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    Pre grouping trains mainly the Lancashire & Yorkshire railways, The Ex Great Northern around the West Riding & Swiss metre gauge trains.

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  1. Yesterday was one of those days, i find out I have diabetes right before I am due to go to theatre for surgery. Thankfully I made my operation. Not exactly the news I was looking for first thing on a Monday morning. I needed a bit more retail therapy when I came around & I think I am more or less done with the rolling stock now for the layout. I've also purchased some washes which George Dent uses in his weathering book. Along with getting the N1 built I want to weather the rolling stock, cars & road vehicles for the layout. Little projects like this can fit in when you get half an hour or so. I am still tender this morning but I am keen to get the N1 chassis built this morning & have a rolling chassis. The poppy's woodtech jig will make easy work of the chassis. I will post more later.
  2. What a superb layout, I has to look thrice to see if it was a model or real. Superb work, I remember my dad taking me to Westbury in the mid 80s to see the Foster yeomans as I called them. We saw all 5 that day.
  3. Thanks for the replies chaps, funnily enough I was round at my friends house last night. His workshop is commonly referred to as Barry Island as he has boxes of castings & parts. I was saying I wanted to do the worth valley push pull ivatt. Well I ended up with a almost finished em gauge Bachmann push pull ivatt on a comet chassis so what was an ask for a casting resulted in a full loco. That's the longer term project at the moment as I have stock to convert for the layout firstly plus I need to make the coach for it too.
  4. I have taken a few shots this evening of the layout. I have also done a bit of fine tuning on a couple of locos that wasn't running correctly. The Fowler 2-6-4 tank was the first valve gear loco I have ever made & it's taken until now to get it running right. The chassis was fine it was the pick ups that needed a bit of a tweak. It's running beautifully now & the next one is going to be an ivatt tank which was the worth valley engine. One thing I am going to do before winter is weather the road vehicles. I have George dents weathering book & his techniques for cars & wagons is superb so I am going to tone the gloss look on the bits on the layout. Another thing will be to fit figures to the various buses & cars etc. A view of the road bridge into Cullingden yard. I still have a load of work to do to freshen up the layout. I have a peco billboard I am going to make. In one of the great northern outpost books there's a picture of Ovenden Rd & a billboard infront of the line with a captain Morgan rum sign which I want to try & recreate beside the road bridge. The hill is going to get a dose of static grass & the other areas that are grassy just to spruce the scenics up a bit. More figures are going to be added it's one thing I think many layouts miss off. I want the layout ready for our Christmas open day at Keighley club so I need to get my finger out. I have stock to em & weather an ivatt n1 to build & scenic work to do. I really want to put some concrete cast lner station signs on the layout too like what was at the stations on the Queensbury lines but I don't think anyone does one as a casting or kit? Might have to scratch build one or get some 3d printed. I doubt much will get done this week as I have an operation tomorrow, I'm off all week & would like to convert a few more wagons & fit couplings to them. I would also like to get the N1 chassis built up in the jig. That's all for now.
  5. I'm having an operation tomorrow which I am not looking forward too so I decided on a bit of retail therapy at Frizinghall models. I have changed the layout name to Cullingden which is a mix of Cullingworth & Wilsden both of which are 2 stations on the Queensbury lines. I've purchased a few wagons, some cars & a truck plus some crew for some of my locos. Tonight I am going to take a few photos of my layout in it's 50s guise. More pics to follow.
  6. I would like to model the local ivatt which was push pull fitted. I am hoping to convert my new Bachmann model. Does anyone do a set of castings for ivatt push pull equipment?
  7. With Cowgill recently retiring to my home Bodgers Brow has been sat minus stock & forgotten.When I got the layout I got the stock for it too & this has all gone onto Cowgill to fill up its many fiddle yard sidings which has also been taking up my spare time fixing. I have decided to give Bodgers Brow a rename, change of eras & locations. I do not intend on changing much on the layout as it is a beauty as is & whilst it's original setting is greater Manchester its now moving much closer to home to become a part of the Queensbury lines which is one of my favourites. The reason for this change is to give all my ex lanky & great northern models a home. I do not have much in the way of br stock so the bits I do have I thought would fit perfectly here. I have all the staples to run on the layout pretty much with just a few still to add. The j50, j6, c12 & j39 are already models I have made with just the n1 to build & a Hornby b1 to convert which will complete the ex lner fleet. The midland side of things is a ex lanky a class which is due to be repainted into br black, a Bachmann 2-4-2 which is converted & a fowler tank which I built from a Hornby body & comet chassis. I have still a few items of rolling stock to add & that's the stock done. I think I am going to update some of the grass as well from the old sawdust to more modern static grass. I think a few other details to complete the br look will make the layout pass as a Queensbury lines layout. I will post a few photos once I get started. The layout is a generic enough northern Milltown style layout that it can portray many different eras. The long term stock for it is lanky & lnwr for something totally different.
  8. Unfortunately not Jeff, I would love to live that high up but the wife is more of a towny. She couldn't cope with me out the house, she is doing her nut that I am doing a week of nights.
  9. I decided to treat myself to a McPannier as I collect Scottish region models. My first impressions are very good, its a lovely model. I have not given it a run yet but from what I have seen & read its a cracking little runner. The discount code for Hardy hobbies was a nice touch for a crew which I have ordered to complete the model. Its going to get a light weathering & real coal to finish along with screw couplings. With my Dornoch station building & a a selection of other buildings i can see a new layout on the horizon. Lovely model, more scottish prototypes please
  10. Jeff we have been dodging the club due to the heat so I know how you feel. It's too hot to work on layouts when the heat is on you. Our clubrooms are in the top of a mill & it bakes you to a crisp! Whilst my workshop is in the house & south facing & gets hot, Cowgill is in the garage so stays a constant 10 degrees. It's been a god send on this night shift I am doing I'm now sleeping in the garage with the layout, first thing I see when I get up is the Settle & Carlisle. Saying that I open the garage door & the real S&C is in front of me too.
  11. I will do my best Jeff, it doesn't help that the layout is in the garage which makes wider angle shots harder to take. I will have a go when I get home. I am actually sleeping in the middle of the layout at the moment. I got roped into doing a week of nightly runs to Wigan in the wagon & the garage is the only dark, cool place to sleep during the day.
  12. I have been doing a bit of work on the layout over the past few days to iron out a few niggles. I had a dry joint & It was causing all manner of issues in the goods yard. I also seem to have a few point motors that are not working correctly. The layout runs with old H&M motors but thankfully a friend gave me 20 brand new ones so my next task is to replace them with new ones & hopefully its good for another 50 years service. I have been running allsorts of stock on the layout recently including some br ex great northern engines which are for use both on our new club layout & my other em layout which is currently changing period to 1950s br. A
  13. Mike I've sent you an email. Thanks for the reply.
  14. As the title says really, does anyone have one in the kit cupboard they would happily part with? Thank you Simon
  15. I didn't realise they were back Andy thanks for the link. I fancy the planet they do at some point.
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