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  1. You're probably right Jason. I'd guess that a replacement bogie without the socket would be OK. After all, Baccy did this with the City.
  2. A 3D printed ATC shoe might work here, to disguise that socket.
  3. Distance selling has certain upsides, as the customer is moved one step away from the producer. From a commercial standpoint, more & more will go this way. Dapol have appointed spares agents, and Triang had them years ago. You can distance sell, but the QC system has to be 100% absolute, or it'll bite you on the bum.
  4. Retail, such as we know it, is changing rapidly. Down here in Newport, we had a new, super-doopah shopping 'experience' called Friars Walk. It's crammed full of high-end retail units. The problem is, they are all empty... Last year it had about 20 customers, but 12 of them lost their way... People are saying that we can 'spend our way out of trouble' but without the money, it's a non-starter. Amazon are facilitators, not competition. Retail and 'Bay have changed how we shop, and I don't think it'll change anytime soon. I had a steel order delivered today (Sunda
  5. I am an unrepentant Shunterholic. A friend presented me with a smaller layout/shunting plank. " It only needs 8 wagons and a loco..." The layout used to go every year to our local club show, so to ring the changes, I'd buy a couple of wagons; " just to change".... Then, it progressed to changing entire rakes of wagons... I'd select one wagon from the original 8 wagons, and buy 7 more... The layout came with a Mainline 04 diesel, in green. " Oh, there's a black one, that's different" Then a Baccy 03, 'just to ring the changes'.. Then a Heljan D95xx.... Then, it got serious.
  6. Hello folks, I hope you are all doing OK. A quick couple of questions from the collective, if I may. Now, I like corned beef, so I make no excuses. But! Those cans, what can I use them for? It's the same with certain drinks cans. Some are Aluminium , some are steel. The scrounger in me can't abide seeing potential raw material asset going in the bin. Has anyone tried soldering these, or am I a sandwich short of a picnic? Views, pointers, etc, gratefully received, as usual. Cheers, Ian.
  7. Just looking at Triang's Lord of the Isles body. There's one! Only £34:50 .. On 'Bay. But wait, there's more! If I just turn it around on the glass plinth, I can charge an extra fiver!
  8. Thank you. Like Monty Python, 50% is gold, 50% is utter tosh... Now, If I could remember which is which.....
  9. No it's not, but close. It's the 'Look! RARE! Bully-eyed Gerto-Motive... Named 'Brightlingsea' due to a slip-up with the postcode. Built from carefully-built components from the embryonic Brightlingsea & Dogger Bank Junction Railway. The engineer, Mr R. Scratcher, had high hopes for the class. Alas, on its first public outing the locomotive, driven by the engineers cousin, Dick Holdeur, drove the locomotive into the sea. At the board of enquiry, it was caused by the signalman, Sherbert McGuiness, pulling the wrong lever. Never mix Strongbow with IPA.... Unperturbed, Mr Scra
  10. I'll be going along. A, pasties (nice ) B, to see how Mr Stubby progressed with the circular elephant.
  11. I think the model is worthy of closer attention. It's just a pity that the builder seems to have lost its way. The front bogie on the model has a degree of side control, and the wheels are Romfords, so someone has thought about it. Might be that the builder had a photo, and then lost it..... 12 bids on £23:00, as well. I'm neither a vendor of bidder in this instance, but I'm naturally interested on the 'take' on the concept.
  12. Yes. Apparently there are a lot of common parts to the 48xx locomotives, and (so I'm told ) the 54-64xx motion parts. If the Clean Air Act doesn't trample all over it, then we are advancing ever closer to replica locomotives of extinct types becoming an everyday occurrence. Saint, 47xx, Grange, a working Dean Goods, The list is longer than my wallet....
  13. Some years ago, one chap put forward some well-reasoned ideas for introducing trams onto the IoW. "What vehicles?, I asked. "Oh, I thought we'd refurbish the Underground stock" I explained that wasn't such a good idea. Reliability, spares, etc. "Ok, what about the Blackpool trams?" Your reporter made his excuses, and left.....
  14. Conversation between vendor and winning bidder:- " Hey! That's great! I've won the bid! Can you deliver the coach to my barn on the Isle of Wight?"
  15. The section of line between Llandaff & Cardiff Queen Street was re-laid with ex-BSC steel slag. Lasted about a week before the decision was taken to remove, scrape & relay. Llanwern steelworks used to produce slag, which had a high iron content. Quite good for ballast on preserved railways, as long as you keep it away from the track circuits.
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