electrics and wiring - soldering in a couple of point motors with diagrams/instructions is enough to make my brain frazzle so without any
  6. Having not had a proper day/weekend in the shed since Christmas (generally due to too much time being spent on the real thing), I managed to get a number of jobs done today, and have done far more than anticipated. Over the past few weeks I've slowly but surely got the landscaping nearly finished and have made a start on putting down a bit of scenic cover. On Friday, a box arrived with 7 Packets of Peco Platform Edging along with some ramps, which I've been waiting on so I can make a start on the platforms. After measuring, cutting and setting some balsa wood blocks in place last night, th
  7. Very chuffed by the announcement of the B17 and L1, this is very good news!
  8. I use a Machine Mart Whiz Mini for Airbrushing. I used to have a huge 8 Bar Tank compressor but gave up on it because it was too loud - the Whiz Mini, when used with a water trap works a treat and there is a simple screw valve that can be used to alter the output pressure. I've been using it for a couple of years now and its been a stalwart performer.
  9. Owen

    withdrawn class 08s

    Nice work on those, they look like the real deal. Only one thing I noticed that you could do to improve them would be to mucky up the fuel tank taps on the LH side. It could be the photo but they look very white and they get used quite regularly!
  10. At one end of the layout are four tracks which enter the fiddle yard. The distance across them is quite large and somehow the entrance to the fiddle yard needs to be hidden so I began to build a bridge last night to span the four tracks. After looking at a couple of scratchbuilt bridges on here, I found a few spare materials and knocked up something that looked like a girder plate bridge. The plate sides are made of 6mm Plywood, with plastic strip to represent the vertical struts and a couple of lengths of 'I' Girder sections were fixed along the bottom. The road deck is from a sheet of 1
  11. Hmmm...I'm very tempted. I spent a bit of time firing Truro over the summer, it's a cracking loco and the model looks spot on!
  12. Cheers chaps B) The watered down white stains seem to always work quite well in adding a bit more depth - I find that airbrushed water scale never has the sharpness that the prototype has. I would add that initially it feels like a very big leap of faith as they are very bold when first applied but subsequent sprayings of various dull shades it all blends in a bit more. I find it quite hard to get 'right' - I may have gone a little OTT on the J83, but there never seems to be a fixed formula when it comes to weathering. I've done a Hornby A3 and A4 in the past and they were left much clean
  13. I've been muckying up a few locos recently as a break from work on the layout and my other modelling hobby of building plastic kits to rebrand & renumber and mucky up a few locos that were in LNER liveries. I've been working on a Bachmann J39, and Hornby J94, J83 and J52 - along with a few diesels not shown (Bachmann Cl.25, 44 & 55) The four steam locos lined up: All have been sprayed up in relatively the same fashion and I wanted all of them to be pretty heavily weathered. I made a hash of the J83 and got the cabside numbers in the wrong place but have managed to make them a
  14. Without wanting to divulge this topic into a wishlist thread, I would add my haypenny that a J15 would also be my favourite candidate. I work on the NNR where 65462 is based, but sadly no one from Hornby/Bachmann has been in recent years to take measurements and details of the loco - they may have done in the past but to my knowledge it has not yet been scaled up. From what I remember of the old discussion, the consensus was around retooling old gems like the D49, B17 and B12 (The N2 might also warrant a retool as the old Airfix/Dapol/Hornby tool is the only RTR one on the Market) and focu
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