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  1. My thanks go out to reigate Models for these photographs. That was all I wanted in the first place! Unfortunately they are too late as I have now given the unit away being fed up with all the 'Post Drifts' as it is called. Incidentally I am not a moderator under a different guise, so the deleted posts were not done by me! These units are perfectly safe I have been told, I even saw one in use at an exhibition recently who mostly insist on PAT testing.
  2. Jeez, all I asked for was a photograph! So far I have had people telling me what I should use instead, how dangerous H & M units are, how great and safe H & M units are, and now, a physics lesson and a case report on a 21 year old student!! But alas, still no photo of the damn thing! You will all be pleased to know I have given it to a friend to use the case for something else. This topic is now closed.
  3. I have a picture of the inside of the Duette thanks, it is slightly different to the Clipper unfortunately. Thanks for the offer anyway.
  4. The link you sent goes to a page about New Zealand!
  5. Ah, I can see the extra terminal as well as the four usual ones - where does that connect with?
  6. Please, no more replies of what you would or wouldn't do with them, or what you consider I should use with my layout, that's not what I asked for. Nor did I want an opinion on whether they are safe or not. I asked if someone could open one up and send me a photo of the internal wiring. You are entitled to your opinion but if you are not able to take a picture of one for me to answer my problem, then please, no more replies.
  7. I purchased it the other week to use the transformer to put into my power supply box, then decided not to having found another suitable one. The reason I want to put it back together is to use for test tracks as we mostly have one set up when we have our 3mm Society group meetings.. I use Gaugemaster controllers on my layouts. That said, they do still fetch a fair price at swap meets, exhibitions and the ubiquitous Ebay.
  8. I have an H & M Clipper unit and pulled out the transformer and rectifier to use in another application, however, I have now decided not to use them and want to put them back, but I clipped the wires in haste and have no idea where they all go. I'm clear where the transformer wires went to but the rectifier has several tags. Could I ask someone on the forum if they own one to take off the cover and take a photograph of the wires on the rectifier please? It would be a great help, thanks. Martin
  9. ...also, any danger by not using any at all? Thanks
  10. I am making up a new power pack for my exhibition layout, featuring three transformers all delivering power to the layout for one item only, i.e.. 1)15v AC to feed the track controller, 2) 15v AC to feed the point motors and c) 12v DC to operate layout lights (station, buildings etc). I would like to incorporate thermal cut outs in each of the low voltage circuits. I have used 1amp in my old power pack which tended to cut out after a few hours and required a rest before it would power up again. Has anyone else used these things and if so, what rating and what sort did you use? Gaugemaster do them but at about £6 each they are pretty steep as I want three and possibly a spare or two. Martin
  11. Just checking rail joints on my layout ready for exhibition at the end of the month and noticed that 3 of the 8 rails coming from my double slip make connection with ongoing track. I was on the understanding that double slips had to be isolated completely on all 8 rails from the rest of the track, and have their own power feeds independently from the rest of the layout? Can't find my wiring diagram to check unfortunately.
  12. Ignore my last - just found the problem. I have mounted the connector plugs for the fiddle yard board on one piece of double sided PCB board, with copper on both sides!! Duh....!
  13. Hi David I have opted for option two (your second solution above), which now works. However, I am still getting a short at feed 8 for some reason, with and without the fiddle yard connected (its on a different board). Any ideas please? Regards, Martin.
  14. Thanks for the update David. I have two options it seems - I favour making more isolations in the track, which will give me more versatility to say do some shunting in the yard while I have a loco/train in the station - would you agree.? It would also save me destroying my switch panel! The fiddle yard (just beyond feed '8') is just two points so that the train can run straight into each siding. Can you confirm what RJS1977 has said, that I won't need any further wiring or rail cuts for this please? Incidentally, the layout is in 3mm using Peco live frog HOm track. The track plan is of Spilsby in Lincolnshire (closed in 1933) with an added head shunt. Thanks Martin
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