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  1. Love the Princess Mike, Does your renumbered 42604 have the shorter firebox? Oh, doesn't the carlisle layout need some duchesses!!!! hint hint! Phil
  2. Nice, where did you get the turntable from please phil
  3. ALL SORTED GUYS THANKS TO DAVE, caps lock, . to continue, I think this is ne of the benefits of forums like this
  4. OK David, As for contacting Brassmasters I have already done that but they couldn't help
  5. Thank you David , I can wait for you to get back home
  6. Request for help I'm building and early version from a brassmasters kit. The early Fives had a different drop arm off the crosshead. I didn't realise and have lost one. this is part C10 and I was wondering if anyone has a spare lying about that they didn't use Thanks Philbax
  7. Hi. I have just been involved in this for the Risborough and district MRC Okehampton layout. We found that the clumps were best broken initially by hand if large then dropped into a coffee grinder ( idea care of Gordon Gravett) it is then best transferred to the static grass dispenser asap. If left, i.e. in an ice cream container until you have a good quantity then it starts to clump again, probably due to static. If you want to mix colours then you may need to 'grind' them twice, 1st to build a stock of mixed grass, then redone to remove the clumps immediately prior to laying philbax
  8. Good to see you back 'in task' What is the book/magazine you have open for reference Phil
  9. Simon, you will be welcome we already have a couple of members who come from the High Wycombe area philbax
  10. Hello Simon Not sure where in Bucks you hail from but you might be interested in coming along to the Risborough & District MRC, we meet every Friday and you can be sure of a welcome. see www.rdmrc.org.uk philbax
  11. David, is that what comes of putting your foot in it with Vicki?
  12. You can always contain yourself until Railex in Stoke Mandeville!!! (runs for cover)
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