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  1. Whilst trying to find how to produce Malachite green by blending Humbrol paints I discovered that Humbrol now produce a variety of rail colours in their acrylic paint range. One of these is crimson lake. Not sure what shade it comes out when dry but given that Hornby now own Airfix and Humbrol, there's a good chance that it might match their own LMS red RTR stuff. Regards, Steve
  2. Unfortunately, living in Russia and having left all my books and paints in the UK, I am somewhat stuck as to how to create SR Malachite green by blending Humbrol paints. I have a Humbrol publication that gives the recipe (?) for blending their paints into railway colours. For Malachite green it involved using No2 Emerald gloss as the base. I am further stuffed because I haven't seen Humbrol paints on sale in Russia but have seen some Revell paints. There are no dedicated model shops in Russia that we take for granted in UK and I am unable to have paint sent through our postal system. Only a couple of toyshops stock any models and these are usually Zevezda or Revell (and these are usually twice the price of UK). Zvezda also do paints but I have been unable to find a colour chart for them even on the company's website. If anyone has the publication I am referring to, I would be grateful if you could provide me with the Humbrol paint numbers, their quantity in the blend and if possible the Revell paint equivalent number (Humbrol provided this on their colour charts) so that I can create Malachite green to hand paint a kit I am building. I am aware that Humbrol recommended a top coat of satin varnish and this created the correct hue of green but I shall have to apply this when I return to UK next year. Thanks, Steve
  3. I am building a Millholme Models Merchant Navy loco and plan to use a Mashima 1833 motor mated to a 40:1 gear wheel. However, I also want to fit a decoder but am unsure of whether my normal choice of Hornby R8249 will be sufficient. The kit is becoming heavier and heavier as I proceed with assembly and wondered if this weight would have any bearing on decoder choice? If the Hornby R8249 isn't suitable, please you suggest some reasonably priced alternatives? I won't be fitting any lights or smoke generators to this loco so the decoder doesn't require lots of functions. Thanks, Steve
  4. I have only used Hornby R8249 decoders so far and found that it was not possible to programme locos using the programming track function. i followed the instructions, the display showed what it was supposed to but the loco address would not change from 0003. I then followed the procedure for programming on the main and hey presto it worked. I now programme all locos on the main. Not sure if the fault is with my Prodigy 2 or with the decoders but at least I have found a method that works for me. Regards, Steve
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