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  1. Welding the budgie to its perch? 'Norwegian Blue? Beautiful plumage!
  2. Regarding the wall-wart phone chargers. Yes, we've got a bucketload of redundant chargers here. I'm loath to chuck them because:- A, I'm a hopeless hoarder, B, I know sooner or later I'll find a need for one, C, It's nice on the off-chance, to give someone, something, that they really need. It costs nothing, and it earns many more Brownie points than the value of the item. One of my mentors had a catch phrase "I've got that in stock" and a request would see the late Malcolm Rowe disappear, to return from his 'stores' with the correct item. He was a brilliant person to
  3. As I'm reading your post, I'm looking at the collection of phone chargers I have. I have thought about keeping these chargers back, to see if I can use them for LV lighting such as signals & buildings, etc.
  4. No, the MiG welder offer was last week. Next week is a family pack of spirit levels, 3 phase inverters, Pogo sticks with added DAB facility, and Peruvian bus timetables.
  5. You're quite right. There are lots of photos of panniers on the Penygraig autos. No doubt only having 4871 on the strength would mean substituting whenever said loco was stopped. Anything above the load of the 48xx would have a pannier on the job. Approximately where does the Dimbath valley becomes single line?
  6. Thanks to Mike & Keith for highlighting he discount. I've ordered one today. Cheers, Ian.
  7. Well, I don't use it often, but it can be torture....
  8. I am a confirmed tea drinker; I've got one on the go as I type. In the foundry, however, it was 100% coffee. The rationale was that coffee came to work in jars, and had a reasonable shelf life. Before working there, I'd never, ever, drink tea without milk. Doing a 12-hour night shift, where we've forgotten the milk? Oh dear.... The physiological benefits of a hot drink are paramount. Little wonder that the standard-sized mug is entirely ergonomic. The height of the mug is quite close to the width of the palm, and the diameter is also close to a pair of cupped hands. having
  9. Thank you, you're quite right. I'm trying to remember when a collar would go on a distant lever...
  10. Well, I did fancy Toad in the hole tonight, with a good sized individual Yorkshire, topped off with all of the vegetables. Hover, Kim decided that we would have a Sunday breakfast-type meal. So i had to suffer, sausages, scrambled egg, whole button mushrooms & tomato. All washed down with a cuppa, and two slices of fresh granary bread. I did suffer trying to eat it (liar) but I managed that, with fruit cocktail & ice cream. It's hell, I'll tell ya!
  11. A quiet Sunday here, so I've put the caps on the roofing screws. I normally use a dab of mastic to keep them sweet. The one problem I've had, is gaining access to the roof; the space behind is quite narrow. So, I designed a little 'toy to help me along. It's basically a demountable crossbar, which can be clamped to an upright. This crossbar, reaches out about 3 ', and is strong enough to support a ladder. The bracket portion sits either side of an upright (4x2" ) and is a comfortable sliding fit. Pushing the bracket upwards to the soffit end, , 2x 4" G-clamps hold the bracket, and crossb
  12. Go to Youtube, and it's Dave's Tiny Kitchen. The only thing I change is a slightly hotter oven.
  13. Never mind Jamie, help is at hand! I'm sure the 'TNM collective' can help you!
  14. To be completely honest Richard, I can't remember. I guess it's a good look at the first 20-odd entries on Google. I think it might have been a BBC recipe. The only thing that sticks in my mind is that, according to MiL, I used Four eggs... I shall certainly have a look to see if I can find it (the recipe, not the eggs ). All this talk of tea & cake is your blessed fault. Edit: I returned to Google, and the BBC 'Good Food' recipe is the one I used. " Four eggs, Four eggs.... I'll be making Bread pudding this afternoon. Now see what you've done.
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