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  1. To confuse the matter even further (and perhaps even explaining where the theory came from), American Flyer marketed an extensive range of 3/16" scale trains running on O gauge track immediately before WWII. Many of those models' bodies were reused in their S gauge line after the war. Lots of good info on these trains can be found here: https://gilbertogauge.blogspot.com/ -Zach
  2. Hello Tony and all, If I may, I'd like to interrupt the fascinating discussion of A4 tenders to share something I've made, freshly finished today. This is a Connoisseur Models Adams O2 in 7mm scale, finished as W24 'Calbourne' in mid-1930's condition. This is the first engine kit I have built, and I am particularly proud of how it came out. The engine is smooth running, (thanks to the care and attention instilled by the 'Right Track' series), and the lining was all done with a bowpen. It was very much a learning experience, and I do look forward to attacking other kits in the futur
  3. Thanks John! After a few weeks of attack with paint, a bowpen, and some decals, the O2 is now for all intents complete. The primer and varnish were aerosol, but the balance was brush painted. There's a few little spots I notice that need touched up, and the crew needs painted yet, but all the major items are complete on the engine itself. More soon, hopefully back to something GWR. -Zach
  4. A few more weeks have passed and the engine is for all intents and purposes complete. Now for the dreaded clean and some paint. -Zach
  5. As someone who lives in the Midwest US, I've successfully received packages from: Connoisseur Models Eileens Emporium Hattons HMRS Scorpio Models Slaters Tower Models All have been reasonable with postage and the items ordered have always come intact (so far). -Zach
  6. A few weeks on, and the frames have been completely painted. Assembling with wheels and motor reveals a very smooth running (if a tad noisy) chassis. Completion of the frames means its back to the body for the final detailing. One item which was suggested to me elsewhere was to prop the cab roof vent open. I set about cutting a hole in the roof and this is what resulted. And here is the engine as it sits now, with steps and the air pump mounting bracket added tonight. In the coming days/week, I'll be winding down the br
  7. This week, the chassis has been worked up to completion. A lot of fiddling has resulted in a very free rolling chassis. The rods aren’t on in this photo, but they’ve also been laminated and fettled so they don’t bind. And last night the chassis was primed. Black tonight. More soon, -Zach
  8. Hi John, That's a neat and tidy van, well done. With Paul's additional endorsement, It seems we can all agree that Jim's kits are second to none! -Zach
  9. Hi Alan, That's a nice looking train of vans, well done. The weathering is particularly effective, is that a dry brush or wash? -Zach
  10. Another week has brought further progress to the O2. The frames have been started with some detail added. I couldn’t also resist placing some castings temporarily while testing the frames to the body. More soon, -Zach
  11. Thanks John. When I first started wandering into this hobby, Connoisseur kept sticking up as a good quality option for the beginner. Nothing in the kits have indicated otherwise yet, they've been great. The Slaters 1F and 62C coaches ought to be interesting too, best of luck on those. Zach
  12. A few months on and the trio of Connoisseur wagons have been weathered. Some dry brushing, a mucky wash, and some powders were used. A load for the Loriot is still being contemplated. Also, as previously threatened, I picked up a Connoisseur Southern O2 when they reopened. A few nights of work this week has taken me up through the initial body construction, as Jim suggests in the instructions. Chassis next. While not Great Western, I was suitably inspired seeing Calbourne on a visit to the IOWSR last summer, and decid
  13. Many thanks for the warm welcome, Tony. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it went overall. There were a few pitfalls along the way, (whitemetal parts vaporize just as easily in 7mm as they do in 4mm!), but it cleaned up very nicely once done. Thanks again, Zach
  14. Hello, Long time reader of "Wright Writes", first time poster here. When I started modelling in 7mm O scale proper a few years ago, this thread, as well as the Right Track films on engine kit building have proved to be of significant inspiration. I started with a number of Parkside plastic wagon kits, and have now started dabbling in brass construction. So, I present here for scrutiny my most ambitious build to date. This is a Scorpio 7mm Siphon F which I have built and painted over the past few months, now mostly complete. Only a few repairs to detail I have clumsily knocked off,
  15. The Siphon F is now 99% complete. All that remains is finishing a repair to one step which I clumsily knocked off, then a coat of varnish over everything. The black and white were Testors rattle can enamels, and the brown was a Railmatch acrylic brush painted. It will be weathered in due course, along with a few other wagons and vans which now need it. Overall this has been a very enjoyable build, I learned quite a bit more about brass construction in the process, and really solidified the methods learned building the Connoisseur wagons. It really puts me
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