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  1. As far as I know the GWR and LMS Through coaches to Hastings such as the Sunny South Express came via Eastbourne and the Coast route to Hastings not down the Tonbridge to Hastings line. Therefore avoiding the Narrow Loading gauge on that line
  2. You've made a good start, really nice wagon kits. if I may ask how did you make the sector Plate? Martin
  3. That would be great thanks
  4. I know this is an old thread but does anyone have a copy of the plans they could scan for me. I brought a kit off Evilbay and it didnt contain the plans.
  5. Quick Question if I can. How long did Petrol carrying Wagons have the Biege Colouring, and Did the Colour of the Tanks signify what was being carried? thanks Martin
  6. I've got a pile of Tri-ang Clerestories ready to hack, just need to find some plans lol.
  7. You can still purchase Fibreglass webbing from your local Motor Factors, they will sell small pots of 2pack filler too.
  8. As has been previously mentioned it depends on the type of coal required. Coal for gas production is different than coal used for heating or steam locomotives. The coal was shipped from the North east coast for the Torquay Gas works. Lots of useful information in the book, Newton Abbot to Kingswear Railway (Oakwood Library of Railway History) by C R Potts.
  9. Thanks. A very simple solution.
  10. lovely little models there. I have a couple to build and I was wondering how you went about the middle axle and running them around curves?
  11. Hi, I know this is an older tread but i'm very intrested in having a go at converting some coaches I have in the loft. Is anyone able to share copies of these articles from the old RM magazine please. thanks
  12. I'm not sure if you are aware of this or if it is old news but a friend of mine makes 3d printed models for wargaming and he does something called Ironing. Its a setting on his printer that goes over the top layer and slightly melts it giving a much smoother finish. Not sure if this is something that may help get a better surface. (if you machine has the setting)
  13. I visited yesterday. What a brilliant show with lots of top quality layouts. It Has inspired me to get on with my planed layout. Thanks to all the orgainzers Martin
  14. Hi there. First off what a great layout. Really inspiring. Im returning to modelling after a few years. Im thinking of building a model of Kingsbridge station but as a junction, based on the plans to extend the line from Yealmpton to Kingsbridge, A branch to Salcombe, and onwards to Dartmouth. My first Question would be would the line to Dartmouth continue over the valley on a massive viaduct or would the line have been build to the rear of Kingsbridge. Thanks Darthmh
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