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  1. I managed to avoid buying any trains (slightly tempted by a G Scale "James" at £130, but I have enough trains really), but the good people did let me add to my Beatties collection. I've not see the notepads before. However, what I really wanted to take away, but Steve wouldn't let me, was Scamp: This little loco is terrific fun to drive. Simple to build apparently, and I must not look on the web. I have too many trains already!
  2. Bees Hill Models reveal N gauge APT-P kit https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/news/bees-hill-models-reveal-n-gauge-apt-p-kit
  3. It's part of their Thomas range, so a simplified moulding. I'd not expected it to have any scale credentials. The moulding will be new, not based on anything else, and if the mechanism is as good as the rest of the range, quite impressive. I know the Sterling Single has been converted to a more scale model in the past, so I'm sure people will fiddle with this one and remove the face.
  4. Heljan announces new runs of Class 07,14 and 17 diesels plus the Waggon & Maschinenbau diesel railbus https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/news/heljan-announces-new-runs-of-class-07-14-and-17-diesels-plus-the-waggo
  5. For all you Hornby fans, there is a new series airing in the "Tim Dunn slot" on Yesterday in October. https://toyworldmag.co.uk/new-hornby-model-show-steams-onto-tv/
  6. You mean the liveries YOU are asking for. It's unlikely that you have access to Bachmann's e-mail, so you have no idea what other people are asking for. Nor do you have access to their sales figures to work out what is shifting off the shelves. It's in the firms interests to produce stuff that sells after all.
  7. Captain Sir Tom Moore inspires donation of £60,000 by Bachmann Europe https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/news/captain-sir-tom-moore-inspires-donation-of-60-000-by-bachmann-europe
  8. I think whether a skill counts as "basic" tends to depend on your own personal skill level and we are trying to be as inclusive as possible. I'm curious about the polarization aspect. A quick look on this forum (the world's largest) shows no mention of it in this context other than your post, so I'm guessing that when you say "we're all talking" that's a subset of the hobby otherwise I'd have expected at least something on here. As for track rubbers - a quick looks shows American stores stock them, and Peco are still shipping them to the US. If no-one is using them then the people who buy the stocks are way out of tune with the market. Perhaps your supermarkets also sell dodo? Even if you prefer not to use a track rubber, it's one way to achieve clean track. Other prefer graphite, electronic cleaners or track cleaning wagons - there is no one "right" method. There will be differences between the various countries. UK layouts tend to be smaller as we don't enjoy the massive basements found in the US. Thus, we wouldn't bother countersinking fixing pins. Finescale fans simply don't use them, and if anyone does, and the very small pin head worries them, they take the pin out and fill the hole. That's what I did on the project layout in the current BRM, BUT, it's a very small layout. Filling holes is practical, but would be a much bigger chore on a very large model, so a different approach is preferable. The same argument can be made for track rubbers - they are more effort for a large set than a small one, hence the popularity in the UK.
  9. That's a new one to me, but I like the sound of it.
  10. Most of the content is already on the site, but the pages that bring it all together only last a day. Don't worry, we aren't binning any of it!
  11. Firstly, I'm sorry that my video was so disappointing. It's always tricky to know what to include in any piece. I'll admit that fishplates have never been much of an issue on the smaller scales (LGB ones are an entirely different story) as they just slide on and off. A pair of needle point pliers to hold the end helps, but very often, I just hold them in my fingers. If a fishplate won't go on, it's usually a burr left from cutting which is quickly dealt with using a small file. As I always say, we'll cover any topic if people mention it, but this one has never come up. I'll add fishplate to the list for the future. Special drill bit? Google is your friend. Always a useful tool to keep handy and widely available.
  12. In a past life, when I was involved setting up the local council one-stop-shop, I suggested that we ought to get Brian Blessed to voice the "Counter number one" announcements. Everyone just ignored me... Never mind, when I am in charge of the BBC, Blessed gets a role in Casualty. Every week, someone called Gordon will be in and nearly die. But not quite.
  13. No. Free bronze membership includes virtual Andy or Phil appearing at the bottom of your bed at 6am, loudly reading all the previous nights postings to you. For a large amount of money, you can upgrade to Bronze+ which give you access to an off switch.
  14. I believe the moon is made of cheese, that doesn't make it a fact. Fundamentally, RMweb costs money to run. Server costs, bandwidth, staff to deal with outbursts from some of the members, it all costs money and that money has got to come from somewhere. You believe it should be run and paid for, by Andy. Well, Warners bought the forum when it was that or RMweb closing. It was undoubtedly a business decision, and like any business, they need to at least have it paying its way. I know a lot of people think BRM should fund it, but those same people often boast they don't buy BRM. As an aside, if the aim was to raise the profile of BRM, why isn't the brand plastered all over the forum? Why is is not called "BRMweb"? Anyway, the premium service and adverts are the way that the costs are largely met. Sorry if it offends you, but that's real life. Several members have taken the time to provide screen shots and information that can be fed back to the people implementing the adverts to solve problems. That's helpful as Steve says - and I've not seen a pop-up today, so assume some work in that direction has taken place. Their efforts are really appreciated. You just rant every time any advert changes on the forum and fling grief around. This isn't the first time we've had this "discussion". RMweb is free to use, and I'm not aware of any plans to change this in the future. Adverts are a fact of life. In this case, there has been an issue and it's being worked on.
  15. So you want to use all the facilities, but someone else is expected to pay for the costs of providing them? I'm guessing that when you want to chat to your mates, you go to the pub, sit in the corner and refuse to buy a drink whilst using their heat, light and toilets. "Might" is doing a lot of heavy lifting here. Basically, someone has to give their lives, and income over to you so you can use them for your own purposes. And you "might" drop a few pennies in the pot towards this? Andy York runs forum - maybe a few coppers. Andy York Ltd runs forum - evil commercial body, no money for him! Business does something businesslike - what a shock. However, if you want to make a lot of money, you don't set up a business in model railways, unless you know better. And if someone doesn't contribute to running the forum in some way, it will close. And then you can go to those great altruists, Facebook. If you would like to rescind your membership, Facebook is waiting for you and as Andy is on holiday this week (even though he has been looking at this) I will be perfectly happy to delete your account if that is what you want.
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