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  1. Yes it does. Because the name itself then has value. Hornby could sell all the brand names to other people for quite serious amounts of money and keep all their moulding tools, just change the names on the box. The new owners could them slap the names on pretty much anything they like. Flogging the rights to Hornby, Airfix, Corgi etc. would affect the company finances quite a bit.
  2. It's a top shop, but I didn't know about the cellar. I'll ask next time I'm in there...
  3. The moulds were worn out, but no-one checked if they could have been refurbished. As it was, steel scrap was worth £90 a ton and that mattered more than any potential re-runs.
  4. You need to tell Hornby then because (as I've said before) when I talked to the top team, they didn't know what was scrapped. It seems no-one kept a list. If you can divine one from a TV show, your skills would be invaluable!
  5. No, I hid one (didn't see the request, sorry, I'm working not sitting on RMweb all day), other is still in this thread.
  6. DJH have produced kits like this for an 02 diesel and Barclay steam loco for many years. Both are excellent and when I show the ones I've built to modellers are met with the cry "How much!!!" because they cost a couple of hundred quid. The trouble is that the R&D required for an easy build kit is higher than a normal model. People will expect a kit to be cheaper than RTR by a loooooong way.
  7. I plan to be - they have invited me to judge the modelling competition.
  8. Topic locked as there is already a discussion going on here. .
  9. Good point about Lego, but they managed to bring a new angle on an existing concept. I don't see the same thing with any of the brands in the Hornby cannon, at least not the ways they have been suggested so far. With drone flying, there is a logic to being able to see from the perspective of the device because you are operating in a 3D world. WOuld you get the same when driving a car firmly fixed to a slot? I suspect you'd decide that not being fixed to a slot would be more appealing. Also, the assumption of the VR demo, and comments on here, is that you wouldn't have the car or track at all in real life. As for budgets, Hattons vs Hornby is a more equal contest than Microsoft and/or Sony vs Hornby.
  10. So basically, a PlayStation driving game then. My 48K ZX Spectrum had similar games back in the 1980s. The problem is that when you remove the physical models and replace them with VR, you are copying something that other companies with bigger budgets and more experience have been doing for many years.
  11. Talking to LD at the press event, this is very much on their radar, but the process takes 2.5 years and they are still working on this. Remember that your kids Christmas presents were on show in London in January. It takes a long while to persuade the big buyers and my guess is that it won't be toy trains that get them hooked first. If you looked carefully at the Scalextric section of the show, you might have seen the models that might just do it.
  12. It was only a 2-part show. Hardly space to cover all 15 brands in any detail. Anyway, at the Toy Fair, a new range of Corgi "Chunckies" appeared. Metal, cartoony cars and quite a lot of different models too.
  13. Of course, the "inexperienced big fish in a small pond" are running multi-million-pound businesses quite successfully so perhaps judging a book by it's cover isn't always going to tell the whole story? You also forget that this show was edited to follow a narrative.
  14. You can do everything you mention already. If we are looking at VR, there are people with several years head start on Hornby and bigger budgets. I suggest though that people who spend 8 hours+ in front of a screen for work might enjoy some non-screen time outside work. You might like to live in the world of Ready Player One, but I'll pass thanks.
  15. While I'm sure I'd be fascinated by a treatise on the labyrinthine history of the Hornby & Tri-ang names, the viewing figures would be lucky to hit 100. On the plus side, you could use the whole of Wagner's ring cycle as the background music, there would be plenty of time!
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