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  1. I must admit I really like this building. Will be interesting to see what you come up. Martin
  2. Just found this thread and have signed up as a Friend of Pendon. Hopefully we will be able to visit in the summer.
  3. I just brought some of these kits. Its a Shame they only come BR tTransfers.
  4. Give it a go. With your modelling skills it will be no issues. You can quite often pick up the kits on EvilBay for less than a tenner and worse happens you will have lots of lovely spare parts for future kit modifications.
  5. I've just build my First Wills Craftman building kit and it is a lot easier than I thought. I cut the templates out and stuck onto supplied sheets. I Then cut round them using a new blade stanley knife using a file to tidy up the edges. Then its just like building a kit. very satisfying.
  6. Bit naughty of Hornby. There are loads of other coach types missing in RTR. Surely picking some of them would have been more sense.
  7. looks like one of the most realistic roads i've seen in a while.
  8. I'm Glad to see the LSWR Gate Stock making a reappearance. Missed out the first time round.
  9. Lovely looking layout. do you have your own thread. What about a small animal feed mill. most small towns seemed to have them back in the day
  10. Hi. i've just started to follow your build. Looks great, I would be very interested in a copy of your plans if still available. thanks
  11. hi all. Are the smaller steam powered cranes in these photos self propelled, If not how are the moved backwards and forwards on their lines.
  12. As far as I know the GWR and LMS Through coaches to Hastings such as the Sunny South Express came via Eastbourne and the Coast route to Hastings not down the Tonbridge to Hastings line. Therefore avoiding the Narrow Loading gauge on that line
  13. You've made a good start, really nice wagon kits. if I may ask how did you make the sector Plate? Martin
  14. I know this is an old thread but does anyone have a copy of the plans they could scan for me. I brought a kit off Evilbay and it didnt contain the plans.
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