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  1. might also kill a large number as well
  2. was just asking due to the claim that its the easiest to install and adjust. I found the megerpoints very simple and having set up 50 plus signals and ground signals with no problems at all. With every thing on the board so no extra setting board required. So i was asking as if theres a better solution out there as im interested in anything to make my life easier when i do commissions and making things idiot proof for when the client takes delivery
  3. ok but thats no different than setting up the megerpoints board you set the arm to the mid position with the servo in the mid position and set the high and low points
  4. i had a batched turned up in nylon 66 for both the king and the castle
  5. Hi Martin guess you need some feed back and this is in no way meant to negative the one biggest thing ive noticed trying to follow whats been put up is a lack of an explanation of whats going on or how to get to a point i understand thats its free and takes time to learn but maybe a basic crib for functions maybe useful or a video covering the basics that most folk would use ie a junction main running lines and sidings and while this is being done it being explained as to how and why the steps are being taken someone has kindly offered to spend some time with me
  6. yes slow running is excellent i can get it to take a whole 1 minute to travel 4mm and also it will coast over an unpowered peco slip about 10 inches
  7. thought i would post up some pics of the ruston i just build for a friend from a judith edge kit all in all went together very well only tricky bit was the jack shaft and the bend on the roof paint all done by me as were the transfers on my alps printer
  8. Mike as long as your happy for me to produce others as it was your art work after all then yes im happy to make them available Mark
  9. think you will find for your own model the fair use clause comes into play if its not used for gain
  10. ive done a few commissions over the last few years and im thinking of doing resin body cast but undecided yet
  11. thank you martin i have sent a request to join
  12. well your right it is free now but it wasnt around 10 years ago when i used it for my last layout and now the way it works seems completely different but then i believe that would be templot 1. It maybe just me not able to get my head around how it works but like all tools they only work if people are given instructions. As to your questions i have limited understanding of turnouts and looking to lay a GWR country junction based on Castle Cary in OO with 1mm flang gaps
  13. if you have the numbers needed and size i can print them in silver for you which i believe to be correct
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