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  1. Oh Kevin, you don't now how lucky you are! I do envy you for your (in this case) lack of knowledge. Once you've listened to it it can never be undone.....
  2. I'm sorry,but I always use Jeremy Vine as my 'quick reaction' timer. As soon as I hear his voice on the radio, I change channels. Thanks to Jeremy, I can normally change channels in under a second. On television, it's about 2 seconds, as the TV remote is a bit farther away.
  3. As Mr. Smith, I wish to complain! I used to frequent Cardiff Central (General) platform 5 right through the 1970's Rod Stewart didn't walk down 'our' end of the platform! Actually well done to Mr Stewart. No doubt he's got professional modellers working for him, but the perception can only be his, and his alone. I've seen some solid A1 modelling, but if I had executed the same place, time or location, then that would be different as well. Perhaps Rod has assembled the first truly 'international' layout. He's toted his hobby all over the globe. Japan, Europe, USA, South America, Australia to name just a few. Me? I have trouble just getting the bus to Cardiff! Good luck to Rod. If he wants to something different, can I suggest a Great Western Aberdare, or a Taff Vale 04? Yours sincerely, Mr. Smith. (No, not that one, the other one).
  4. 50 years, eh? So, expect the Jinty, South East & Chatham 0-6-0 saddle tank, some coaches, and a short wheelbase brake van. Close enough?
  5. I know we went round there the other day, but I reckon Lord of The Isles is very viable, especially if you use a tender drive, and sound and DCC within the locomotive proper. I don't know, just a thought. At least you can lose the magnificent gap betwixt bogie and locomotive boiler!
  6. Hells teeth Richard! I had to use my schpell chequer because of you! Very funny, mind....
  7. Be careful John, optical illusion? It's all Hornbys' fault. Every Western model should be presented in the Swindon 'rods down' position.
  8. You can nail it down with a serious dose of Caveat Emptor:- Let the buyer beware. If it looks good, runs well, and can be fettled to something resembling a Great Western Large prairie, then as I've already (publicly) said, I'll be highly likely to buy one. If it's a dogs dinner, then that'a different matter. Initial responses from people with equal or greater knowledge than myself appear mildly favourable, so fingers crossed. The piggy bank is looking nervous, what with the ball pein hammer being so close......
  9. It was the lack of that red lamp oil what did it, Guvner! Once the Customs & Excise people started dipping the oil reservoirs, and finding red oil inside, that was the downfall. Many is the time I've seen a Grange pulled over in Sonning Cutting, having the lamps 'checked for red'.....
  10. Your art, think of your art! Whats 40 winks between endless cups of coffee, and all of those punters ooohing & aaahing over your work?
  11. This 'thing' about livery. You're joking, surely? Mid chrome green is a bu**er to get right, and I mixed thousands of tons of real chrome when we ran the foundry. From what I've learned, black was 'let in' to make the paint go further, rather than any artistic endeavour. Then you've got the material used to clean the locomotive. Is it blackjack? thin oil? lamp oil? Diesel? You're batting a real sticky wicket,believe me.... Best of luck. Ian.
  12. Yes, I'd tend to agree. Hornby normally make the cylinders and slide bar assembly as one item, In this case, as Miss P and others note, bringing up the cylinder set, might well prove to solve the problem. I'm still awaiting the model 'in the flesh', so to speak.
  13. Fireman.. "What's that funny noise?" Driver. "Because we're off the B*^$8$ road, son, that's why!" That doesn't look half bad at all. I'd respectfully suggest that it's a shade too black, by my reckoning. Overall, a bit more model, and less toy. Nice.
  14. Sorry Folks, that was me. I think I forgot to enter the K class...... Still, the desirability of the class remains pretty constant. IMHO, i think that 'natural wastage' will continue to influence the poll. After all, who remembers Jenny Lind? I'd vote for a Sturrock Steam tender! Well done to the Wishlist Team and administrators. Cheers, Ian.
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