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  1. Dapol have had a pretty good response with the mogul; some of the early BR variant have sold out, so I'm told. Given the somewhat predatory 'business activity' by other manufacturers, I wouldn't be surprised if Dapol didn't play their cards extremely close to the chest. That said, there is the Southern 'D' class, and of course, the Western Manor. Dapol announced both of these in the last year, so 2-3 releases in a year is pretty good going. Their media exposure is about right, I'd say. If people want to go wish-listing, then it's down to the individuals concerned and produce
  2. Yes indeed, the Cardiff Small Show is sorely missed. An ideal tonic for the post Christmas blues.
  3. Thanks Mike. I'll have to ask Mr Mosby for a variation (3408)
  4. Hello John, I 'think' you are alluding to the reversing lever, and the front sanders, as per PMP's comments. It's fairly easy to miss, as the operating rods pass between the boiler, and boiler cladding, behind the injectors. The inside frame crosshead bracket is more commonly known as a motion bracket, but you're on the right lines. I'd be very surprised if there are any wires 'up the front'. Given your prior knowledge with the 56xx & 8750, you will know the layout of the wiring on those models. I'd be inclined to think there will be little deviation with the workings. First impressions
  5. Symmetrical? I offer any Garret locomotive from South Africa for the prize. For the complete picture, I'd enter a rebuilt MN on full chat, with 12 on the hook. Those Bullied diesels are still worthy of interest.
  6. Dave: Does the late crest sound version sound differently from the early crest sound version? After all, you've said...... Only joking, Enjoy the weekend. That model does look good, fair play.....
  7. Please remember that the 2021 is still fairly close to a 16xx. Research needed, however.
  8. Probably not, if ever. Why? It's not a bad little model. Some detail is missing, such as the sandbox operating rods. It has good haulage capability. The biggest problem is where the second-hand market jokers try to pass off the older Mainline models as Bachmann. In retrospect, Bachmann have never made an early-version 57xx pannier. The 8750 version (s) made their appearance in the 1930s, replacing the earlier 57s as the asset worked through their book values. There was, however, a host of the earlier locomotives cheek-by-jowl with the much later, newer, ones. Earlier versions o
  9. Quite a few 16xx made their way to Barry, so it's not beyond the bounds of possibility that they made their way to Tondu in turn. Shedmasters would lend locomotives to other depots within divisions, so it's certainly possible. Tondu originally came under the Newport division (86) for Johnsters time period.
  10. I could well imagine that the prospect of re-introducing any of the kits would produce a plethora of "why haven't they done this/that/ the other". The 5/- kits would more like £50, because, that's what the market is liable to bear. It's a lovely idea, and I'm all in favour. But.......
  11. We need a bit of research here, but I've an inkling that the contractor-built 94xx were brass, not iron. Some 94xx plates going through auction have been brass.
  12. Meanwhile, in the leafy suburbs of Cardiff.... "Signed for? SIGNED FOR? Look old chap! I've got it tattooed on my arm! Give it 'eer! BBC Wales & the Western Mail have reporters standing by..... Well done Johnster; keep with it. Not long now.....
  13. Actually, sounds like a really good plan to me. 1, Run model on carpet. 2, Break model on carpet. 3, Advertise broken model on internet auction sites, at a discount. "The worst thing about being talked about, is not being talked about. If he reads this, I hope that Sam builds himself a yardstick layout. He will knock this silliness at a stroke.
  14. Oh no! not another argument about Brunswick Green.....
  15. Well, the Somerset & Dorset is real clickbait, isn't it? Coat on, heading for the Mendips....
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