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  1. just noticed the lafarge class 20 has shot up by £13 even though it has been put back a month. so stocks must be low... hope you all pre-ordered early
  2. Hi Few more pics for anyone intersted... ...one day i will upload some in daylight
  3. Hi chaps, Thanks for the great comments I'll keep the photos coming, The layout itself isn't really based on a perticular place, but the idea of the track on the embankment and shed in the foreground came from what was my local shed 'westhouses' and bits and bobs like the coal plant is based on the one which was at edge hill depot. Thanks again Adam
  4. Good Morning All! Having just got my new layout to a point im happy to share i thought id put up a few pictures. Having just had a year break from modelling (and realising how i missed it) ive decided to get back into it again, my new layout is 00 gauge and as i have a few locos but not much rolling stock i decided to build a depot layout. seeing the artical on Byworth in an old copy of Hornby Magazine really gave me alot of inspiration. The layout measures 6 foot long by 2 foot wide, it has a shed and coal plant to the right of the layout, and a fuel point and ash plant to the left. at the back of the layout there is a raised enbankment which carries a branch line to the station over a nice bridge were the line goes under to the fiddle yard. ive included a rough trackplan which i just quickly knocked up on paint, (it shows i know) The track is all code 100 not fine but definatly robust, the buildings are various makes the ash plant is Hornby, coal plant is scratch built, mess room is scratch built, bridge is a Dapol kit, and station and fuel point are knightwing kits. The loco shed itself im not sure who its made by but it was a cheap purchese off ebay, its defnatly continental and was a 2 road shed but after covering up the bright green plastic with some grey and matt back and making it into a 3 road shed, its come out quite nice. theres still the intreior to detail yet but thats a job for another day. The various clutter around the site is all different makes which i have picked up cheap off ebay or from the local toy and train fairs. I have also took the time to install 10 yard lamps which at night really bring the layout to life. hope you enjoy pictures to follow Reagrds Adam
  5. Credit to the guys who made this happen, I've seen pictures of the dumped ones that remain there one is in a bad way with no tender the other is in a compound with other locos and rolling stock I've also seen the one in the camilak museum but I couldn't find any pictures of the plinthed one? But i know there is one. Let's hope they bring some more back as mentioned Eleyer they are virtually complete locos all fittings and pipework etc alot easier to restore than a Barry wreck, while Im here does anyone know what happened to the others that were sent there and I don't mean the ones in the sea, I mean the ones that ran there during the war, did they get scrapped over there or did they return after the war? Cheers ad
  6. Quite an interesting subject, I've been reading about the stanier 8fs that rest on the sea bed. I know there's the two front ends in the red sea from the ss thistlegorm, I also hear there are four in the Bristol channel where they were thrown overboard to stop the ship from sinking, but the tenders wherenot and these returned to port. I guess those four would be hard to find as the ship didn't sink and they were proabley thrown off with no location recordered. It's a shame most of these wrecks are so deep that the can't be explored. There would be some interesting pictures. Also like the boat that was carrying 17 French 141rs from America to France that went down 17 complete engines still sat on a deck down there. Be nice to see some pictures. As to go with the original topic, I've heard that the d1 was never recovered from the big hole so I guess that's still there, and as for the fowler tank I've heard it's buried and also heard maybe cut up on site. Who knows? But it would be nice to find out, also while were at it can we drain the sea
  7. . Lovley photo of the steam locos I'd of got out of your photo if I'd have known I was in the way ( I'm leaning against the building and was firing joem on Sunday) cracking engine, cracking event... See you next year
  8. Saw this layout yesterday at Mansfield coulnt take my eyes off it brilliant bit of modelling well done :-)
  9. The only thing I have against tmd layouts at shows are when there's say 8-10 diesels sat on shed all with dcc sound on tick over with their lights on, how many times do you drive past toton sheds and all the locos are fired up ready to go.........? No offence to those layouts that don't fo that you know what I'm talking about though :-)
  10. Not meaning to offend anybody but I think tmd layouts are just classed as micro layouts for people who don't have much stock more locos, and also if your short on space, I can't say much as I once built one but that's for the reason that it had to fit in the back of my ford fiesta, but I also prefer mpds as I am a 1960s steam freek lol :-)
  11. 2mt tank would be nice the original ones abit old and split chassis, also the standard class 3.. 77xxx?? I think. They could use the 0-4-0 chassis from their junior range to do a nice hunslet barclay tank engine, soooo many different liverys. Well we shell see on Sunday ;-)
  12. Excellent your pictures have served great inspiration to me to start this layout. even though its a smaller scale than mine its brilliant is the staithe made from plasticard? its brill ill email you the trackplan either tonight of tomorrow as im going out for tea shortly heres some pictures of my jinty 47445 too.... thanks again Adam
  13. Hi there Alastair i have also modelled this loco in 00 ready for my next layout, a model of the coal drop into the canal boats at crigglestone you will find this in the layouts bit of the forum if interseted. all i have done to mine to make it same as the pics is: Removed all the vaccum system large ejector and vaccum pipes off either end added water capacity plate on the bunker added patch on bunker removed coal rails added sand box on the fron L/H side of the running board added fire irons and tail lamp as per pictures weathered it to suit pictures and painted coupling rods red ill post some pics shortly its not perfect but its not bad either Yeah 47445 belongs to my local railway butterley its undergoing major overhall which includes alot of new frame parts as well as the boiler being well past it but i look forward to firing it when it comes back into traffic the blue 3fs abit boring now days Thanks Adam
  14. keytes of essex do one i have got one of theirs in my ivatt 2mt 46441 and its superb cheers adam
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