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  1. How big is the base of a Semaphore Signal? I have a Dapol GWR Home signal in 4mm but the Base plate seems massive. Ive looked for some photographic evidence but all I can see are the signals themselves not a base. I would think it would depend on the size of the post, but, wonder wether I should trim it down a tad? Thanks
  2. A rather poor photo of the rear of my Signal Cabin
  3. I am building a 4mm model of Llanfyllin Terminus. I have Loco and Rolling Stock from both GWR and BR. What I was wondering was, What if it didnt close? What would be the likely DMU or Railcar that would be based at Oswestry to service the branch?
  4. Not really a new member, I've just been away for a while. I first joined when there were less than a 1000 members. I have watched RMWEB grow from an idea by Andy York through several upgrades to its present incarnation. Good to be back
  5. Ive enjoyed RMWEB since its first incarnation when there were only a few hundred members, it has changed a lot since then, for the better, I may add. I am sure if we were to change the forum back to its early format there would be complaints about functionality etc. Accept the reasons given for change, they don't do it for fun
  6. I have a Hornby Class 47 and want to replace the Buffers Looking at the Wizard Models site there are either short or long versions of the Oleo Buffers. Which would be the correct one?
  7. Sorry it is a Hornby 4mm scale. I am also sorry i duplicated this post. I looked today to see if i had any answers to tjis post, couldnt see the post so thought i had made a mistake and posted it again
  8. I have a Hornby Class 47 which has been converted to P4 with Ultrascale wheels. However the pickups need fettling/replacing. I have removed the bogies from the floor pan but cannot see hiw to dismantle the bogies/remove keeper plate. I have found the Hornby service sheet, but, i cant see how it is done Can anyone help? Thanks
  9. I recently purchased a Class 47 Rail Rider which has been converted to P4. Sadly the pickups are not very good. I have dismantled it so that i can take the bogies out of the floor pan, but, cant see how to dusmantle the bogies or remove the keeper plate. Can anyone help? I have downloaded the instructions but cant see it.
  10. Yoi could have watched the Little Railway on Channel 4 + 1 if you dont have a recording facility or catch up TV
  11. I wear varifocal and used the 3d glasses without them, i was really impressed with the quality of the photos, i only needed to put my proper glasses on to read captions. Couldnt do that with 3d ones on as well. That is not a criticism merely an observation. Think the best two photos are Ducks Stores and The Tiler, I dont think the photo of theClass 4300 works, but, that could be my eyesight. I think BRM should be congratulated for an ambitious idea.
  12. I have read somewhere about a guy who advocates using coloured pencils to add colour or weather plasticard buildings. I have just tried and it is incredible so much easier than dry brushing. Where can i find out more details? I have tried googling but cannot find anything
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