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  1. In my experience of several dozen small shunter kits, the cost of those exceeded even a large RTR loco back in the 1990s by the time you added all the motor, wheels, gears etc. I didn't mind, because I could have the loco I wanted, well, I didn't mind much.
  2. I thought I best share some pictures of my SMS Barn on here Phil a you shared your version a couple of weeks ago. Its in Layout topics under Seward End 00 Layout


    Andy, Warley MRC

  3. If only it was possible to buy a clean one and weather it yourself...
  4. I think you'll find the idea is someone hands Hornby a pile of cash to be able to stick their name on something. JCB don't make hand tools, but they licenced their name on them for example. Ferrari appears on loads of tat that they don't produce. The skill is only to allow licences that don't harm you brand.
  5. Exhibit A. Worn by a member of the Hornby stand staff at the Toy Fair last year...
  6. Hornby has appointed a licensing consultant: https://www.toynews-online.biz/2021/03/01/tracks-to-the-future-hornby-hobbies-talks-licensing-plans-and-the-retro-appeal-of-its-iconic-scalextric/ What non-core product would you buy with their name on it?
  7. It read as a world weary "Why is this being discussed again" to me and several others. The whole of RMweb is a debating session, there are very few definite answers to any problem. That's the fun of it. You are welcome, even encouraged, to have a different opinion, just not to suggest the discussion others will enjoy is beneath you.
  8. Yet there are many who swear by the method. All the Australians I visited a few years ago did this and it works for them. If you don't like it, fine, but please allow others to have a different opinion.
  9. As far as the Class 22 is concerned, several companies looked at it, and concluded it wasn't viable without a complete redesign. I suspect the 48DS is the same.
  10. Even better. The people will order the cheapest option enabled - and grumble that the even cheaper and poorer options aren't available. My point is, Rails have worked out how to get the best from this design, and based those decisions on the manufacturer used, and those options aren't likely to be on the Shapeways list. There's quite a lot of 3D printing that isn't Shapeways.
  11. Then people can order using the cheapest material Shapeways offer and complain it's not as good as the RTR model, but unpainted and more expensive. The process used to make these things is quite sophisticated and Rails have worked out the most economic run. Get the numbers right and no expensive resin is wasted
  12. Interesting to compare that with this image of building the nearby Harbury cutting: From here: https://www.ourwarwickshire.org.uk/content/catalogue_wow/harbury-cutting-under-construction And yet, when it's not sliding towards the track, it looks like this: Not exactly the apocalyptic vision, the antis like to portray.
  13. Sadly, the bottom photo of the sidebar was wrong in the final check copy, and then the change made only compounded the error. On the plus side, the RHDR photo is larger than it would otherwise have been. And the missing photo is this: I'm a bit sad about this and the Tri-ang 3F is my very first model locomotive and it has missed out on a magazine appearance. To follow up the text on the page, as far as I'm concerned, it's priceless.
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