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  1. There is no truth whatsoever that the virus is contracted by using old Corona pop bottles.....
  2. Your son has impeccable taste in locomotives. Not many layouts have Taff the Coal Engine in their collection!
  3. Don't apologise old chap. The free exchange of views on here is one of the things that move it all along. A lot of other posters on here are wondering 'where's my model? After all it's only been X years, since the announcement.... There is a certain rationale to the process, and it mostly revolves about things like profit margins, and things like that. When things like Thomas can far outstrip Branchline by an approximate factor of 100-odd to 1, and the profit margin is far greater for Bachmann, it make perfect business sense. Ian.
  4. Oh dear! I hope I'm not too melancholic! But I'm a hard-bitten pragmatist, and sometimes a cynic as well. Any business worth its salt will always be on the lookout for new markets to tap. I certainly wouldn't blame Bachmann for doing that; after all, that's what they do! If they have limited production slots within their set-up, it'll always go to to that with the best, most robust, financial returns. Life's like that, you know....
  5. For the phrase 'revolutionary marketing concept', replace with 'Excellent Sales Opportunity'.For the term 'Fidelity', replace with 'Reasonably good likeness, as conforms to the television characters'. You can bet your bottom dollar that the latest models will conform remarkably similar to the television portrayals. Why? Because little things like legally drawn-up contracts & licences will prevail, that's why. Otherwise John, you're not far off the money. Little Johnny will have a James for Christmas, because the purchasing power by the parents, aunts & uncles, Granny & Grandad, etc will serve to satisfy the demand of the legions of young 'wanters' who are plonked in front of the telly, whilst the parents concerned get on with their busy days. This supposed 'backlog' of new Bachmann models aren't for Branchline releases: If I was running a business like this, I too, would be gearing up for the Thomas franchise work. It's not a moan, per se; it's a recognition that larger market forces are at play, and you & I are very much in the 'marginal' element of what is going on. Finally, for the phrase 'Thomas The Tank Engine', replace with 'Gravy Train'. Have a great weekend, folks. Ian.
  6. You could be completely right, but we shall see.
  7. I would have thought the 10 ton van would have gone anywhere. I'd assume that on the LNER, they'd put the older wagons straight into the common user pool, knowing full well that they would have to be repaired by some else's railway repair shop. Flour,cement bags, sugar, bagged sugar beet, bagged corn, bagged wheat, ironmongery, bicycles, furniture. In fact, anything that a common carrier was required to carry.
  8. Honestly, I'd think Mr Parker of this parish has hit the nail on the head rather accurately. Why bother selling high-fidelity models, at a profit mark up, when you can sell a different style of models, at a higher profit mark up? It's a bit sad, perhaps, but pragmatic. Why charge similar prices for a smaller market, when you can have larger profits from a much larger market? I can't blame Bachmann, because I'd do exactly the same, given the situation. Semi-serious (or serious) modellers won't buy Thomas stuff, but Grandad & Grandma will.... And that, ladies & Gentlemen, is why new Bachmann releases will be thin on the ground. The situation will remain that way, until the next great fad comes into view. The much-vaunted 94xx, despite its quality & fidelity, is just a fill-in job, because the sheer volumes don't stack up against the desirability of Thomas product. You might get it, but only when a space exists to 'squeeze it in'. Good luck to both Bachmann & Hornby: They have businesses to run. The market forces are in play, and the spending power of the 'silver set' far outweighs anything we can possibly imagine. Bachmann have timed this shift in the market impeccably, with a whole generation of eager 'wanters' ..... "Grandad, can I have a James for Christmas?" You know the outcome already.... May I take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Christmas for 2020. If you think you will see anything from the 2 biggest players, well....... Cheers, Ian.
  9. It's not for me, but I can see Bachmanns angle with this. Why have a bunch of moaning old bu33ers (like me) when there is a whole new market to work with? Lets face it, the older people have a exponentially diminishing market, so it makes good commercial business to tap into another, younger market. It's an easier market to work in, as well. Fidelity to type goes straight out of the window. No costs there, with rivets being 5 thou out. The emphasis is towards 'playability'. A toy train is just as likely to stay on the floor, as it is on a grown ups layout. It needs to be tough, simple, and reasonably conforms to type. I can see a lot of inventive people buying up old Triang Jinties, and doing some pretty accurate Thomas conversions. With fidelity removed, and a bit of private artistic licence applied, anything is possible. I forsee the future.... A 2am knock at the door.... "Open up! It's the Bachmann Detector van! We have reports that you are harbouring a Mainline pannier, done up as Duck!" The Plump Controller.
  10. Nothing controversial about those buttons. I had buttons exactly like that on my jacket, back in the 60's.
  11. Hello Folks, and thank you for the kind words. Things will improve.
  12. Ah, but that was Bachmann. This is a company that started the 94xx at £81-odd. I'll warrant that you won't see that model (94xx) for much under £140. Cynic? Moi? No, just being pragmatic. Nonetheless, if it's a nice model crane, then I'll have one for the earlier stock. Ian.
  13. All modelling stopped, sad to say. But , a change of meds is imminent, 'cause I can't go on quite like this. There is a stack of breeze blocks loitering with intent, and they are looking at me through the kitchen window. I know I can do it, and I know how to build it to the nearest milimetre, but getting my ar$e into the back garden is, well, quite difficult. A lot (and I mean, a lot) of friends tell me to get myself in gear, but I'm still spinning in neutral, handbrake on. Lets see what the end of the month brings. The Black doggie needs some exercise, methinks.... Ian.
  14. A nice looking little model. The front coupling is a bit 'eccentric' but as long as it can be modified to less discreet, then it's looking good. Well done team.
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