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  1. Good helpful post. Had my eye on a Mono X for many a month. Only thing stopping me is the top shed needs renovation to house things, something about evicting spiders, kevlar and mud.
  2. LMS 6399 Fury - Footage of it running and build photographs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPyQ6GYo6FY
  3. No 5hit However, understanding every facet of every effect takes time to comprehend fully.
  4. FFS. They lost mainstream viability a good while ago constantly hiking prices anyway. Is why I started buying my own printers. Oh well.
  5. What's happened to Shapeways? It's the cheapest I've seen it, like...ever. Good time to nab something, whether from my SCC outlet or an others. Unsure how long it'll last for though, likely the exchange rate adjustment.
  6. I've for a while had 10 Hattons GNR coaches on pre-order. Selection of 1st, 2nd, 4 n 5 compartment n 2 brakes. 1 longer train or 2 smaller ones in various combinations. Will be repainting a small selection of them into a slight freelance variant. All light bar fitted. And er......that's it so far. Wallet is crying (will be). I got no discounts due to only being interested in 4 wheelers. Anoying but there you go.
  7. Did the UK ever move Fertilizer or Manure in the steam age? If so anyone know any suitable tankers etc? Or were bags put in vans? Either RTR or unpainted kits. Feel a poo poo train coming on. Lol.
  8. !! I thought they were freelance. Sweet. I used to have a blue one. Then it fell off the old layout decades ago and I could never get the motor mount spring back in. Think it got binned. Want to buy a new one now.
  9. My 4 GWR ones were plastic. No mistake there. Pretty sure both exist though, is normal for redesigns here n there.
  10. Fair enough. I'll accept correction then. When you mentioned metal I was assuming a different coach as the ones I had were plastic; probably later editions.
  11. You're forgetting Hornby's 3 compartment hyper short coaches. Hornby have been selling these in various liveries for decades. Totally toy like and unconvincing so the new ones from Hattons and Hornby are a great want filled.
  12. I got mixed thoughts about it all. For literally decades a lot of modellers have been screaming for convincing RTR 4 wheelers (&6) and Hattons finally decides to. Then it seems as usual Hornby copy them. Yeah ok, the competition isn't wrong but it's damn anoying, especially when it is done so often. RoS Terrior, Hattons 66 etc etc. Also we can't be sure Hornby didn't start the project before Hattons yet it's pretty obvious what the likely truth is. Maybe Hornby could have gone for the accurate rather than generic to have a USP on
  13. The diagonal line in the 4 wagons I've designed ALWAYS turns out on one side. I've tried every orientation under the sun and it's futile. Is why currently they are a Shapeways only item.
  14. I might pinch the mounting block idea. Seems a good call. Very much looking forward to your finished result.
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