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  1. Hopefully theres loads of nice new stuff thats bunched up for the Autumn announcement. Failing that some popular reliveries or re-issues....at the point now thinking of buying bargain bin satlink liveried GUVs and spraying them blue...
  2. Does anyone know when the summer/2nd quarter announcment is from Bachmann?
  3. Thanks thats incredibly useful.
  4. Had a lucky find with these, my local model shop re-opened after lockdown this week and had some TSOs left so I snapped up all the blue & grey ones they had. For anyone that still needs some they had a couple of Intercity TSO left (Signal Box in Anstey Leics) and have a buy 4 get 5th coach free offer. I need some advice on the prototypes of these farish releases, I assume they are early or as built for Eastern region numbered for Deltic formations? They look great behind my large log Dapol 50, but to be prototypical for my mainly western region layout mid to late 80s what mod
  5. Id certainly purchase a large logo blue and railfreight red stripe one. Just think how good they would look at the head of a rake of the soon to be released revolution Cawood PFAs?
  6. Does anyone happen to know if they stock Farish/N gauge stuff?
  7. I hope its ok to re-use this thread but Id really like Dapol to do another run of these, its a nice model but you cant find some common and should be popular versions of it anywhere, e.g. large logo BR blue or grey?
  8. Its interesting if the manufacturers have done that market research and deliberately following this kind of approach? But due to higher standards and our demands we are probably at a point now where if they take more time to get it as perfect as possible during development that the investment in more complicated but accurate and detailed tooling pays off in the longer run? If the Heljan 47 is the ultimate 47 it would have a longer life (think like the accurscale 55 has potential), it would pay off for Heljans end to end extra investment made in it more than the original 47 tooling (and/or ba
  9. I missed the bandwagon on these as I need at least 4X TSOs although Im sure I saw a class 50 on a whole rake of FOs once? Fingers crossed for the next announcement.
  10. Nice nod to Graham Farish that. Id like to know more about the re-engineering of the n gauge 60, so far we know they are offering a sound version so the chassis and interface is being tweaked, will there be any lighting/body tooling and coupling improvements too?
  11. I guess its hard to model this unless you can find some HO class 66s
  12. It has slipped my radar one of the class 60s was getting sound, so assuming the chassis is being retooled with a up to date dcc interface for the other versions too then, its good news they are updating out of date models.
  13. I guess its important to note that this is not just what is due to hit the shops from them this quarter, theres also some reliveries of SR N class, 66s, 40s, 108s and a whole bunch of different 16t mineral wagons previously announced all due in next couple of weeks as well.
  14. Im after a couple of the retooled Farish Mk1 guvs in plain blue or express parcels branded blue, non-weathered. They seem really hard to get hold of!
  15. TT gauge is underated and the missing sweet spot in my opinion, track will be more realistic looking ready to plant plug and play dcc version (think of kato unitrack but weathered). Couplings will be a smaller version of kadee buckeyes, rtr stock made to rapido like standards, A3/A4 and matching coaches, 08, 37, 47 with mk1s and some simple airbraked era wagons.
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