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  1. We need a bit of research here, but I've an inkling that the contractor-built 94xx were brass, not iron. Some 94xx plates going through auction have been brass.
  2. Meanwhile, in the leafy suburbs of Cardiff.... "Signed for? SIGNED FOR? Look old chap! I've got it tattooed on my arm! Give it 'eer! BBC Wales & the Western Mail have reporters standing by..... Well done Johnster; keep with it. Not long now.....
  3. Actually, sounds like a really good plan to me. 1, Run model on carpet. 2, Break model on carpet. 3, Advertise broken model on internet auction sites, at a discount. "The worst thing about being talked about, is not being talked about. If he reads this, I hope that Sam builds himself a yardstick layout. He will knock this silliness at a stroke.
  4. Oh no! not another argument about Brunswick Green.....
  5. Well, the Somerset & Dorset is real clickbait, isn't it? Coat on, heading for the Mendips....
  6. I wonder if you will watch the video when your favourite pet subject gets aired? Go on, you know you want to... Ah, Gawan, gawan, gawan gawan, gawan..... Looks like an important week in Johnster Towers.... There is absolutely no basis in the rumour that a certain reviewer has new carpet delivered to the loft......
  7. I'd suggest being a 'professional reviewer' requires an ability to tread carefully on thin ice. If you give product X a real caning, then the manufacturer of product X might get on the phone to the magazine owner, with a suggestion that perhaps a withdrawal of advertising revenue might be in order. Sam appears to be in a better position, inasmuch he appears to buy his own review subjects. That makes him a free agent; good for him. My only gripe is the lack of standardised review criteria. If, however, Sam receives remuneration or services by way of trade for his reviews, then
  8. I think you're being a bit unfair, old chap. Both you & I have enough nous to combat any problem that came our way. After all, we're the real DC Luddites..... Make observations, and recommend what improvements can be bought about to improve our viewing. Non-constructive comments help no one. At least one moderator on this forum has said he will delete any posts such as 'none for me here'. If Sam continues to review models in a semi- arbitrary fashion, then just change channels. Ms. Kirk does her reviews on a regular basis..... On a positive note, I'm
  9. Hmm... Don't really know what to make of it. His youthful approach is a big plus point for him. But, any review needs to be balanced. Running around on a carpet is a bit of a no-no, and the power drops on his layout doesn't serve to enhance the model he's reviewing. If young Sam had a 'standard layout arrangement*' then people could compare model for model. By Standard layout arrangement, I mean the yardstick by which he himself rates the model ( any model ) that he cares to review. Unless the layout is absolutely standard as per all of his reviews, then it's not exactly useful
  10. I slightly disagree, if I may. If you're entering into a contract regarding pre-payment, then it's best to have a clear understanding of both parties to the contract. Expectations (as you've noted ) have to be met. The days have hopefully gone where one fellow bull-shitted a proportion of RM Webbers, and took a holiday with the proceeds. As I view this as a hobby, I won't get worked up about non-appearance of models; No show, no money. Some manufacturers will deliberately withhold product for the RRP to match the investment returns. There is nothing that will kill me by waiting.
  11. I can never understand the prospect of anger over models. Why? It's not as there is a contract in place., and there never will be. The manufacturer or retailer will make an 'invitation to trade' and as such, the purchaser can accept or decline the invitation. If you don't like it, don't buy it! It really is that simple. Anger won't work, but market forces will....
  12. It's been a while, but at long last. I'm looking out of my study window westwards, but there's no fireworks yet..... Depending on how it looks, I might indeed purchase a 34xx for some Radyr-based forays. That said, I'm still at a distance from actually running a locomotive, so we shall see. When this lockdown malarkey is concluded, I might do a bit of loco spotting at Cwmdimbath...
  13. It could be censor. but you can't go to the railway room on your own!
  14. As far as I remember, a 6-wheel coach only has brakes on the leading & trailing axle sets. The centre set has allowances to allow negotiation of curves. Although the brakes come up fairly close to the wheel, if the radius of the curve is too tight, the brakes could & would bind. The coned buffer is an attempt to keep the stock in line in the case of a heavy shunt. It's repeated nowadays with modern stock.
  15. If you're working in the larger scales, don't forget the fag ends.....
  16. Sound, especially railway sound, has always 'interested' me. Although the regulated sound of a locomotive is reasonably easy to replicate, how do you replicate the spontaneity of the human element? Slamming of carriage doors, enquiries,... More important, the Anglo-Saxon vernacular that makes it real. Then, there's accents... Anywhere from BBC English to real 'Urzlem-Burzlem' Cardiff to Merthyr is 24 miles, with 3 accent variations en route. if you go via the Rhymney valley, add another....
  17. I don't mix up railways and music. Either genre are very distinctly segregated, so there is little blurring of the edges. I can 'switch off' from either, and immerse myself in that particular moment.
  18. Yes, very probably. But remember that there are quite a lot of coaches, multiplied by a lot of railway companies. Right now I'm trying to find my Mountford book on Western Absorbed Coaches. Can I find it? PAH!
  19. I rather like them, other than (personally ) I think they are a tad too bright.
  20. Generally speaking, a passenger-rated vehicle should be measured over the headstocks (the buffer beams ). Then, add 7mm at each end for the buffers to give you the overall length of the vehicle. Measuring the body is ok-ish, but if the tumblehome is of a different design, you might not get the accuracy you want. I'm rather taken with these coaches; although generic, the basic structure of the Vctorian coach was already generic by design. It's only the detail features that sets one coach apart from its cousin. Having not seen the Hattons models yet, it appears that convincing lo
  21. I think he's playing it cool...... I reckon it's been in Cardiff sorting office for 2 years, but they've haven't the heart to tell him....
  22. Some notable examples might be South Wales- Chester & Birkenhead, Oxford to Guildford, Gloucester, Cardiff, Swansea, Bristol, Reading, Banbury, Pontypridd, Barry, Salisbury. The Railway Clearing House maps are your best bet.
  23. The 4-wheelers have caught my imagination. I earlier mentioned about the remodelling ability that these will allow. It pays to remember that outside of the larger railway concerns, companies such as Cravens, Gloucester and Metropolitan dominated the private carriage market. Research awaits! The old Rovex re-hash is a bit unexpected, but it had (has ) its merits. I can see the old Rovex track increasing in value as a result. I can see people rummaging in lofts, digging t out:- Upgrade your Playtrains today! I'm a bit of an 'as & when' modeller. I didn't expect to
  24. You might be right, but for a bit more thought, Hornby could be basking in "Oh! Yes! instead of Oh, no....." Situations like this clearly illustrate some sort of need of higher-end range by Hornby. There is clearly a market for this in RTR land, and yet they continue to pass off second rate product. It doesn't help Hornby at all. Discerning purchasers object to the product offered by either price or fidelity, and bolster a mis-held reputation for cheapness. Hornby can produce some superlative models; real first class work, and yet continue to turn out, well.......
  25. That's nice. I didn't realise there was a footbridge across to Farquhar Road.
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