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  1. Butlin has it cut 1/83 at Thyssen Llnelli after the preservation scheme failed.
  2. The principle that there is no such thing as a 'train station' - anybody who uses this term is generally considered to deserve a extra thousand years in purgatory.
  3. D2510 was a Hudswell Clarke loco and looked different. The loco behind D2407 is a Hunslet (either and 05 or the unclassified 0-4-0 equivalent), the position of the bake reservoir and no front step would imply the 0-4-0 version D2950-D2952. WD 12/67, 12/67 and 12/66 cut 1/83, 6/68 (CF Booth) and 8/67 Slag Reduction Ikkles. I just happened to be reading the relevant section of Butlins disposal book yesterday - it has photos of D2510 and D2950. In terms of location it could be the wastes of Tinsley yard, it has a set of power lines running down the west side.
  4. Farish have put the odd wrong number on their coaches, but this is slightly different from the choice of which vehicle to model. I don't see why they should not spend the same care with coaches as they do with locos; in this case this would be equivalent of doing a class 47 as D1671 or D1734, or 46202 as Princess Anne.
  5. Got my I/C Ex FO/TSO and I/C S w RFB plus B/G BSO. Yet again Farish have chose the least useful BSO - their first Mk2a BSO 9430 lasted only 3 years - they have done the Mk2f BSO as E9514 which was a late transfer from LMR and then converted to a DBSO (the late lamented 9706 Polmont victim). Still, they are very nice models.
  6. The 128 (5) and 114 (5x2) parcels stock lasted until November 1990 (the 127s went May 89). The 128/114 sets were based in Cambridge in 1989/90, the last LMR sets were the the 127s (Longsight based). While they did got out and about I never saw them with anything else other than on their own or 128/114 pairings. They were formed to provide services where running round NPCCS was an issues; therefore it is unlikely to have a tail load.
  7. P5 2020 identifies 718-732 and 747-749 as low emission (All T2 engines are low emission, the earlier versions can be either.)
  8. The B5 has a bigger flat faced traction rod (the horizontal rod slight off centre) and a thicker bolster. I have seen a B5 conversion in N and it was clearly different from a foot away. The B5(SR) is a different bogie and although similar in design is notably difference from both the normal B4 and B5. The only Mk2s with B5s in normal use were the Mk2 Pullman Kitchen (PFK) and the Royal train conversions.
  9. Bomag

    Farish Due Soon

    No public use BR standard coaches had through pipes (some NPCCS did). It was not possible for the Mk2f to be unfitted and the Mk1s to have a working vac brakes. They did have TTA tanks - I was at Fort William when the 16:05 off Mallaig turned up with the sleeper day coaches and TTA behind a Class 20 (nose first). It was definitely air braked.
  10. Bomag

    Farish Due Soon

    The mixed traffic service with the tank would have been air braked. Some tanks were vac with air pipe but I read that the whole train had to be fitted when in public use.
  11. number 4 points are smaller radius than number 6. Think Peco medium and large radii points
  12. They do close couple, but not with a body mounted coupling - they are limited to Second Radii track. The gap between two at rest is Mk1s is 3mm, the gap between two Mk2fs is less than 3.5mm. The gap between two Poole Mk2d/e is over 4mm. So while a body mounted solution would be nice the gap is nowhere as noticeable.
  13. Bomag

    Farish Due Soon

    If you have a steady hand then the FO would be good for for the 64xx SO or 68xx TSO with some minor paint/decal changes.
  14. The coupling is on the bogie but couples as close as a MK1. Its also approximately the same height as their Mk1 unlike the MK2a. The B/G FO and TSO are ER examples, great for me running with Deltics and 47/4s but not with the upcoming BSO which only went to the LMR.
  15. Bomag

    Farish Due Soon

    Great they are do the SO as well, fits in well into my WHL sleeper! Sorry, no they have just lot the 't' key.
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