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  1. Hi Folks. Apologies for not keeping up regular posts on here, but sometimes events conspire to divert your attention. The last few weeks have been spent making parts of the side walls. These are a nominal 4X2" C24 timber, but in reality, 95x 45mm timber. I did make these sides to accept a 8' board, but when we erected the end wall, it would be too tall. By way of solution, I trimmed the uprights to 80.5 " which, with the top & bottom rails, comes out at 7' tall. With the trusses to come on top, that brings the shed height down to an overall 10' which is far more acceptable. If the weather holds, and I can get a clear run at it, then I might be able to finish the walls by the weekend. Hope springs eternal, and I've promised myself that I won't buy the new Prairie until the shed is finished, so the game is afoot! For those metric pedants, about 300-something mm.... More sub-standard photos, just to see where it's (still) going. Cheers, Ian.
  2. Nuts, bolts & dowels are IMHO, the tried & tested method. If you break one of those snazzy-looking joiners, you're up Effluent Creek without a paddle. Spares on the 'Flintstones' model is-are available from your local DiY store. The one thing I haven't tried yet, are the wedges as used by double glazing fitters. Has anyone tried them yet? Ian.
  3. I think it's 21. IX 18. The grid is a print off grid copy, (Gestetner?) where the grids are already superimposed. If you look at the numbers, they are all the same style. Spotters would circle the target they were interested, and allow the Royal Artillery to do the rest.
  4. Hi Phil,Yes, you're probably right. I've just spent the last couple of weeks messing about with 4x2" timber, only it's not 4X2, is it? No, it's blessed 95x 45mm. 1/2" ply is, as you say, 12mm. The latest 'dodge' is to sell timber in 4.8 metre lengths, only you can't get 2off 8' lengths: Oh dear me no! I'll stop griping now.... Anyway, what's all this about 'Diagonal Lettuce? Oh..... Ian.
  5. Just a quick aside here. Imperial measurements are normally 'downsize' when you come to metric sizes. so 1/4" ply (6mm) is normally 5.5 mm, or 5mm 1/2" ply is normally 11mm, and 3/4" material is 18mm. Sorry to be pedantic, but there's nothing worse than a blessed big gap, when you're trying to make a decent job.
  6. 3 link couplings are the answer.... Taking cover.....
  7. I understand your point. But, I will respectfully suggest that the rotational motion of the driving wheels (by whatever means) will operate the connecting rod & cylinders, whether vertical, horizontal, or any angle. As per your thoughts about prototypical operation. I too, would like to see that!
  8. Hmm, interesting. With regard to any period 1 locomotive then the cylinders & motion will all be dummy. Actually any model steam locomotive has dummy motion. I guess powering the wheels/axles is the sticking point, but I'd put the motor into the water cart/tender. I'd guess that to have any meaningful self power, then that might be where we're starting from. From a production perspective, then the water cart/tender is a good starting point, as from Penydarren forwards, they all carried them; they had to; it-they wouldn't work otherwise. Cheers, Ian.
  9. Sans Pareil is in no way ridiculous. Please explain. I'm not looking for a jousting session, just curious. Cheers, Ian.
  10. Ah, limited exposure on my part, I feel. I used the Oxford Dean as an example. My thoughts about putting pickups on the pony trucks remain, however. Cheers, Ian.
  11. Hi Keith, The Oxford Dean Goods has pickups both loco & tender. My thoughts led me to wonder if the proposed Dapol models may-might make the full set of pickups, as per the Dean. Taking that thought one step further, would Dapol put pickups on their new, proposed prairie? Specifically, on the pony trucks.
  12. 64's and 517/48xx do indeed, share a lot of commonality in motion parts. The 64 has the edge, being a smaller sized diving wheel, and the extra set of drivers. 517 & 48xx have a same size of driver, being 5'2". I'm also fairly sure the 517, 48xx, 54, 64xx and Metro share the same cylinder block, in the big world.
  13. I have thought that Dapol did indeed specify pickups across all of its wheels, but I could (as usual) be mistaken. Given that Oxford did multiple pickups on the Dean Goods, then it's a bit of a no-brainer that Dapol will likely do something similar. Given the positive reception to the prairie, Dapol may need something 'different' to add to their proposed model. Perhaps pickups on all 10 wheels will be a highly positive step. Cheers, Ian.
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