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    A lifelong modeler of American and Swiss railways I have fallen in love with British Railways

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  1. Calne is somewhere Ive always I have fancied modelling, after I was given the excellent book by G Tanner
  2. It was right next to the line and I believe the buildings are still there but no longer a school.
  3. My school playground looked up to Ferrybridge Station
  4. Also check out the Middleton press book Branch Lines Of West London by Mitchell and Smith Andy
  5. Bill Bryson’s book “Made in America” is a great read on how the English language evolved in the USA. as for Arizona I preferred the climat there to where I lived in Florida any day. Andy
  6. I'm loving it I spent 12 years in FL initially for a year in DeFuniak Springs then been a photographer I was working the beach so we moved to Santa Rosa/ Miramar Beach. The rail scene has changed quite a lot but the modelling scene is amazing. I came over back in February with a view to buying a house but got stuck here. The weather is very different but im enjoying it, I remember Christmas in FL I think it was 2015 we sat outside in shorts and T Shirts it was so hot and I dont miss that at all. Having to work for a living lol has come as a shock I had got so used to living on the beach and had become 1 step up from a beach bum. Andy
  7. I’ve heard about the guy in Baker I think I was over Baghdad way with a friend and ff I remember correctly we’d were talking to an old boy at a museum/model railroad layout in Milton.
  8. I was allowed the use of my fathers 2 trainsets at holiday times only.They were both Triang Rovex sets one was a Black Princess Victoria set with some MK1 coaches and the other was a green EE Type 3 with pullman coaches set. Sadly both were stolen years ago. Been searching the internet to replace them since moving back to the UK recently.. Andy
  9. Martino Just moved back from the USA this year from Santa Rosa Beach after many many years in NW Florida. Were looking at Ideas for both an indoor and garden railway.
  10. Try the books by RA Cooke GWR track diagrams they’re detailed and show revision dates etc
  11. Hi can anyone recommend anywhere that I can get a loco repaired. Sadly I sent away a new Hornby GW 288 to be chipped and weathered to a place in the USA and it came back to me because the guy couldn’t do it. when I got it back it more resembled another Hornby product an Airfix kit. Andy
  12. and thanks for the link to the SRS as soon as they re open Ill be getting the Pryer books
  13. do they still use that tag line in their commercials? they used that when I lived in the UK
  14. Ordered the publications you all mentioned except the book by prior as I cant seem to find a copy online so if you knowof any oood bookshops that may have it please let me know.
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