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  1. Thanks Tel, maybe I should have been more explicit. I had read the following discussion: http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/37785-best-printer-to-use/ Where Samsung colour laser printers are recommended... That is what I have and I am not happy... I was after a recommendation for a good inkjet printer which only tries to be a good printer. I don't want networking, scanning / copying or A3 printing and I don't want to spend a silly amount of money. It seems printer manufacturers are concentrating on features? Alternatively if any one could recommend a pri
  2. Hi All, I have a number of N Gauge SS kits and have been using a colour laser printer to print them but was wondering if any one could recommend an inkjet to me? I've looked and most of them seem to be trying to cram in features (wi-fi, multi-function, etc) whereas all I want is a high quality printer! TIA Timmo
  3. I am in the process of fitting D & G couplings to my stock. Very good indeed and there is no need to solder... Try this link for info: http://forum.gn15.info/viewtopic.php?t=3318
  4. Thanks, Adrian, that did it.
  5. Mjkerr, Sorry for the delay, but thanks for the answer. It happens with all of my locos and I have tried as you suggested but to no avail. I am using an NCE Power Cab. Any help would be most appreciated. Regards, Tim
  6. I am new to this hobby but I seem to have had issues with a couple of brand new Farish locos... Now I may have been expecting too much but I didn't expect these issues straight out of the box: 37238 - lost power and made a screeching sound after a few weeks. Shop gave me a replacement whose forward headlight stopped working after a few months (tested, faulty pcb issue). Bought a new bodyshell (couldn't find the receipt) and all is good. 47404 - stalled over points due to gear housing being below rail level. Filed it down slightly. All is good. 47535 - Poor / erratic running
  7. Hi, I had / have an old centre code box blue / yellow loco whose forward light stopped working at one end. After some time I noticed that BR Lines sell alternative body shells and bought the split head code box (blue / grey) that I originally wanted... Fits no problem... http://www.brlines.com/products.php?section=2 Regards, Tim
  8. Flakmunky

    Dapol HST

    I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas... I can't possibly last another 10 days!
  9. Very interesting, but at ~£70 for the SMD82 it would work out marginally cheaper and you get route selection... Or quite probably have I missed something? Martin, the links to the computer control software didn't make it... Could you put them up please as this is very interesting! Many thanks, Tim
  10. Hi, The SMD82 units drive both snap-bang and stall motors... Although I only used the snap-bang types... They also support some pretty comprehensive route programming as well which is really good. I bought 2 from Digitrains and am very impressed with them... Regards, Tim
  11. Hi, I'm relatively new to DCC and have a question regarding the lights on my N gauge locos fitted with cheapy Bachmann 6 pin 2 function decoders driven by an NCE Power Cab. With the lights on, if power is lost momentarily then the lights will go off. When power is restored the loco will start running again but the lights will not come back on. I have to switch the lights off and back on again for them to work. My question is whether this is normal, whether it is a product of an entry level chip or whether there is a setting I can adjust to avoid this. It is particularly noticeable on th
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