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  1. Seit toll aus, Leider mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut. Haben Sie mehr Bilder?
  2. Interested to see this progress, apart from it being great for the CBC, I have a pumping house on another project of mine, and reckon I might be able to steal ideas!!!
  3. The rooflights indeed appealed to me, but to fit a building to house a G1 mineral wagon, I need all the space I can get!
  4. Another failure... Today I obtained a cakebox. Of course, I couldn't just measure it in the shop, so it wasn't until I was home that I found it was too small. Serves six? Pah! Further research required.
  5. I finally have some materials! Moreover,I was able to support a local model shop for their purchase. Not local to me, but the shop in Cromer had some "O" gauge wiggly tin. The corrugator may be too small, I will measure when I get home, but it looks close enough to me - certainly saves what I was considering, "roll your own" wiggly tin!
  6. Indeed, there is only millimetres to spare, one reason for it having to be 1/32, not 10mm:1ft. The latter would, just, fit, but leave nothing for the building surrounding it I wish to model.
  7. Many thanks. One I had seen in my trawling, but as you say, currently unavailable. I must admit I baulked a bit at paying over £100 for my first kit to experiment with soldering too. Ok, I know with a guitar the argument is that many a newbie is put off by buying a cheap, and close to unplayable guitar, so perhaps the same is true of brass kits, a cheap one may be really difficult to assemble... I think perhaps it's unavailability is doing me a favour - no point in debating it! There is also the fact I plan on hacking lumps out of it... It will be next to valueless once I have finished! I did make another realisation though... So long as I make the panel to be repaired the one with the number on it, I won't have to worry about numbering!!
  8. First tangible progress: Ok, I haven't actually made anything yet, but I figured if the plans are good enough for 5" gauge, then it should look ok scaled down to 1/32. Already it has confirmed it will fit... Just! I also received my Warley catalogue today, and whilst I have only flicked through I noted an article on modelling in cardboard. I guess if I am scratch building there is no need to work in brass - I'll have to save learning to solder brass for another day. It is just the time to hack out brass sheet, so this could be an option.
  9. Sorry only a flying visit by me, so didn't catch up with you, but still good to see a layout I have been following on here. Tref.
  10. Drill a little hole, and put a tiny sliver of plastic rod through each one, then file the curved profile on afterwards. That should keep you going until well up to the closing date and give me a chance of catching up!;-)
  11. Wow, what a kick start to a project! I need to spend more time on ebay! Third rail too! Interested to see how this develops
  12. Still no physical progress, but now only a fortnight until I will hopefully be able to acquire some materials. In the meantime, I have had plenty of time for further planning. Latest brainwave, at the risk of cluttering it, I would like to include a representation of my favourite artist, Terence Cuneo. I feel it would the kind of scene he would have captured, so like the idea of him sat in the corner, recording the work in oil. Of course, that also means I have to include his mouse, and so add a little entertainment for people trying to find it. The obvious would be pretending to be a piece of cake, in a cake box that was destined to be one of the volunteer worker's lunch! How big is a 1/32nd mouse?!
  13. Forced perspective from above? Now that is certainly original! Love it!
  14. Brilliant (and fast - mine is waiting for Warley in the hope of gathering materials!). Great use of mirrors - thought of adding smoke too?! I have a soft spot for anything steampunk-esque, either figuring out how it works, or working out what the original components were! I can't help thinking, looking at the protrusion on the end of the once-upon-a-time cattle wagon, that you should make it self-propelled an claim it methane powered! Tref
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