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  1. Yes, the DVD is called BRM TV. We called it this because digital edition viewers stream content, hence it becomes a one name fits all. HTH
  2. Printed copies are on-sale from Jan 30. The covermounted DVD is included.
  3. Hello modellers, non-modellers, potential modellers and armchair dreamers. Welcome to the March 2020 issue of BRM, on-sale from January 24 as a digital edition from pocketmags.com/BRM These winter evenings are still long and spring seems an eternity away - so here's a little reading and video watching for you: In this episode of BRM TV: Hills of the North (OO) - Shap summit modelled in OO Ballasting track - a recap on the essentials Bachmann's V2 - exclusive first test It's Hornby's centenary - I hope readers approve of our bold cover choice! Inside, we host features reflecting on the past, present and future of this long-standing model manufacturer. LAYOUTS Hills of the North (OO). The sight and sounds of steam locomotives climbing this most-arduous of West Coast Main Line peaks have been forever immortalised by its builder. Blueball Summit (N). Struggling to build his vision in a defined space, Andrew Bartlett changed scale to discover a horizon of new opportunities. High Trees Junction (OO). Deploying ingenious solutions, Mike Lynch’s model railway has been an experiment in forced perspective and reduced modelling costs. Campbell's Quarry (16mm). This animated quarry layout featured in the March 2019 issue of BRM. We revisit the scene for an update on its new extension. PRACTICAL How to create lineside variety. There’s more to the other side of the fence than green grass, as Michael Russell explains with the creation of a series of scenic additions ideal for your next layout. The Salt Union at Runcorn. Ahead of BRM’s new project layout build, Stephen Rabone, Editor of Traction Magazine, highlights the rail-served salt industry of Runcorn and its fascinating RailFreight operations in the last-century. Enhance Hornby's Family Fun Project. We gave Phil Parker a Hornby Family Fun Project to build, but asked him to develop the scenery a step further from the instructions. NEWS, REVIEWS AND FEATURES Hornby 2020 announcements. BRM was invited to attend a presentation by Hornby of its 2020 new model range held at its Margate headquarters. BRM meets... Hornby. As Hornby kicks off its centenary celebrations, we catch up with Marketing and Development Director, Simon Kohler, to learn more about what’s in store for the iconic manufacturer. Hornby landmark locomotives. Our beloved manufacturer of model railways has reached its centenary. Andy York reflects on landmark creations from its history. Hornby's most daring moments. Hornby has never been afraid to create innovative and unusual products. Phil Parker uncovers a few from his model cupboard... First Look: Bachmann V2 Review Hattons Class 66 Review: Hornby LMS 20T brake vans Review: Hornby LSWR 20T/24T brake vans Download your copy from January 24 at www.pocketmags.com/BRM or pick up a copy in stores from January 30.
  4. Read more from us on world-of-railways.co.uk... Hornby seeks new market with 'Steampunk' models
  5. Read more from us on world-of-railways.co.uk... Hornby launches app for model railway control Hornby seeks new market with 'Steampunk' models Hornby celebrates centenary with limited edition models Our top picks from Hornby’s 2020 announcements
  6. I trust you're all enjoying the mulled wine, chocolates, cake and biscuits this Christmas? I know I am... And, if you're looking for a distraction from the in-laws this holiday season, here's a great issue of our magazine to keep you entertained, visually with our episode of BRM TV and in-print with our 148-page magazine, filled with modelling project ideas for your layout, workbench, or, armchair reading. Don't miss your copy - download it today from www.pocketmags.com/BRM Inside our February issue, you'll find: LAYOUTS James Street (N) Whithorn (OO) Depot Lane (OO) Castle Wharf Kendal (OO9) PRACTICAL BRM Layout in a box: How to build BRM's new layout kit Airbrushing Essentials: A must-read guide before you begin spraying with this tool Airbrush Maintenance Guide: Keep your airbrush in top condition with this advice How to model for less: Make your modelling wallet-friendly for 2020 Make a Class 20/3: A cost-effective method for converting Bachmann's Class 20 into this sub-class. PRODUCTS AND FEATURES Warley Show coverage BRM meets... Britain's largest model railway... PLUS: bonus video content in digital edition! Review: Hatton's A3 Review: Heljan Class 50 Review: Dapol working semaphore signals Review: Rapido 'Guy Arab' bus New Books Don't miss your copy - download it today from www.pocketmags.com/BRM Enjoy the issue and have a great new year! Howard
  7. You can class that as safe - it's just a reader feedback piece...
  8. Can't say it's ever been a problem - just use compressed air from a compressor to remove everything before painting. Failing that, blow it all off and use a small brush to loosen it...
  9. We made the changes to the digital versions as we became aware, but you might need to delete and re-download/clear cookies for it to take effect on your device.
  10. Here we go: https://pocketmags.com/british-railway-modelling-magazine/british-railway-modelling-guide-to-weathering
  11. On-sale now at pocketmags.com/BRM is our 52-page digital edition exclusive, The BRM Guide to Weathering. This guide compiles the best weathering practical and advice articles from the pages of BRM. Whether you want to rust wagons, make your locomotives more realistic, or add grime to your buildings, find all the information you need to help get started. - How to make things look 'grubby' - Top tips for weathering your lcoomotives - Enhance an RTR locomotive - How to distress wagons - Weather a locomotive using washes and paints - How to detail and weather a Hornby 'Sentinel' - Guide to weathering track - Expert advice from weathering experts, TMC - Q+A with Grimy TImes - Advice on using weathering powders - How to weather buildings - Distress an O gauge wagon - BRM meets: GC Weathering - Diesel locomotive weathering explained - How to model rust On-sale now at pocketmags.com/BRM
  12. Make a couple of rough timber sides and hide it with undergrowth? Chicken hut...
  13. Win this wagon! We’re giving one person the opportunity to win this wagon - if you can guess what it is.... no spoilers, now. Enter our competition here: https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/competitions/win-a-wagon/
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