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  1. I can see it as a potentially useful way to decarbonise a quiet line that has no chance of being electrified but as the fueling will be complicated and expensive to set up it would need to be somewhere with several of these lines heading out like Inverness. I'm somewhat sceptical about the benefits of hydrogen though as it's always the magic bullet that's 5 years away and has been for the last 40 years. It's also got a lot of the oil industry backing it which the sceptic in me sees as a way of preventing investment in electrical power.
  2. It did remind me of the complaints about the press refering to carriages in the thread about the recent oil train derailment in South Wales.
  3. I wondered about that but most of the services I've seen around Ludlow with 153's have been 2 or 3 153's rather than a mixture of units. I've not seen one lately though, we seem to be back to mostly 175s with the occasional 150 or 158. It's a shame that the post privatisation stock couldn't multi with Sprinters (or anything else).
  4. Anyone after a rusty Dodge crewbus? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1116669485191534/
  5. I don't think the 80s clockwork Thomas has anything to do with the other 0-4-0's apart from the really nasty US style one that shared a mechanism. The one in the link had a brief career as an electric 0-4-0 Thomas. Might be an interesting one to put on an alternative chassis as being a bit rarer it's origin will be less obvious but will need a fair bit of work.
  6. Good news https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/jul/31/chris-packham-loses-appeal-against-hs2-rail-project I wonder how a Pro HS2 counter protest would go down? I very rarely agree with the government but just for once I could go out with a placard supporting them. I imagine taking my chainsaw too wouldn't go down well
  7. I find the flat files sold for sharpening chainsaws perfect for modelling and quite cheap, a small vice was another thing I did without for years and now wonder why. Thick superglue like THIS has proved very useful too.
  8. I liked the clean design of the Talgo and had another look to work out why I liked it which is when I noticed that the artists impression doesn't show a windscreen wiper where the 3 below it have chuffing great ones tacked on and looking very much like an afterthought. I'd have thought it would be worthwhile to have designed these high speed trains with somewhere the wipers could be tucked away when not in use like they are on most modern cars which don't go anything like as fast. I would mention the Hitachi design but for some reason the image link isn't working on my PC
  9. That looks like an interesting trip out for a fix of industrial heritage while everythings shut. You couldn't post a pic of the remaining quarter of the leaflet could you?
  10. 158+153+153 on the service that stopped me at the level crossing today. Are most of the 175s in a yard somewhere?
  11. Theres been some stange stock on the Marches line over the last couple of months. Having never seen one south of Craven Arms junction before, the line now seems full of 153's. I've seen them coupled up with 158s and 150s as well as travelling in little gangs of 2 or 3 together making quite a colourful sight as they are all different colours. Has something happened to the 175's or are they more expensive to run so are being rested? Just before lockdown I had a treat, I bought a ticket to South Coulsdon near Croyden and was delighted to find the first part was on the WAG (or as staff called it,"the Flyer"). Unfortunately running slowly all the way to Newport due to a very late running service was in front (2 car 150/2 in place of a 3 car 175 which could do with being 5 car on that service) but thank god I wasn't on that one.
  12. For me it would be an air conditioned mk2 like the first time I rode on a loco hauled train. I used to hang around Durham station in the mid 90s and one day D9000 turned up on the 4:30pm Virgin Cross Country service to Newcastle after the 47 had failed at Crewe, Not expecting to get that chance again me and a friend happily bought cheap day returns for about £3.50 each.
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