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  1. Might just be me, but what we're missing Is a company similar to Walthers making plastic building kits in OO gauge of traditional British architecture, were you can kit bash into large structures. Wood seems to thick and card doednt have the texutre. I'd probably start out in that then move into locos if/when I'd made enough Capital.
  2. [email protected] I know you probably can't divulge any plans but has the class 44 been considered? Seems to be the only prototype now not being reworked, the Bachmann version now looks tired and rarely re-released. Without wish-listing and seeing some suggestions for a Class 46. How easy would it be for Heljan to back date to a Class 44? TMC have commissioned the earliest Class 45 so must be some similarities. TY
  3. "Fuel"-ling the nation and a wagon. Going for the old ICI style bogie tank wagons (Darstaed do a 7mm version). They must have listened to my request
  4. spackz

    2021 hopes

    I'm pretty sure Heljan have binned off plans to do the class 120 in O now. Lack of info and drawings rings a bell. Sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong though. It's a shame as I would have liked an OO gauge one as well.
  5. spackz

    2021 hopes

    We seem to be seeing a lot more collectable stuff coming through. I prefer the everyday working types. Never been right doing these things before, but for me. Most realistic working types: Stanier 3mt 2-6-2T 0-6-0 Southern Q class Updated Siphon of some sort. What I hope for and have been for years: GCR Class A5 4-6-2T NE Class B16
  6. Thanks mate, I may wait until they do an early emblem without condenser pipes then.
  7. Thanks David, I'm after Thane of Fife so looks like Feb/Mar at earliest, which helps possibly sway me to a 1P as a present.
  8. Evening all, How common would have been to see the condensing types around the Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire area towards the end of their lives? Thanks in advance
  9. Good Evening Chaps, Any one have any news on if these are due out before Christmas? Listed as December 20 on one site and Winter 2020-21 on another. If it's Jan/Feb 21 it might sway my decision to get a 1P for Crimbo. Thanks
  10. Thanks Dick Turpin. And there's me thinking it was going to be an A5 tank. I still live in hope.
  11. I don't I'm afraid, does it show something I may be interested in ? Have you got a link to the calendar?
  12. As it's at the GCR event, I have everything crossed for an A5 tank.
  13. spackz

    Dapol Class 21/29

    Fantastic news. Looking good. 9 years of waiting. I started this thread Nov 2010 might finally get to see these in model form.
  14. spackz

    Dapol Class 21/29

    I've been in contact with Joel from Dapol. Last response was in Oct, which he informed me they were working on the decorations. Now 4 months later I'm awaiting a response from him for another update. He maybe waiting as Model Rail Scotland is imminent and might be preparing to show them there, fingers crossed. I will update if he gets in contact again.
  15. Completely agree, the LNER is certainly not saturated on the whole with core engines such as J27,J21,J6, Aspinal 0-6-0 and Stanier 2-6-2T (both west Riding X-over),N5,N1,A5,A8,C12,C14 and B16 in addition to your suggestions still to be produced. I think what grates is when there is more duplication of GWR (Pairie,King and 0-6-0T) Southern(Terrier and 71) engines. Surely this is causing more saturation, I don't see it as competition but a missed opportunity. Give me workstained everyday locos any day of the week over one offs and named locos.
  16. Steam: Southern Q 0-6-0. LNER B16. GWR Saint. Diesel: NBL 0-4-0 Shunter. Wagon: Detailed Siphon. What I want:-J6,A5,C12,N5 and L&Y 0-6-0.
  17. Thanks Brush, was wondering today if the GN cab version had been canned.
  18. spackz

    Dapol Class 21/29

    I have spoken to Joel recently. They are currently preparing the paintwork art. So fingers crossed for some progress being shown at Warley.
  19. Thanks Jamie, I have sent them an Email. Cheers.
  20. Has anyone got some good steam era pictures of Wakefield kirkgate station signal box and buildings including the Subway area and at the other end the goods area. Any pics/links will be greatly received. There are plenty of modern pictures and from the he 80s on Flickr so I have a good idea. Just want to get the under canopy details right. The reason: Im currently planning to build a station based on Wakefield and would like to be as accurate as possible with the buildings. Regards Paul
  21. What a stunning model. Can I resist? How far south did they get?
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