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  1. After dismantling the loco and checking all connections, I disconnected the decoder and fitted a new one, wired up the same as in the photos. This worked perfectly and so I concluded that the short was between the black and grey wire connections on the decoder. Top marks to Kernow Model Railways in Camborne who gave me a no-quibble exchange of the faulty decoder for a replacement one.
  2. I have an older Hornby Kenilworth Castle loco that is not DCC ready that I have tried to fit a Bachmann 8-pin decoder to. I snipped off the decoder plug, ready to hardwire the decoder to the loco chassis. There is a weight that goes into the firebox that needed some modification to allow the decoder to sit on top, in the boiler area. After unsoldering all the wires and binning the capacitor and other resistors that connect the track pick up wires to the motor for ordinary DC operation, I soldered the red wire on the decoder to the rear metal upright behind the motor, the grey wire
  3. I am having an issue in fitting a Bachmann decoder to my Hornby Kenilworth Castle loco. I have successfully installed the same type of decoder into my Builth Castle loco that has the same motor. I have soldered the four wires as per the photo but when I place the chassis on the track, I get a short circuit message. When I installed the decoder and put it on the programming track, it worked fine. I have cut the top of the weight to accommodate the decoder but I am getting a short without the weight being fitted. Any ideas what might be causing the problem? Thanks, S
  4. With the Hornby Merchant Navy, I thought that with it being a recent model that their TTS sound decoder would have been designed to fit in the tender (they do a different one for the rebuilt Merchant Navy) but no, you are provided with a round plastic fitting with a couple of screw holes that I thought would fit it to the weight but that isn’t the case. Instead you have to remove the weight to fit the speaker and then there is no space/means to refit the weight. As a result the tender is lighter and the only weight is that of the speaker and decoder, hardly the same weight. My ref
  5. Following my eventual success at installing a TTS decoder, I decided to follow the step-by-step instructions in a Hornby magazine for fitting sound to a Hornby Princess Coronation loco. As the TTS decoder is out of stock everywhere, I decided to bite the bullet and pay the £135 (!!!!!) for a blank sound decoder (£99), sound file (£15) and speaker (£21). I thought that following a model magazine article would make things simpler but how wrong could I be? The first issue was that after removing the weight in the tender, there is a trough running the length of the tender. The artic
  6. Thanks for all your replies. Yesterday I bought a pair of +3.00 reading glasses and had another look to work out why the tender was not fitting back on. It seemed obvious (but not yesterday!) that I had been trying to fit the speaker in the wrong place, i.e. above the decoder socket where space was tight. By moving it to the other end, I was able to refit the body without any issues. Having reassembled the loco, I was eager to hear the sound, this being my first foray into digital sound. I set up my Roco Z21 (also a new addition, having previously had the Gaugemaster Prodigy Sq
  7. Hello all, On Monday I bought myself the Hornby R3632 early BR Merchant Navy (original) loco. I also bought the R8115 TTS sound decoder designed for it. On Monday evening I went to fit the decoder but discovered I couldn’t remove the loco to tender plug and so on Tuesday I bought the special Hornby tool. That evening, I found that I didn’t have a jewellers screwdriver to remove the screws securing the tender body to the tender chassis. I bought a set of screwdrivers today and this evening set about fitting the sound decoder. I watched several YouTube videos prior but none were
  8. Hi, i have bought a brand new model of Queen Elizabeth that was the first of the revised versions of the Princess Coronation class locos and was reading the review of the same in a 2019 issue of Hornby magazine where it states that a TTS sound decoder for this loco was being produced, R8117. However, a search on eBay and via Google cannot find any stocks of this decoder in the UK. Does anyone know whether Hornby have just run out and are waiting for more or whether this is a discontinued item? There is another option for fitting sound to the loco in the same magazine
  9. My order arrived last Monday (4 May) - so quite pleased with that. Ordered two Peco IL-116 Track gauges from Track Shack as they were the only place showing them in stock. I have never used them before but would definitely use them again and have no reservations in recommending them to others. Order arrived within two days.
  10. It is now three weeks since I placed my order and still no sign of it and no communication from Marcway. I will give him a call today and see if he can tell me when I am likely to receive it. Although there is no immediate hurry, I would like to know that I haven’t been forgotten or if there is a part of my order that is causing a delay.
  11. I called the shop number and there is an answerphone message, at the end of which you are told to call Mark on a different number. When I called that number, Mark took my order and payment details. Having not yet received anything and payment not coming out of my bank account, I called Mark yesterday to get an update. He told me that it was just him completing the orders as the shop is closed and that he had quite a backlog.
  12. Not that it really matters, unless you are going for prototypical accuracy, but none of the Kings or Castle class locos were ever painted black as a wartime livery. Instead, they were painted plain green and had GWR or G Crest W on their tenders. It is debatable whether Halls were painted black with the exception of the modified Halls that appeared during the war which were painted black and only had Hall Class written on the nameplate as most were not named when built. All tank engines received the unlined black livery. Interestingly, most coaches were repainted during the war into an al
  13. I have several bound volumes of MRC from the 1930-1950’s and similar time frame for Model Railway News. It is interesting how many articles in those plus the writings of Edward Beal are still relevant to today’s railway modelling.
  14. I want to say a belated “thank you” to Chris Leigh for the excellent series of specials that he produced whilst editor of Model Railway Constructor Magazine. I say belated because the MRC became extinct in 1987. I have recently rediscovered these specials which cover all aspects of building a model railways such as planning, building baseboards, scenery, buildings, loco kits and advice for beginners. There is also one on garden railways but as that doesn’t apply to me, I haven’t bothered buying that one. i am planning to build a model of Moretonhampstead (terminus of a branch li
  15. Hi everyone, thanks for all your comments. Probably easier to describe it as Prodigy Advance 2 rather the correct Squared as it would be found quicker when people are searching for it. I had a thought to keep it (and my J94) but today when I was considering buying a Bachman Prairie tank to start a small shelf based branch line in the shed, I realised that I really couldn’t be bothered. My interest in model railways has truly passed and the controller and other OO stuff I have would just be gathering dust on the off chance that I did something with it. Therefore, I have decided
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