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  1. Hi all, I have a old black gaugemaster feedback controller on the layout which I want to replace. If I buy a gaugemaster plug for one of the standard handheld controllers is it a straight swap or do feedback controllers have a different power source etc. Cheers Simon
  2. As the title says, I'm after a impetus bagnall 0-6-0 saddle tank kit if anyone has one going spare. Cheers Simon
  3. I look forward to seeing it Rob, peaford was a nice layout. Can I ask who did the 4mm blue circle lorrys? I remember those blue circle scammells daily passing home in the hope valley. I'd like some on my layout. Cheers Simon
  4. Thanks Jim that's a great help. I will shot him an email over to see if anything can be done.
  5. What a super layout. I particularly like how you've made the overall roof on the station with the jig. Certainly food for though when I build something new. I will follow wit interest. Simon
  6. I've a rather large collection now of 3rd rail electrics I've been amassing & it's time to make them a home. I have a trackplan book with a southern electric layout which I really fancy making. It is ultimately a double terminus because whilst it is a through station the 3rd rail ends & this brought about the post. Where the 3rd rail ends but the line continues are there any signs or various bits & pieces around that are significant which I would need to incorporate into a layout? Cheers Simon
  7. How have I missed this one! Lovely layout, one I've thought of doing many times when flicking through my Ian Futurs books. Of the many layouts I have in my head I keep coming back to a play on Killin. I think frog juicers in situ should be easily achieved without ripping up the track.
  8. Got a severe case of Delticitis & flu.



  9. Thanks everyone for the replys, I was concerned that with the drop in coal traffic it might be a bit quiet now. Just need to get rid of this flu virus & next friday could be a go. When i went about 1985/6 it was wall to wall 56 & 58 on coal trains along with every other variation of freight & its stuck. I want my boy to have that same experience, he's already train mad but I think that sealed the deal for me & I want to do the same with him.
  10. It's been about 4 years since I was last at Doncaster & it was a very busy weekday with about 17 freight passing during the morning / early afternoon. It was even busier in the 80s when I was a kid. It's now my turn to take my son to see the trains, he's nearly 3 & train mad & I'd like to take him where I went with my dad to watch, question is are there still freight trains passing? I can only visit on a friday (it's his only day he isn't at pre school)
  11. I'm used to lenz & I prefer it to the nce system if I'm honest.
  12. Honestly Nigel, I have no idea what they are.
  13. Hi all, I have a question about dcc. I purchased my layout which has a large amount of nce gizmos & gadgets under the baseboards for point control & signalling. The layout is currently running a nce powercab with a 5amp booster from dcc concepts. If I'm perfectly honest I do not like the nce powercab, i prefer lenz. I also really hate the dcc concepts power supply its fan is so loud it drowns out the dcc sounds from my locos. Will the layout be affected if I switch dcc controllers from the nce to a lenz set 100?
  14. Stuart this is looking really good. Another very useful use of a small space. I've always fancied doing a china clay dry although with warships & westerns. Look forward to seeing more
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