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    My main OO collection of steam, diesel and electric locos plus matching stock mainly consists of the following:
    Locos and units named after yours truly, places and relatives, where my family and I have lived over the years;
    Steam locos that are now preserved that were allocated to depots where my family and I lived over the years with matching pre-nationalisation carriages chosen only from those types that are represented in preservation;
    Some models of prototypes built in Birmingham where I was born (mostly DMUs);
    Depending on the amount of room at my disposal and the availability of models, I model in both OO and N, and arrange things so collections in both scales complement each other.

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  1. Work's progressing on scenics - all of Faller's security fencing is now fitted in position, with Wills' palisade type used for newer applications. The platform still awaits painting and detailing, hence not shown here.
  2. I've resumed work on this station and glued down all the footpaths and other hardstanding made from mounting board (it's white which might not be too distinct under certain lighting) The footpath from the platform was routed over the disused track bed in preference to the (now demolished) footbridge and exits where the footbridge stood hence the odd angle.
  3. I've ordered more of the same Faller fencing because it's less fiddly to assemble than Ratio's version (ref. 436) and also wanting a change from Ratio's Southern Railway concrete slab fencing, hence no progress made with "Westgrove Stadium". Once the parts arrive I can then plan the area behind the platform and truncated siding.
  4. I'm aware Pacifics post-nationalisation worked the Corstophine branch in Edinburgh at peak times https://www.railscot.co.uk/img/25/493/ ... would a P2 have done the same thing pre-war?? It would be great licence to model one on a three-coach rake of Hornby's Gresley non-corridors.
  5. It looks like the gloss versions have full lining and shaded numerals and lettering but the matt versions have simplified lining and plain unshaded numerals and lettering. I don't own one of these but I'd prefer the gloss version because it has the more authentic finish especially when outshopped.
  6. Westfield was the name of my junior school, Priory was the secondary school I attended at the opposite end of town. Hardly anyone I knew from junior school attended my secondary school, never the twain shall meet! As a result I can draw upon two sets of ex-pupils' current residences and fully integrate them in my mind.
  7. I used up more spare materials and parts to build the boundary wall, again the only recently bought-in parts used was a pack of Wills' palisade fencing. Also I decided on the siding's length, I cut it back to allow a footpath for the station's entrance/exit in place of the demolished footbridge.
  8. I'm considering making a siding out of the former passing loop. Here are three vans awaiting tripping to Brassey Engineering Ltd. This siding will also house Engineering Department wagons and can recess a DMU if necessary out of the way from other traffic.
  9. I decided to use up more bits and pieces from my stash for this Network SouthEast era station. So far, the only bought-in parts are the Peco platform edging. "Westgrove Stadium" is the name of a station formerly called South Grayton and Devineham which was modernised by the Southern in the 1930s and was the next stop from Greensgrove. It originally had a passing loop. Like Greensgrove (see page 8, 11 May 2019 entry), South Grayton and Devineham was never modernised with BR corporate-era signage and closed on 24 July 1977. All platform structures and footbridge were subsequently razed and the line singled. However, the platform itself remained intact. Due to the local council requesting a station for the modernised Westgrove Stadium incorporating Greenfields Jubilee Harriers' club house BR reopened it in March 1983. It was renamed to better reflect the revised role of the immediate area. I had to imagine what it looked like before rationalisation so I could see how the new station would look. Wooden fencing (Ratio) has been trial fitted and the platform ramp with a footpath used as access instead of the former footbridge
  10. gc4946

    Hornby RailRoad HST

    I'll wait and see until the R1230M GWR HST train set arrives on the shelves (this autumn?) https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/gwr-high-speed-train-set.html The technical specification says "DCC ready", 5 pole skew wound; the ex-Lima HST R2707 Virgin power car pack had the same spec.
  11. Today I collected my Bachmann Mk2f RFB and this is my shortened turn of the millennium Virgin Cross Country formation - the others are Hornby (ex-Airfix) Mk2ds.
  12. gc4946

    Hornby RailRoad HST

    At one time I owned a R2707 Virgin pack in order to swap bodies with those from original Lima power cars. It was abandoned due to changing plans. They're a direct swap, even down to the existing screw holes and fittings.
  13. gc4946

    Hornby RailRoad HST

    It's ex-Lima tooling. Hornby produced a Railroad power car set in original Virgin livery as catalogue no. R2707
  14. I've allocated a Mk2d SO (Hornby) and Mk2e BSO (Hornby Railroad) to be the scratch set behind my customised Bachmann large logo 37403 Glendarroch and the whole formation kept and stored together.
  15. I collected my other class 67 that I located secondhand, an unboxed Hornby Wrexham & Shropshire 67014 Thomas Telford. Here's my assembled Westfield Priory Trains long distance open access set: EWS 67027 (Hornby, ex-Lima) + Ex-Virgin RFB (Hornby) + Cargo-D blue/grey rebranded Mk3 SO (Oxford Rail) + rebranded IC Swallow livery Mk2d BSO (Hornby) + Wrexham & Shropshire 67014 Thomas Telford (Hornby, ex-Lima)
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