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  1. In theory, if this succeeds (and I really hope it does) you could probably carry a smaller number of cages in normal suburban type stock. It could work as branches to the main trunk haul on an evening when the trains are quiet, particularly with the newer fixed formation trains like 700's that must be really empty late in the day. They would obviously need a member of staff to maintain a division between the passengers and goods although calling him a guard could cause trouble.
  2. Hopefully the 2 car 175s can be doubled up to 4 car and run on the current 3 car diagrams with the 3 cars replacing the 2's. Unless anyone knows what's actually happening?
  3. Particularly when you consider that Spain has built high speed routes at standard gauge when the rest of the country is 5'6".
  4. I'll admit that I don't use the railway much, I live in the countryside near Ludlow and have the type of job that needs tools 99% of the time. I do use it occasionally though and find the ticket websites easy to understand. I can go at 8:30 for £68 or wait till 10am and get there for £25 (unless I'm going to Hereford where its the same price all day). It strikes me that season tickets need to change not only to stop rewarding peak time travel but also to put an end to the practice that richer folk who can afford them are traveling cheaper than poor folk who can't. I realise that it's always been done that way but that isn't necessary a good reason to continue.
  5. There was a couple of small branches of the Glyn Valley Tramway to collieries but they might not have survived to be steam worked. Nice might have been with available stock though.
  6. I've tried Googling and come up with nothing but wasn't there an Irish luggage van that was fitted with a turnable for carrying coffins? I seem to remember that it was popular for carrying prams.
  7. Being as Vivarail only sell to other rail companies could it be possible that they are taking the blame publicly in exchange for not being punished financially for a delay that would have happened anyway? Both sides are running late but SWR/DfT have to sell tickets when this is all over.
  8. But surely it's sensible to go for easy targets first? Only a fool would try to reduce diesel emissions by targeting ambulances and fire engines first. Plastic straws are a sensible target when paper ones work just as well and cost a similar amount. If the public support a ban on domestic flights which can be done by train in 2.5 hours now perhaps that can go up to 3 hours in a few years time then up to 4 from there? Obviously the Scottish Islands can't be reached by train but they are looking into electric planes as they only need little things. I'd suggest banning private jets from UK airspace would have more effect.
  9. I suppose it depends what Shildon are going to do with No.1? If they are going to do something really good then it should make the trip, if they are just going to stick it in the corner with a sign saying "200th birthday" then leave it at North Road, particularly if Darlington are going to do something better. The fact that Beamish has a replica is a very good point, perhaps it would be better at Shildon than the real thing if it can haul trains on the demonstration line?
  10. I do like to see might have been liveries like the Railfreight red stripe 14901, large logo blue 40 and anything in Loadhaul black and orange. Wasn't quite as keen on the Porterbrook purple Deltic but a lot of that was the Wipac lights.
  11. That would be a 153 with 2'8.5" chopped out of the middle lengthwise.
  12. Don't they generally do a heavy refurbishment around halfway through a vehicles service life? Would it really be harder to add cables to a 22x than to put diesel engines under a 30 year old 319 or a 40 year old D train? I realise that we are unlikely to see new coach's built but could 222 coach's be converted if they are likely to become surplus?
  13. Perhaps with a more sensible financial regime in place we might see the long talked about pantograph coach's built for the Voyagers? Before covid you could see a fleet replacement happening with the 22x fleet perhaps replacing 158s or similar somewhere (I wondered if they might replace 175s to give more capacity here on the Marches route). Now we're getting new build stock here and there is enough 22x to give XC a standardized (ish) fleet that might not be quite as overcrowded perhaps we'll see sense? The deadline to remove diesel only stock isn't that far away.
  14. Or with 1940s levels of Health and safety, set it going at 2mph and walked alongside?
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