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  1. Many thanks for the warm welcome, Tony. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it went overall. There were a few pitfalls along the way, (whitemetal parts vaporize just as easily in 7mm as they do in 4mm!), but it cleaned up very nicely once done. Thanks again, Zach
  2. Hello, Long time reader of "Wright Writes", first time poster here. When I started modelling in 7mm O scale proper a few years ago, this thread, as well as the Right Track films on engine kit building have proved to be of significant inspiration. I started with a number of Parkside plastic wagon kits, and have now started dabbling in brass construction. So, I present here for scrutiny my most ambitious build to date. This is a Scorpio 7mm Siphon F which I have built and painted over the past few months, now mostly complete. Only a few repairs to detail I have clumsily knocked off, varnish, and weathering remain. This has been a great learning experience in Soldering, and I'm turning my eyes toward an engine kit now that this has been completed. Thanks, Zach
  3. The Siphon F is now 99% complete. All that remains is finishing a repair to one step which I clumsily knocked off, then a coat of varnish over everything. The black and white were Testors rattle can enamels, and the brown was a Railmatch acrylic brush painted. It will be weathered in due course, along with a few other wagons and vans which now need it. Overall this has been a very enjoyable build, I learned quite a bit more about brass construction in the process, and really solidified the methods learned building the Connoisseur wagons. It really puts me in mind to attempt an engine of some sort next too. I do quite fancy building one of Jim McGeown's Southern O2s, so that may coincide neatly with Connoisseur reopening in about a month. I have all the existing wagons to weather now, as well as a further Peco Wonderful Wagon GWR 4 plank open to build, so that will keep me occupied for a while. More soon, -Zach
  4. I'll add agreement that getting Parkside wagons flat is not difficult. One annoying item I've found is that sometimes the holes for the bearings in the axleboxes are not all molded in the same spot, so installing them without modification can add some rocking. Like John, I leave the axleboxes free, though some axleboxes on the worst offenders have required shimming glued to the top of the box as doilum suggests. Further exemplifying "Everyone has their preferences", I'll build the body first, then do the underbody, assemble the buffers and couplings, then install those. Buffers and couplings have been spray painted with the rest of the wagon; I only leave wheels separate where possible. Good luck! -Zach
  5. There's a small update this week to things on my desk. First, the Siphon has been finished, cleaned, and primed. There's something satisfying about seeing the thing complete in primer after attacking it with the soldering iron for so long. The Macaw has also gained a full timber load, chained down. The chains and shackles will be blackened. I do also appreciate that the rings on the car can be used to lash down the load. That's all for now, more soon. -Zach
  6. After a little time here and there poking at the brake rigging components over the past few weeks, today I was able to assemble it. I was also able to get the balance of the castings cleaned up, and the buffers installed. I struggled a bit with the shanks and their keeper but got there in the end (the buffers are sort-of springy but not entirely due to my ineptitude). It's looking more and more like a Siphon F all the time! -Zach
  7. Hi John, Scorpio does not have a website, but do trade through phone and email. In the interest of discretion, I've pm'd those details to you. They have a variety of Siphons: C, F, G, and H. So far I can echo recommending them as I've got along okay with my Siphon F so far. -Zach
  8. Hal, I measured tonight, and they are the 9 foot bogies. Scorpio has them on their price list for £20 each. Thanks, Zach
  9. Thanks for the kind words Julian. The brass kits have been very satisfying to build, and I can heartily recommend them (particularly the Connoisseur ones) if you want to make the next step. After a few weeks of working here and there on the Siphon F, it's in one piece. The number of laminations on this model really give it some depth, and I've been real careful not to unsolder those which I've added! This was a particular challenge when attempting to solder the sides and ends into one piece. I was also somewhat trepidatious about the roof. Some careful bending sorted that, and it's happily soldered in. At the moment it's just at the ends, I'm not sure how easily I can get under the eaves to solder the sides. It seems solid enough as is, so that may not be necessary. Having made the trucks/bogies ahead of time made it real easy to sit the Siphon upright and work on the roof without messing with the V hangers. Overall it's been very pleasant to build so far and suitably challenging/rewarding for my skill level. And for good measure a cruel closeup of one end. Lots of neat detail incorporated here. That's all for now, more soon. -Zach
  10. Thanks Hal and Dave for the information, it is much appreciated! I will admit the Collett's are mighty tempting... Hi John, thanks for the compliments! I agree it's nice to know more and more folk over here who are doing O gauge. You have a rather nice layout going yourself by the looks of it. -Zach
  11. The toplights were from Steamline Ltd. I think they may have a trio of Collett high waist carriages still listed. Would Hayward be Haywood Railway by chance? I see mention of them occasionally but have never found solid information on their range or contact details. Thanks, Zach
  12. Long time no update, but lots has happened recently, so up from the depths of time comes this thread. First, the Siphon F safely made its passage and arrived about a month ago. I've started on it a little at a time over the past week or two. As with the Macaw H, I elected to assemble the trucks first. I've also started the body, laminating the various bits together on the sides. No complaints so far, it's been quite nice to assemble as I work out the various techniques. That strapping on the left looks to need more solder/fixing... The HMRS transfers also appeared out of the postal ether. All three Connoisseur wagons and a Slaters Siphon O4 have been lettered. And though it may not look like it, the Toad has been glazed. Next will be a touch of weathering on all four. I'm also continuing to build upon the timber load for the Macaw. Also just in shot to the left is something I didn't build, but couldn't resist when found, a pair of JLTRT/MM1 Toplights, already built/painted. They are built to an okay standard, about as well or better than I could probably do now, and are said to be professionally painted by Warren Haywood. For now its just a D47 Brake 3rd and C31 All 3rd, but I plan to expand the rake eventually. That's all for now. More soon as the Siphon F progresses. -Zach
  13. Another data point: a small parcel from Wales on April 14th made it to Indiana this past Wednesday, May 6th. Still waiting for a book from another shop in Wales mailed on April 8th.
  14. Hi Ade, that’s nicely done on 9659, very effective. The glossy bits for water runoff I always like, that’s quite clever. -Zach
  15. Hi Hal, that makes sense when you say that. Without trying to mentally reconstruct the linkage too much, its probably there to translate the rotation on that auto fitting to the same orientation as that in the cab and on the bunker end. Thanks, Zach
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