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  1. Chris Any chances of you making one of these, the Barclay 0-6-0 saddle tank would be a great accompaniment to your scottish barclay you already do. Not sure if it's different in sizes etc but a possible 0-4-2 chassis option too. I'm only asking because I want one of them in both wheel arrangements. https://preservedbritishsteamlocomotives.com/works-no-2139-stewarts-lloyds-salmon-0-6-0st/
  2. Hi Ian Thanks for the help, I managed to get a copy thank you for the offer though.
  3. I wondered if anyone had a copy of the instructions they might possibly be able to copy for me, I've misplaced my set & would like to start my kit. Thank you
  4. I shall have a go Mark with a rigid model & see how one goes. My other though was to just elongate the holes in an axle ever so slightly so it has a tiny bit of movement. In em this is no problem because of oversize flanges but P4 would be interesting especially as they are prototypical flange sizes
  5. My thought is to open the bearing holes slightly & fit a piece of wire above the axle to create a knife edge so the axle can rock slightly. I'm going to investigate when I get some wheels for them.
  6. I'm curious as to how you compensate these kits for the finer gauges like em & p4 ? I've ten to make & I would like some form of compensation in them to go over rough track work etc. From having a quick glance at the instructions I cannot see anything covering compensation. How have you guys tackled it? Cheers Si
  7. Makes me smile everytime I look at it. Arnold certainly had a sense of humour.
  8. About 4 years ago I was at my clubs exhibition & me & my mate was having a wander looking at the stalls. He came back & said here I bought you this for a fiver. It was a ratio kit for a lnwr brake composite coach. It took me 18 months to start building it & once I had completed it, it ended up moving from pillar to post around the workshop without a view to finishing it off. Originally I had planned to paint it black & add it to the group breakdown train but in the end I got my layout going & it's now going to be part of my second small rake of coaches for th
  9. I've used both the hobby holidays & avonside for both 4 & 7mm buildings they are both exceptional pieces of kit. When I gave up building for people I sold the hobby holiday 7mm jig on & kept my avonside for my 4mm builds. I still use it to this day having built well over 200 locos on my trusty jig. It's well worth the investment & would reccomend it highly. I've never like the idea of wood for a chassis jig as the thought was that holes will loosen in soft material etc. Depends on how many locos you are building & how much you can afford. I went with
  10. About 18 months ago I built a djh caley tank in 00 for a planned layout of the killin branch. It never came off & its languished on a shelf for ages. I decided to just finish it off as one of the four locos that were shedded at Manningham. They were used on the Aire valley lines to Keighley & Ilkley so a real local engine. A friend of mine Harry he told me a story about when he was at keighley station & one was sat in the bay, he scratched the paint off with a coin to reveal caley blue. Just one of his many stories about steam in the west riding. I've
  11. I'd planned a full morning in the workshop on saturday but nothing ever goes to plan. What's worse is the sinusitis has come for its annual attack on me & floored me once again. To try to take my mind off the pain I had a little session today & got the tanks & specticle plate soldered together. I've also soldered the boiler tube up at the seam & fitted the rear former in so I can bolt it to the loco. A few more sessions itll be well on it's way to being complete.
  12. Caley739 Thank you very much for the details regarding my question. I guess 1767 is the one then, I hadn't a chosen number in place I just wanted a local engine that would fit with my future plans.
  13. I'm hoping that some of you can come to my aid here as I am struggling to find information about lms allocations for locos. I've found brdatabase.info a real wealth of knowledge to find shed allocations but finding Lms shed allocations is rather tricky. What I'm trying to find is the allocations of ex Midland 1f full cab, round top boilered 0-6-0s & if any were based at either Skipton or Hellifield? I have a kit built one on the go that'll become a Lms loco & I would like it to be modelled as a local machine if possible. Can anyone help m
  14. That crane tanks beautifully done, the j79 was my first kit when I started modelling. Funnily enough the same number 1787 & built in em. I still have her & shes still going strong. Excellent work though
  15. Well the power came back on & I got weaving! Firstly I finished the bunker & added all the beading. The fit is so good the bunker backplate beading was the only item that needed a little bit of a trim to fit. Once that was completed I got on with the front spectacle plate. This needed riveting, plus spectacle rings on both the inner & outer. It also had a 10ba bolt added cut to 6mm fitted to hold the boiler in place. I then moved on to making up the side tanks which is a neat little bit of folding to make everything up before both the
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