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  1. Hi there, In Michael S. Welch's "Great Western Branch Lines 2 - Rural Wales", there is a photo of No. 7442 with chalk markings on its smokebox door which may be the one you are thinking of. The writing says "New Valves", and there seem to be some initials - RC and WJ, it looks like. There is also a series of numbers, which could be 11462 or 1/462 (I assume this is a date, but of course it could be something else.
  2. Looks like a remarkable cut and shut job on the Triang Hall chassis, but no lining or emblem? I know we all find transfers a bit intimidating but you've got to have a go some time. And that figure in the cab - its clothes haven't been painted in prototypical GWR uniform colours... wibble... In all seriousness it looks excellent. Thank you very much for posting the photograph - I'm disappointed I couldn't make it to Didcot this weekend.
  3. Ah, I should probably explain that I've been a member of the group for about a year now! I'm Sam Sheppard - you may have seen my name on the Yahoo group from time to time? When I last came, I was keeping the normal cleaning jobs going while 5572 was being worked on, hence I spent most of the day cleaning No. 5900 and No. 3822. I'm not sure when I will next be able to visit Didcot, as I'm starting postgraduate education in September. I might try and come in this weekend to do more cleaning - I meant to have a go at No. 6998 some time.
  4. I'm glad to hear that because I was at Didcot a week ago and I spent a lot of time getting "up close and personal" with No. 5900! It was looking very dusty and a bit sad so I gave the loco a thorough clean. It's nice to know that my efforts were worth it, given that it will be outside with everybody getting a good look at it...
  5. Hi all, Earlier this week I received a research query from an university tutor of mine: "I need to find out what coffee shops there were in Paddington Station Concourse (not underground) in 2006! As in, was there a Costa, or a Nero or a Starbucks or that sort of thing? I only need the name of one such outlet, but I need it to be historically correct." I thought that somebody on this forum might be able to help with her question? Apologies if this is not the best place to ask such a question. Regards, Sam
  6. The running plate on a Gresley A1 and A3 should be identical, as the conversion from A1 to A3 mainly involved the fitting of a higher pressure boiler. Are you sure you've not confused the Gresley A1 with the Peppercorn A1?
  7. Oo very nice - what did you use to remove the cab and tender lining please? I've a Bachmann Hall I was thinking about repainting, but I don't know of anything that would shift their printed decorations.
  8. Looking good! I especially like the silver smokeboox door handles and straps. They are really part of the iconic 4079 'face' aren't they? I also rather like the "OZ" shed allocation... I have actually known for some time that 5051 and 4079 had exchanged tenders once more. How so, you might ask? Well, I have recently joined the Non-operational Locomotives Group - I was actually volunteering at Didcot on the day that the tenders were swapped around! I was polishing the cabside number plates on 6697 when I was told to down tools as they were clearing that road of the shed... I remember walking alongside 4079 as the 08 pulled it out of the workshop, which felt like a special moment - the gap between the workshop and the engine shed marks the first time I've seen 4079 moving, or in full daylight. Enough of my waffling - thank you for your updates! Best, Sam
  9. Superb, thank you! By the way, is there any chance the smokebox door of 6697 could be opened? I need some pictures of the inside of a 56XX's smokebox for a project I'm doing...
  10. Hi Drew, Do you have two spaces for my Dad and myself please? Sam
  11. Without further ado, then, here is a Hall... I suppose I should share its story. It's a Bachmann "Kinlet Hall", and I bought it quite cheaply in an eBay auction that also included a Hornby 'Flying Scotsman'. Both looked very sorry for themselves - non-runners, and covered in thick dust. Well, I just had to take pity on them... 'Kinlet Hall' took some time to get working, as the slidebars were damaged; therefore the crossheads weren't located properly and kept falling out. I ordered a replacement part from Bachmann and the chassis seems to be working fine now. On to the body... The body looked fine after a wash in warm water, except that the U-shaped bit of wire which forms the cab handrails had gone missing - so I made up some replacements. Easy job! As you can see, I've already removed the bufferbeam number in preparation for a change of identity - this will become 4989 "Cherwell Hall" (assuming everything goes to plan!) However, I've put off the application of plates because I'm still not sure whether I want to give the model a full repaint. On the one hand, I might be able to improve on the Bachmann finish (particularly the thick orange lining). On the other hand, I've never repainted a model before and might cock it up. I will probably mull it over for a bit longer - answers on a postcard please...
  12. Hi all, After a prolonged absence I'm aiming to ease myself back into railway modelling with a few small projects. The first of these has been altering my Hornby 'Tintagel Castle' to 5008 'Raglan Castle' - you may remember the enquiries which I made elsewhere: http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/118317-renaming-the-Hornby-castle/ Well, I'm happy to present the result of that... Etched plates and transfers came from Modelmaster; the original bufferbeam numbers were removed with Microsol and a scalpel blade. The new numbers are a bit wonky but should be fine from normal viewing distances. I also have plates for a Bachmann 'Kinlet Hall' which will become 4989 'Cherwell Hall', but I am currently debating whether to give it a full repaint or not.
  13. Is it just me or is the lining a slightly different colour as well? It seems to be more 'orange-y' on Okehampton and the King.
  14. Thanks all for your advice! I have now settled on 5008 'Raglan Castle'* and ordered plates - hopefully all will go well... * a choice which may or may not have been settled by a nice photo of 5008 on the 'Home Trainer' at Swindon...
  15. Hello all, After a long absence I am hoping to get back into railway modelling with some small projects. One of these is to rename/renumber a Hornby Castle (5011 'Tintagel Castle'). I'm looking at 5012 'Berry Pomeroy Castle', 5008 'Raglan Castle', or 5007 'Rougemont Castle'. Can anybody tell me whether 'Tintagel Castle' could/could not become one of these? Finally, what would be my best option for removing the bufferbeam number? I'm aware this has been asked before, but I've done some experimenting - Microsol was ineffective, and methylated spirits removed the red paint while leaving the numerals intact! I presume I need white spirits or some kind of specialised decal remover? Thanks in advance, Sam.
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