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  1. Sorry folks, this counts for nothing. The rights owners are after your money, pure & simple. Give the child a train set, and/or Lego. They'll learn things like spatial awareness, scale perception, and imagination. Dumping a child in front of the telly breeds dissatisfaction. " Buy this! Buy that! I'll clamber off my soapbox now...
  2. Well, I try to run whenever power is applied to my.........
  3. Aha! The Mystery boxes! Box One. A selection of scenic items, and Flying Scotsman. Box Two. A selection of railway buildings, and Flying Scotsman. Box Three. A selection of wagons, and Flying Scotsman (painted black ). Box Four. A selection of coaches, and Flying Scotsman. Box Five. Flying Scotsman, with a pantograph fitted to the tender. I think that's about right.....
  4. The Monty Python sketch springs to mind. "Ethel the Aardvark goes quantity surveying".
  5. Slightly off-topic, but I didn't know that Airfix Railways made the old-tyme western railroad coach. I haven't seen one 'in the flesh', but the Alexander, Newport, Docks & railway had some Buffalo Bill coaches when the circus returned to the 'states.
  6. One model that nearly made it was the Triang-Minic Ro-Ro trailer. It was in the 66-67 catalogue year, but I think it was cancelled.
  7. I think that's pretty true. After all, Australia was (is ) vast, so the states were pretty autonomous; just 'get on with it' The concept of joined up thinking is pretty remote, when you've got a population of 6 white people, a million Aborigines, 100,000 camels, and lots of kangaroos. Oh, and Ned Kelly....
  8. Just changing gauge is not something to undertake will-nilly. Apart from the engineering & logistics, probably the largest hidden part of the operation is finance. Company assets have a depreciation over time, so there comes a time where the renewals take place without loss of asset value. The South Wales main was probably up for renewal about 1880-ish, and the south west not long afterwards. Little wonder, therefore , that tracks west of Gloucester had the gauge changed in 1872, whilst the line down to Plymouth remained until 1892. In certain cases, I'd surmise that there were strict instructions to recover workable assets, if only to offset the expenditure. Although it's not always written down I'd also guess that certain parts of the system were converted well in advance of the conversion. Places like the Penygraig branch, Aberystwyth-Carmarthen, and Vale of Neath, spring to mind. Redundant asset being recovered to prop up the existing infrastructure. It was only when the original broad gauge was up for extensive renewal, that the financial officers gave permission for the conversion to go ahead. Any Company worth its salt will balance the books, regardless of what modellers think. A classic example is the stationery boiler at Didcot.
  9. Now, that is a novel way to achieve track circuit bonding!
  10. Cape gauge (3'6") is still prevalent in places like Australia, New Zealand, and of course, Africa. As we know, the 'Gan' in Australia is now standard gauge. Some of the Australian railways had 5'3" gauge, but I'll just check my 1935 locomotive engineers book... yep, there it is, Australia, Ireland, and.. Brazil. I didn't know that.
  11. We've all grown up with 4' gauges, so it's natural. If we had grown up with 7' gauge, the prospect of a 'skinny' gauge would be interesting, but not 'standard. Hitler had an idea for 3 metre gauge. In reality, if 7' gauge was recognised as the European standard, then Messrs Hitler & Speer might well have used it as their standard. Leading on from that, Russia might well have adopted a gauge of 3.5 metres. ...
  12. You can say what you like, but those class 25's are very impressive!
  13. The 'Boche buster' is an interesting subject, but I think the idea is short by about 75%. Vans for squaddies or gunners, signals wagons, command post vehicles, cookhouse, Stores, REME attachment, Ammunition & charges, Generator sets, Pioneer Corps/RASC & Royal Engineers, along with the railway operators/ ROD/RTC. I'm assuming the Forward Observation is 'off site'. If it's stationery, then you would find a WVS/NAAFI tea-van not far away. I'll bet that there will be lots of things I've forgotten.
  14. Like others, I'm a hoarder. I only chuck out things that are absolutely knackered. I'd much rather give away things that have a use for the recipient: It fosters goodwill, and you don't need 'Bay fees. That said, I'm only interested in niche-niche items that come along. That way, I limit to what I want to use or collect.
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