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  1. I binged the first 7 videos during the week and then caught up with video 8 yesterday, fantastic. As Steve said, as good as the manual is, seeing practical demonstrations of how iTrain works really does help whet the appetite to get it and makes you think "this is for me", so thank you (and Iain) for putting these together. Looking forward to the rest of the videos! Richard
  2. Thinking about Murco/Puma's terminal at Theale and how to fit it into a corner on the new layout...does anyone have any detail/photos of the depot?

  3. Hello all, I'm looking for Lima TEA tanks, not bothered about livery because I intend to repaint them. These seem to be like hens teeth at the moment, so will also consider any that are not in the best condition. Kind regards, Richard
  4. Hello, I'm looking for one (or two) RevolutioN Trains OO41101 TEA 100 Tonne Tank Wagons in VTG Red livery, I missed out on these originally and would like to get one or two (that might be surplus to requirements) for the layout that I'm building. Thanks in advance, Richard
  5. Back in 2018 SWMBO and myself did Reading to Palermo on the train over the course of two weeks, which included Rome to Palermo in one day towards the end of the trip. 100% worth doing, though no catering so, as per seat61.com, take a picnic, relax and enjoy the lovely scenery go by. The train ferry from Villa San Giovanni to Messina is an added bonus too.
  6. What's going on with the rail that's balanced on what looks like temporary wooden(?) blocks in the foreground? 3rd-rail-esque.
  7. That's very interesting Mike. I must admit, I was trying to find out about the status of the AWS at Calais Ville, is that still extant?
  8. Some lovely photos there John. However, I believe the second photo is actually Bodmin Parkway rather than Liskeard.
  9. Do I weather the track then ballast...or ballast then weather the track???

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    2. Hroth


      Then remember to clean the rail tops thoroughly...


    3. tractionman


      I just spray track and ballast with this Sleeper Grime stuff and then use other paints to give variations. http://www.gascupboard.co.uk/railmatch-rm1406-sleeper-grime-7640-p.asp

    4. Regularity
  10. Do I weather the track then ballast...or ballast then weather the track???

  11. Do I weather the track then ballast...or ballast then weather the track???

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