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  1. I had this Branchlines Muir Hill lurking in a cupboard i bought from a friend some years ago. My intention was to convert it to EM but as i am now moving to P4 i decided to convert it to 18.83. I placed an order with the society stores & the wheels arrived this morning so i converted the model in an hour or so. Dead easy conversion & a nice little critter.
  2. I went in the workshop & i wasn't sure what i was doing to be honest & then i picked up the rt models vangaurd that i built some years ago. I converted it to p4 so i decided it was time to totally finish it off. I added a crew to the model, handrails missing from the rear of the cab, glazing & then i had some nameplates in a bag that i stuck on for good measure. The last job was to glue the roof on. If i get chance i will weather it tonight just lightly to add a bit of muck to it. Nice kit & very happy with it.
  3. Cheers Mike thanks for the compliment. You will be seeing many more of your models built this year, i have quiet the pile. Now i have those chassis you sent me the 562hp Hunslet will be first priority to finish in p4. My fingers & toes are crossed for the gec stephenson & the dorman long sentinel to soon appear. Looking forward to the dorman long.
  4. Today i have started to finish off the steelman royale. I have been adding the window frames to the model read for a final varnish. A very enjoyable project so far & one i am extremely proud of. I think this is the best model i have ever made, its come out so well.
  5. Looking forward to getting my mitts on that. What a lovely model & will go well with the other steelworking machines.
  6. Those are all excellent Noel. Some of us will take years to get to this standard. I particularly like your station building. Who's embossed sheets have you used for the stonework on your buildings??
  7. I dug this little critter out last night to re gauge to P4. Its a RT models thomas hill vangaurd kit which was a nice kit to make. I built this some time ago & i am thinking of either stripping it to do a nicer job or building another. I really like this prototype it looks ace, its a nice running model for such a small, short wheelbase chassis. My order for the s4 society stores arrived yesterday so i just had half an hour re gauging the model with new wheels & pick ups. I do think it deserves a trip into the celly & a new paintjob so i can wasp stripe the bufferbeams.
  8. That loco has survived & with a bit of work could be a running model again. Someone did a very nice job of it & it deserves to be restored.
  9. On sunday evening i sat in my workshop & had a look at my kit stash. Not wanting to start anything heavy i reached for a kit i recently purchased from Brassmasters. This kit is the Great Central, CLC horsebox kit that brassmasters has added to the range. You get a nice etch of parts & some white metal castings in a bag, not bad for 25 quid. The first job is to solder wire into the half etched lines around the doors to create the beading which was a right faff & whilst it is acceptable to me i wouldn't like to repeat the job again. I got the basic body shell
  10. I am very happy to say i sneaked back into the workshop this afternoon & got this model completed. I will be sad to see it go, i got it this far & i really want to see it finished. I guess i will in time. Now i can get back to the RSH & finish her off too.
  11. As the rain is lashing it down outside its been a different story in the workshop. Heating on, radio on & after a quick clean up to work on the 4ft6 tank. Its just a case of fitting the details now & i am nearly there. I did however catch a condensing pipe with the iron & melt the flange which i am annoyed about. Apart from that little error & the hand rail on the smoke box it is about done. The roof parts parts, steps & guard irons i have left off until the chassis is built. The roof is left off so the cab can be detailed which i am not doing. An
  12. Just stuck the transfers on the Thomas Hill Steelman Royale kit which is my homage to the steelworkers of Teesside. It has surpassed how i imaged it when i set of with the crazy idea of doing as a BSC Teesside livery. This is afterall a MOD loco
  13. Today has been very productive with a session this afternoon & a nice long session this evening. I am amazed how quickly this model has come together & how far i have got with it. Its been a lovely model to work on & like anything Chris puts together its always a joy to put together. Industrial modellers are spoilt between Mike edge & Chris Gibbons designing the kits that they do. I am really looking forward to another session on this lovely little kit, its been very enjoyable so far.
  14. I have been sat here wishing that markits did a p4 axle. Now i know they do i will order 3 axles. I have a set of wheels i use for em models which would be very useful to set up the frames saving the wheels for after the chassis is painted.
  15. I take it all moving parts pre oiled to keep paint etc off. I will have a go Mike, another option mentioned on the s4um was to have a sacrificial set of wheels but i'm a tight yorkshireman & i can't justify it. Tim I'm in the same boat with a few pre built locos that i do not want to dismantle as they were purchased pre built.
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