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  1. The weathering on the Mountain Ash model was nicely done, as it showed up the burnt smokebox rather well. I honestly can't comment on either Robert, or the blue version. Quite simply, I didn't buy it. Burnt smokebox doors are quite a regular sight on the real thing, as you probably know. If someone thinks the No 8 model is a bit of a lemon, then let me know, and I'll take said 'lemon' off their hands. I've got a ready made candidate for Haulwen No 2..... Cheers, Ian.
  2. Sorry Jason. On this point, I think we'll agree to differ. Either way, they weren't on sale for very long.
  3. I would have bought a fair few more, personally. The fastest-selling Hattons release was the Mountain Ash No8, I understand. The locomotive had a large rebuild at the Dean Forest Railway, and is now resplendent in its correct livery as RENNES, of the Longmoor Military Railway. Meanwhile, the other Mountain Ash resident, Haulwen, is undergoing restoration over at the Gwili. There's nothing quite like an Austerity with a rake of 30-odd 16-tonners on the back. Perhaps Bachmann have done the deal to bump up sales of their wagon? Having given it some thought, I'm still not sure about the later, Bagnall version of the model. Perhaps some cosmetic wheel overlays will 'do the business'. Cheers, Ian.
  4. May I recommend the Oakwood book on the Barry Railway rolling stock by the late E.R. Mountford. It covers a lot of what is termed Generic, and shows up a lot of information for the period modeller. Cheers, Ian.
  5. Interesting to see the 18" Austerity re-surface. Readers will probably know I have a real soft spot for these. However, just an observation, if I may. The DJM version had the SiCA & SiCB wheels reproduced on the earlier model, which is (still is) a significant identifying feature on the model, and the real thing as well. Bagnalls continued with the Austerity, but with a different type of driving wheel. One wonders if Kernow/EFE will re-instate the wheel detail.... I suspect not.... Still, at least we can ask Kernow to re-introduce the MSC version. There are enough south Wales versions to see Kernow EFE through to the 22nd Century. The odds of ordering the 'Amazon' model, being delivered by Amazon, with someone working in the North West in an Amazon Fulfilment Centre, is, I think, fairly high.... Toot, Toot, everybody! Ian.
  6. Victim:- "The burglar has an indelible mark on his backside". Police officer:- "How do you know?". "That's where the 12-bore got him".
  7. Thank you. One thought occurred to me today, whilst firing in the top coach bolts (screwing them, actually). I happened to to look at the box of diminishing stock, and thought " I don't need to order any more of them." Working through the phases allows assets to come up off the floor. Mrs Smith likes it as well. She can see the clutter disappearing, which means there's more space. I'm even getting questions with the words "Is there anything you want/need doing?" And, on a daily basis..... More tomorrow.... Cheers, Ian.
  8. Some more excellent weather has allowed me to do a bit of catching up. Knowing my luck, It'll rain now.... However, the truss work is finally, fully completed. Along with the upper woodwork being 'pulled in' as the coach bolts were driven home, was somewhat gratifying. At last, off with the diagonal bracing, and the building emerges Parthenon-like from the building site. Readers will know about the 'Modelling Mojo'. Well, this is a close second place.... Some more photos. Tomorrow, weather permitting, sees me going up in the world....
  9. As a slight aside, one wonders if Scenecraft will produce a queue, with the required distances....
  10. Cheers Phil. I would normally pilot drill for whatever fixing I'm using, nail or screws. I've got a black Belt in wood splitting....
  11. At the moment, the industrial-grade feather edge is leading the choice stakes. It comes down to the ease of use, and relative cost. In my apprentice days, we we told that 'the best joint is no joint at all', and that sentiment still holds good today. I'd like to keep the exterior face joints to an absolute minimum, even if it means I'll pay a bit more to achieve the result. The other big plus points are the width of boards (175mm) and the thickness, which is (according to the website) 33mm. I haven't got there yet, however, the cross braces are nearly done, but not finished. Today, I hope. Cheers, Ian.
  12. Certainly treated battens, apart from holding the Tyvek in place, it provides a register for the cladding. I need to investigate insect mesh, however; I haven't got to that bit yet. Cheers, Ian.
  13. To be completely honest, I haven't made my mind up. There will be cladding, and Phil Harlequin has a very nice example. I've found a supplier of industrial-sized feather-edge ladding, some 5.1 metres, by 175mm. Plus, it's stained in black, and treated. But, I don't know.... Cheers, Ian.
  14. Hello Alan, The use of gravel boards allows me to stand on the roof, If I need to. I've very deliberately over-engineered the job, in case I need to sub-contract any of the work. The last thing I need is someone to tell me it's not up to standard, and try to talk me into paying out extra for what will be a substandard or flimsy job. The project thus far allows me to get in as much insulation as it can handle, with the idea of a stable range of temperature and Humidity very firmly uppermost. The last lot of boards were a recovered asset, so this is more of the same. Thank you for the tip on gapping. I would have used something similar, but the 2p trick seems sound. Once the roof is fixed, it'll be Rockwool batts to insulate between the uprights, with Tyvek or something similar to seal off the outer, with feather-edge cladding on the exterior. The inner wall is 11mm OSB, but not until the roof is watertight. Cheers, Ian.
  15. Yes indeed. If you look left on the graving dock in Portsmouth (alongside the M27) you will see several examples of concrete-built boats. On the opposite side, we'd see the daddy of them all, which is-were AFAIK, sections of the Mulberry Harbour.
  16. I do have my 'extreme Cynic' hat on, but I'll guess there's another price rise before you enter your local model shop, and get your sticky mitts on the prize. Mind you. I've been wrong before....
  17. The roof trusses were finally positioned today. They now require some cross-bracing to keep them all together. The remedial work on the spaces has taken place, and it now looks tidy. I could have gone a bit further, but it's blessed hot today. Once cross braced, we'll start the roof sarking. These are 8x1" gravelboards, used longitudinally. My choice of material is dictated by ease of use, span of the boards (4.8 metres), relative cheapness, and, they're treated. Eaves to apex is 12 courses in this instance, and once closed up, they should result in a very strong covering. On top of that, goes a box-profile cladding, which will-should be fitted straight after the sarking is done. This week's top tip: Don't run your circular saw through your ancient Workmate. Some more dodgy photos. Oooh-err, missus..... Have a great weekend, folks. Ian.
  18. No need to apologise old chap. Being civil to each other (and the forum at large) makes the place better for all. As I've said, I haven't bought one of these Large Prairies yet, despite publicly saying that I will. Naturally, the model concerned needs to come up to a perceived standard. I'm just concerned that the last 2 years of polite conversations & observations by everyone has, or might have, come to naught. "Grasped from the jaws of victory, perchance?" Have a great weekend, everyone. Ian.
  19. Thank you. I didn't hear that. On that basis, I'll delete my post.
  20. I've been racking my brains about the two diesels we rescued from Whiteheads Steelworks, Newport. Finally! They're (were) Yorkshire Engine, very close in shape o the BR 02. Can't remember if they were electric or hydraulic transmission. One went to Caerphilly, the other to the Gwili Railway. Sad to say they were both scrapped, due to radiator problems. A bit of your Dock Authority in outline.
  21. Yes, I've forgotten what beer tastes like. Anyways, I'm off the pop for the foreseeable future. Next years work is already pencilled in, with a garage to rebuild...
  22. Lovely work Chris. I'll be following this. Ian
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