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  1. kevpeo

    Loch Dour

    It’s only made the one appearance Kev, so far! Kev.
  2. I did find some very basic drawings online Muddy, but it was as much checking with photo's to see what looked right, or not! 100% correct it is not, but I got fed up waiting for a kit or RTR. Kev.
  3. A sneak preview - One side done. Its when the transfers go on you start to notice all the little mistakes! Next weekend,after the matt varnish has set, the other sides. Kev.
  4. kevpeo

    Loch Dour

    With the track all laid, wired and tested I indulged in a little ''retail therapy'' on Boxing Day! ( As an aside, this was the first X-mas that I got time to operate LD on the day. It’s great when your kids grow up!) The train at the back is the new one, some nice Bachmann grain hoppers and a plywood brake van. The open could end up in any of the freights. All need some, or more weathering. The tamper has made appearances before and balances the number of trains. I also purchased a Jamie Goodman class 25 decoder to fit to the Bachmann 24/1 when it arrives, yes it will become a 25/0. Kev.
  5. kevpeo

    Loch Dour

    Right hand end done, bar re-fitting point motors & droppers! The track to the left is half the space gained. A few wiggles added but it should be ok. I estimated four lengths of track for the remodel. It looks like I only need two! The other end is not looking so finished - Kev.
  6. kevpeo

    Loch Dour

    It never works out as planned does it! The relaying went ok, but with two problems. (1) The hoped for reduction in the tight, sub 18 inch radius curve improved to, wait for it - 18 inch! You can just see the improvement with the dirty outline of the old track. (2) The tie bar for the new curved point is right over the cross member. Of course it is! This means I will have to carve a TT300 sized hole in it! As you can see I haven't touched the outer two tracks yet, so I can still run half the trains for now. I will get the other end to this stage too before cutting into those roads. The gain for all this work, six foot in road one and two foot in road two. That is at least two more trains when in the seventies era! Kev.
  7. A sad sight this morning at Roose station. Wigan to Barrow storage run no 1, some more coming later from Blackburn. I'm going to miss them! -
  8. kevpeo

    Loch Dour

    Not a lot to report lately, as modelling has concentrated on other layouts and their stock! But a left over job came to mind lately. The point on the right is the one that failed at Perth Green show. This was bodged and lasted the show, and since, but sooner or later it is going to go for good! So, if I’ve got to buy a new point anyway, why not buy two and have a remodel! So the plan is this - The straight point on the right will go and a new curved point fitted to the upper left increasing the length of both the right hand roads. This works, but doesn't improve the sharp curve (18inch). So a better plan, but more work, is to swap the two left side points from opposite ends and reverse them, which will push the track outwards and improve the curve to 24 inch. The track is bought, but when am I going to find the time to start! Kev.
  9. I passed last night on route back from Liverpool. One 2 car 195 and two 3 car 331's were parked up. Kev.
  10. The 323 makes its first call at Coppell! All went well, so now it can be finished off.
  11. Coppell is all packed in the van ready, just the stock to add tomorrow. Looking forward to the show, and for the first time we will have 4 x 25k/v EMU's available for service. Plus two more which may make brief appearances! Kev.
  12. I always find the pub is a good place to chat. Your round!
  13. If you want a 365(ish) Kev you will have to supply another couple of coaches to chop up for the pan car! Kev.
  14. Still on the wrong layout, and no wires, but - A lot more detail on now though! Main jobs now are the window bars, which are defo the last (!) and interiors. All ready for it's test run now. If anybody wants a look at Workington it will be around somewhere. Kev.
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