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  1. Sure. I usually look at the mesh, say yes, no or change it a little then have a go. Please email me at [email protected] first though.
  2. With these I printed the 4 sides and 2 roof bits so a mega simple 6 piece kit. Needs chimneys still though. You could print it in one go, I just couldn't be bothered to wait the extra time so did it in bits.
  3. Well I can and I can't. I tried 'bunging one in' but it's too big, same for full A0 shells, so the only way is to chop them somewhere around the firebox front and do a cut and shut job with two separate prints. Can't see that being popular, but it can be done.
  4. Not the best picture as white is the very devil to get a good shot of but it's a LSWR Coach Side printed at 50 microns as a test for someone. Based on this I'd think the whole thing would turn out nice.
  5. Thanks. The baby loco is a Shapeways FXD item I painted up. A static model from 2A-Rail based on the Blue Circle. I need to get a well wagon for it to sit on though.
  6. Not done an update in ages on Norramby for a variety of reasons, one being the goods yard was holding 3D printed railway goods 148 times bigger than they should be but I digress. Found some organisation now for those. The gutters and downpipes are a job I've been putting off as they are to be honest a bit of a bore for me to do but finally they are out the way. The Kestrel down pipes were about 2mms fat in some areas,never seen a 1 foot fat down pipe before so a 0.7mm rod gives about the right scale. Wall brackets are lumps of plastic glued on and then trimmed after. The wrap around part of the brackets don't exit, painted glue blobs will do for me. 2 foot rule etc. I've been 3D printing some terraces of my own design. They are only roughly based on real ones taking various elements from photographs, nothing too exacting. Most basic dimensions were taken from the Kestrel buildings but then tweaked to be more personalized. They also longer with entries added. Chimneys are yet to be drawn and printed. The surface in areas is a little rough as they were not the best prints in the world,printed on the Robox Dual so FFF 'snotting' type technology. That said, the scabbyness gives that cheap run down smokey look I want so I'm happy enough with them. The guttering on the new terraces are just stdips of card I cut and superglued in followed by super thin superglue lamination. Painting on the buildijgs is about 90% there, just some.details, touch ups and more door colours should be it really. I've also added more 3D printed walls (own design) wrapping around the goods yard. So, the layout is coming along but at a snails pace due to life in general. At least the motion is forward. Any thoughts?
  7. Furness D1 (minus cab) with a particular chimney and safety valve plonked on for effect. Chassis, smokebox door, buffers, backhead controls and some E1 splashers. These will be posted off soon! Twitter link...
  8. White Spirit at least I found to be useless against resin but the alcohol works great. I wouldn't need 1000 cones! Gosh no, I'm not printing that much yet. Glad you like what you see.
  9. Amongst everything else I'm working on Bishops Castle (0-6-0 tender loco, similar to the Cambrian Small Goods Class) Although I can't take all credit when it's done as Quarryscapes done a lot of it initially. I'm finishing it off and reworking it to be 3D printed. Also Furness #20 I'll be starting very soon.
  10. Hi Peter. E2-X V1 or V2 mod? I could. Would take a while as you implied but I could pinch the modelled geometry from the standard E2 I created. Please drop an email to [email protected] and I'll happily discuss things further there.
  11. Yeah 3mm, EM, S etc all good. Can only print a few items in S on my own Photon printer due to limited build space though. Recently (unless you didn't know) I brought the Anycubic Photon resin printer and offer things around half price of Shapeways FUD. Everything bigger for now at least will be Shapeways only.
  12. Having uploading issues so for now at least, to share something here is a Twitter link... https://mobile.twitter.com/KnucklesSCC/status/11000076767617720 EDIT: First time I ever printed it and it turned out well. It's off to Germany!
  13. Very impressive and aesthetic, both static and in motion. Would very much like one. Seeing it pootle along your layout with those coaches was appreciated. Great job.
  14. I know only too well about Shapeways awkward and changing tolerances/requirements. Oh boy, don't get me started! I haven't drawn up any particular requirements. Currently review is on each file after I've had a good look at the STL/s. Biggest issue usually is the geometry of certain overhangs and whether special supports need adding to the CAD as the current Slicer I'm using doesn't give you 100% options so if there are problem areas, suggested tweaks would be shown to you and if you were willing to mod' them then they likely could be printed. As to thin walls and wires unless they need supporting usually not much of an issue in most cases. Same for loose parts, depends how many they were but sprued would help. They don't need to be 2mm's thick like Shapeways often want. Would have to have a look, all meshes are different.
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