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  1. After all the input from the guys on here, there are going to be quite a few changes come the final iteration.
  2. Thanks some good stuff in there, I'm not basing my layout on any one location which gives me some flexibility on track plans and architecture. Garage now has an insulated ceiling and 50% of the walls now have insulated plasterboard fitted.
  3. Yes this is how I've seen them used before, Nottingham Victoria I think. I might even move the main station building to a higher level with the tracks disappearing underneath, much like Nottingham midland, then use a couple of what will basically be island platforms.
  4. Thanks, looking great, going to concentrate getting the garage habitable for hobby purposes, then progress to this sort of trackplan.
  5. All helpful information that I will take on board, definitely verging on using Harlequin's plan modified to my taste now.
  6. Signalling? What's that :-)? This is where my lack of knowledge shows I'm afraid, I'll place signals where they're meant to be but won't be operational. Layout is for me to enjoy running trains, so operationally it may not be truly authentic, but I still want it to look right and track work flow nicely.
  7. Ok I'll probably change tact and go for a modified version of your plan. Was nice to have a go myself but I'm a bit of a right angles man hehe :-). I keep using the crossover as I have shinohara scissors from a previous layout and due to their price wanted to incorporate them. At least using your plan I know the size and shapes of baseboards required and can still have the station raised on an embankment.
  8. I'm much happier with the latest iteration now, just needs some tweaks. Need to decide where the roads and canals go so the road naturally leads to the station frontage and/or goods area. Ran out of my 50 piece limit on Anyrail so couldn't finish everything. What are peoples thoughts, better? Added too much?
  9. I think I'm going to revisit again tonight. The left hand side has a lot of wasted space, so going to pull the station approach that side up level with the rest of the station through roads, scrapping the branch line. If that doesn't work, I'll go for a modded version of Harlequin's "Alternate North Road" plan.
  10. Found your plans, had to be on laptop. Surprisingly enough your plan for clagsniffer is one I've seen before and was close to copying, I obviously just need to tweek it to my requirements. Thanks
  11. Using the phone does have its disadvantages, it's hidden for me. I can view them on my laptop though.
  12. Harlequin, Yes, was my first time using anyrail, the kinks being due me over stretching the track. I'm usually better just laying points and track physically in place and testing and adjusting, but as the garage isn't finished wanted to get some ideas on paper. You got a link to your plans? Thanks Paul
  13. Thanks for the replies so far, yes it's oo gauge. Your probably right about simplifying the track area in the station vicinity, was inspired by the setup at Nottingham midland. I might almost mirror the left hand side of the layout to what's on the right creating differing scenic breaks.
  14. Good Evening Gents, I'm currently converting my garage into a more comfortable hobby space, working with approx 18.5ft by 9ft after insulation boards have gone in. The main scenic area being 3.5ft by 18.5ft, the fiddle yard/mpd boards will be 10cm higher to allow me to build into embankments, canal, under passes etc. Set in the late 50's early 60s, I'm trying to create a four through road station, with Walthers milwaukee station building being the centre piece, on a raised embankment style station, surrounded by a large town. I'll be using the two walthers canopies (marked in red dashed lines) to cover the four roads. Loosely based on stations such as Huddersfield, Wakefield and Nottingham. I can't decide whether to have a canal (marked in blue) along the main scenic area or were the left hand station approach is. I'm struggling to get a nice smooth station throat when using anyrail so got frustrated, any one able to offer some expertise/advice on incorporating these things? Thanks In advance. Regards Paul
  15. My favourite big tank loco, got two pre-ordered. Brilliant news.
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