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  1. I decided to crack on this evening building a Pdk ivatt 4 mogul kit in EM. Not an easy task this one as the kit is designed for 00 gauge, you cant space the chassis out with em spacers due to the resin boiler or the way the chassis is designed. Having asked Paul at Pdk if it could be done he wasnt sure so this could be a first. I'm treating it as if it was a rtr conversion & will just space the axles with gibson washers. This evening I folded the chassis & fit the spacers. I've also soldered the bearings & built the compensation beams up. Next job will be to get the rods ready & see if I have a suitable gearbox in stock to fit it. I've a few high level ones in the spares box.
  2. A while ago I started another conversion of a Bachmann standard class 5. Alls not gone to plan with this one, the black 5 I converted works a treat but this one I could not get the wheels to stay straight. I added a gentle radius to the ends of the axles so they would fit in the wheelboss better but they've ended up wobbly. The standard 5 I finished this evening & it's a very nice runner but it's the first model train in history to have parkinsons.
  3. I very much like a redbank parcels something I've modelled myself. Look forward to seeing more
  4. My great grandfather owned the first steam wagon in Nelson & it was named after my grandma. I would really like to have a model of the lorry as it's a piece of my familys history. I've no idea what type of steam wagon it is I just have a very good photo of it. Can a 1.76 scale model be made from just a photo & does anyone offer a service to do such a thing?
  5. Cheers Jeff Once this Coronavirus outbreak is over I will be bringing my Settle Carlisle layout home which I will share on here. Quick video teaser excuse the foreigners running
  6. I've always had a soft spot for Banff but because it was gravity shunted its put me off as a model. One of Cyril Freezers first trackplan books has a very nice interpretation of Banff but with a runaround added which would make it easier to operate. Macduff across the bay has a much easier to operate trackplan, another I've thought of doing. I have a D40 to build so maybe one day. The buildings you've drawn in sketch up look great, I wish I had the skill to use that programme, it would make doing buildings easier. I look forward to seeing your layout grow.
  7. Evening Jeff Can we post finished layouts in this section or is it just for ones under construction ? Cheers Simon
  8. My first layout was an interesting one. My dad took me out to watch trains so I was hooked from a very early age & it's in my blood as a result. Now the last thing a 6 year old Simon wanted to do on a saturday was to be dragged round Sheffield city centre I hated it. My parents came up with a a way to keep me quiet & go out. They used to take me to Sheffield midland so I could watch the hst trains. After these trips to the station I wanted my own hst at home & so pestered all year for santa to get me one. My folks couldnt afford the train set & so christmas day came to find a jigsaw puzzle of a hst, I was livid! My mum told me to look in the dining room to see what my dad was doing & there was a 8 x 4 board with a double track loop, superquick buildings & a lima deltic & western going around. The hst was out of my head I was in heaven. It turns out my folks had bought this from someone in the village which was a lot cheaper than the hst train set & better. Trips to crewe soon after had my eyes on the class 86s & as a result a Hornby one soon graced my layout. Happy times.
  9. I think it's the spring on the rear driver or camera angle. Its sat fine to my eye when I'm looking at it. Thanks for the comment, I will keep posting. I'm doing a bit of scottish stuff next. I've had a 90% built J38 for far to long.
  10. Yesterday I had a very productive day to say the least. I got 3 projects completed in total which I wasnt expecting to do. Firstly the Hornby black 5 conversion I finished off without any real issues. It's still to be detailed but I'm waiting for bits from Wizard models but shes a runner. Next up was a craftsman lanky a class I purchased off ebay. It's a beautifully built model but it wasnt the best of runners. I swapped its axles for EM ones & spaced the wheels with gibson washers. It's a mass improvement although I still feel it needs a new gearbox. I'm not a fan of open frame motors & worm & gear type gearbox. I think I nice high level box will be the solution. My last project was a Maj models lanky box van that needed wheels, weight & couplings. That's now ready for the paint shop & that'll be in lanky livery.
  11. I must admit I fancy doing a crimson claughton at some point. A elderly friend of mine told us a story once about a trip to manchester with his uncle who was a second hand car salesman. He used to buy cars from somewhere close to manchester victoria so my friend used to go so he could trainspot on victoria. He said it had gone quiet on victoria so wandered into exchange & there was the very last claughton in crimson with a 4 coach local. He did say it was a very free steaming engine & couldnt believe he had seen it.
  12. Absolutely superb build so far. I know jidenco/falcon have a reputation but they do make really nice models. I've built a few & whilst they do offer a challenge the end result is worth the battle. What livery are you painting it once built? It's a real shame that Dart castings have ended up with these kits. I've tried to purchase bits from them but you never end up with anything even though they say they will sell you etches. I cant see them getting this range back on the market.
  13. I've done plenty of gibson conversions over the years but never a black 5. I like to fit the wheels once if possible to save slackening the wheel on the axle. I dont suppose anyone could tell me what spacing washers they used on the driving wheels ?
  14. Over the weekend I managed to complete the conversion of the stanier mogul which is a very easy conversion. My only problem is the gibson tender wheels did not want to sit straight on the axle & therefore the tender has got a shake to it. I think I'm going to have to fit new wheels to it, I will have another look at it before i do to see if anything can be done. Yesterday i made a start converting a Hornby black 5 with a gibson conversion. So far I've done the tender & bogie & tonight i will start with the driving wheels. Shouldn't be to much of a job I've done plenty of these now. Dont suppose anyone has done one & what spacing washers were used behind the drivers?
  15. I'm using a nce powercab boosted to 5amp with a dcc concepts alphabox. I set CV29 to 2 & I can still programme it with a long address. If I set it to 34 the loco is dead on the layout no ideas why but having fiddled with the model it is a superb running model. I'm going to see if these settings work for a railroad 31 I have with TTS sound as that's a real bag of bolts.
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