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  1. To be fair Donny, we now have too many EMU's for both layouts! They will have to share duties. Kev.
  2. 305 underframes just about done - once the footsteps are done then its clean up the bodies time. I should have done that first before the details went on! Kev
  3. Thanks Cheesy, I try to fly the flag for 90’s North West ‘electric bog carts’ ! Speaking of which, the 309 has gained some yellow, and the 305 some sides- still plenty to do yet though. Kev.
  4. The 305 shells with bogies on, the power car body on and couplings fitted while checking the heights. The pan end of the power car needs a tweak! Kev.
  5. Slow going on the 309 now! The last couple of jobs to finish were handrail holes to drill on the sides and adding door hinges. Then it was time for another coat of primer, white this time, then white top coat. To this was added orange cantrail stripes - These will be left to harden until the weekend, and then masked off for the yellow ends. In the meantime, time to play with the next one! Kev.
  6. With the weather being a little cooler, until today that is! I was able to do some underframe, end and roof details on the 309. The usual mix of scratch and Southern Pride. And of course another photo of the trailer roof turned up which proved I’d got it mostly wrong! So that had to be redone as well. On the plus side the refurb seemed to have removed the toilets from two coaches So that was some water fillers less to model! Kev.
  7. I saw those JDW! A RTR one will along shortly no doubt. Infact about two days after I finished the 323 a different kit appeared on e-bay. That one had resin ends, brass sides and an aluminium roof. Good luck to whoever bought that one in getting that lot to stick together! Kev.
  8. All the 309 cars ready to be washed and primed. and today after a first ‘waft’ of etching primer and remarkably few imperfections filled. after some gardening i’ll rub them down and spray them again. Kev.
  9. Well, I found myself with a bonus day today, so time to crack on with the 309! After cutting out and cleaning up the etches it was time to mark out the body shells for cutting. Which is where I found an issue on the TSO, the etches had the toilet outward of the end door, whereas on 309 623 it was inboard! 309's are a nightmare in this regard, as there are at least three different trailers depending whether it was an original built one or a later conversion! So do I leave it or modify it? You knew the answer didn't you! The ends were cut along the door edge, and then soldered to the other, slightly shortened side, thus reversing the orientation! After cleaning this mess up the body shell was prepared - The Replica body shells are easier to work on than a Southern Pride one as the plastic is more forgiving and less brittle. Once prepped the first etch was added - The strip of plastic on the left is to replace some of the brass removed earlier. While the glue was setting on the TSO the power car gained its pan well - And the ends were added to the driving cars - All three of these cars have then had the internal joints re-inforced with Araldite. Another modification needed is the headcode on the gangway door, which is half-etched in the center of the gangway, where it should be offset to the left. So the half etch needs filling. The R/H one has been done with solder. Kev.
  10. Well, thats that question answered - sorry Donny, looks like the 309 wins! Etches waiting for me when I got home. Kev.
  11. Undefeated by windows, final assembly went ahead today - 325 007 sits in Parrot Hall for the first and possibly the last time! It is for service on Coppell really. Now what? That depends. If the etches arrive for the 309 in the next week then that will be started next weekend. Otherwise, the 305/1 Donny! Kev.
  12. Not the best photo, but shows progress to date on 309 623 - Now the York Modelmaking gangways have arrived I've been able to sort out the couplings, so it would now be able to be tested on dc. But I've no access to the test track at the clubrooms, so I've had to make do with pushing it backwards and forwards on Loch Dour! As can be seen I've also removed all unwanted detail from the ends and roofs, as well as making a start on re-profiling the ends of the driving cars and moving/adding roof vents. And that's it for now, as I'm still waiting for the etchings to arrive. In other news, the 305/2 is now ready for traffic, and the 325 is being re-assembled with a slight hitch on the driving cars. The cabside windows don't fit. I never thought to check, but why would the Hornby windows fit the Bratchell 319 kit! So now I have to file the window openings out in the fully painted bodyshells. Truly a schoolboy error! Kev.
  13. kevpeo

    Loch Dour

    No sorry Saxo, my modelling time is being taken up by EMU’s at the moment! Saying that, I tried to live with the Bachmann speaker in 25 003. But no longer - It was rubbish. So after cutting the PCB in half and a little rewiring she is now fitted with a Rail Exclusives speaker. Much better! Now just have to get the body back on and see if the lights still work at one end! Kev. edit - As I suspected, after reassembly she sounds great, I had to turn cv 63 down! But I have lost the lights, but to be fair, they were too bright anyway, even after turning down to minimum. So not that bothered!
  14. Indeed Simon. But I'm not sure on the colours yet! They entered service late 94 in NSE, had the red band painted blue (badly!) in 95 and were in Regional Railways green stripe in 96. The later is what I would like to do, but were any done in 95? Still looking for proof! Kev.
  15. Thanks JDW, I should be cracking on with the other side of the 325 but I'm struggling to get motivated today! So, instead, being stuck in the covid-19 capital of the UK (anybody seen the Daily Mail article? What a crock!) I cracked on with the next two projects! After a delivery from Replica Railways, I assembled the next set of class 305 running gear - Along with the powered chassis for the 305 I got another, plus four Mk1 kits, for a future project! The bogies for these were also assembled yesterday, and the lot were put together today to find the power car is far higher than the trailers! After trying the buffer heights against some other stock it is the trailers that need to go up luckily. Once I get the ride height and couplings sorted, these will be stored until the etches arrive. Is it lunch time yet? Kev.
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