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  1. Thats a shame, I was hoping these would show up in time for Christmas. Curious if they own their own factory and absorb the cost or is it subcontracted out and the factory contractually has to supply to the agreed specifications?
  2. I'm looking forward to the 319 and there is some useful class37s due next mar/apr so it was good to see them. They seemed to have missed an opportunity with the 50th anniversary as they could of released a ltd edition or an old classic in retro packaging that appeals to the collector and/or fans of the brand or something to help promote the brand. Theres a whole bunch of useful stuff they could re-release that would sell well, such as various mk1/mk2 TSO, the 20ft and 40ft container packs, blue GUVs etc. Theres 1 more announcement for q4 to look forward to and a growing trend with them is tagging some extra releases on already announced reruns (maybe IC swallow and Rfd 47s to go with the colas/res and VT already in the catalogue?).
  3. As with any hobby, we have to accept there are many different reasons why people are attracted to railways. I think maybe Sams trains falls into the collecting aspect (and experimenting) more than modelling, prototype trains, scenery, realism, operations, engineering or anything else. His reviews are useful in my opinion. I think a high specification class 47 will appeal to most of these aspects, modellers who want the best model on the market, fans of the prototype and collectors. Bachmann even said in their video somewhere it will look great on peoples shelves. I think Sam will like it, especially if they accidentally send him the sound deluxe model but he paid for the base spec!
  4. For n-gaugers to keep things positive there are still a few items with ETA before end of year previously announced, perhaps backmann are missing a trick as in the quartely announcements they could include these? class 150 reliveries Mk1 BGs reliveries Scotrail/Regional Railways mk2A TSOs 3X TTA reliveries (including the new one announced today) 4 X LMS brake vans (including 2 announced today) 12T and 10T vans 5 and 7 plankers
  5. Virgin, Colas and RES 47s are still in the catalogue but with no ETA.
  6. Good timing by Bachmann as a manufacturer that bagged the 'ultimate' 47 would see a good investment return long run on the (extra) tooling investment right now? Has anyone previously chopped their Lima 47s for the Heljan one, then chopped the Heljan for the Bachmann, now contemplating chopping the Bachmann for errr a new Bachmann...
  7. Are we certain it's a loco? I was thinking maybe something along the lines of the vea van they did. A good vaa, vba, vca or vda is missing in n.....
  8. That's great news as I have some empty flats in my rake. Are the high cubes ok for circa 1990 trains?
  9. Im not sure how it works, but the Rapido youtube channel randomly appeared on my youtube, perhaps Alexa is listening to my conversations or a tracking cookie from this sub forum or something! Anyway its worth a watch, its made me realise something that is glaringly missing with other manufacturers that operate in the UK...a sense of humour. I think the hobby really needs this approach from a manufacturer and I would encourage Rapido to put some UK product coverage on their channel too please? Maybe something to match the Rapido 'fishbowl' bus canadian tour, but with a uk flavour Bedford VAL instead (added to n gauge wishlist) ..
  10. It looks like Dapol may have been listening, new models announced for next year. Thank you! https://www.Dapol.co.uk/New-N-Gauge-Class-56-Models-Announced 2D-004-010 Class 56 56302 (ex 56124 Crewe built) Fastline 2D-004-010D Class 56 56302 (ex 56124 Crewe built) Fastline DCC Fitted 2D-004-011 Class 56 56131 (Crewe Built) Large Logo Blue 2D-004-011D Class 56 56131 (Crewe Built) Large Logo Blue DCC Fitted 2D-004-012 Class 56 56029 Transrail (Romanian Built) 2D-004-012D Class 56 56029 Transrail (Romanian Built) DCC Fitted 2D-004-013 Class 56 56059 EWS (Doncaster Built) 2D-004-013D Class 56 56059 EWS (Doncaster Built) DCC Fitted 2D-004-014 Class 56 56303 (ex 56125 Crewe Built) DCR 2D-004-014D Class 56 56303 (ex 56125 Crewe Built) DCR DCC Fitted
  11. They look great, does anyone know if in the BR/NSE eras prototypically they could be propelled/drive non push-pull locos, e.g. 33/0s?
  12. Yes the whole bogie unclips from the chassis for maintenance similar to the 37 and 47 but the pickup has a much better design.
  13. Safety inspectors also had a day off in Derby. (Image from derbysulzers.co.uk)
  14. Its one of those models where it does convincingly 'look like a 50', it also sits nice and low right on its bogies (unlike most farish models). But yes, only when you compare it side to side to the original you notice a few shape issues. Mine has had a lot of running and a right good thrashing and prooved to be reliable smooth and powerfull, infact Im not sure if anyone has noticed but the motor is quite large and has a strong magnetic field around it (it pulls over my scencraft fueling point when parking next to it!). I think what lets it down is the paint qc issues and the odd design compromise (e.g. there is light leakage between the tail lights/headlight and the coupling design doesnt have enough free sideways play so can yank some wagons off the track).
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