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  1. So you parked illegally in a disabled space and are proud of the fact you got the person charged with enforcing these rules sacked. Well done. I assume you'll be aiming to have the entire Police service closed down too - or do you only object to laws/rules when they suit your purpose?
  2. And I am a writer who made money producing a 4 page article years ago telling people how to stick the details bits on ViTrains locos. Why? Because lots of "modellers" on here gnashed their teeth and wailed because they were expected to known how to push a handrail into some pre-made holes. Head over to the Facebook and you'll find people bemoaning the lack of explicit instructions on where to place the containers on the RHTT - despite there being plenty of prototype photos available. Modellers could buy a few handrail knobs and some wire as required if it worries them. We used to do it all the time for RTR in the days when moulded on handrails had to be scraped off first. I suspect most people will be happy to have a big loco for so little money and not bother attacking it with a drill bit. This is still a lot cheaper than buying and building a kit.
  3. They might cost nothing to you but in the real world we are talking about going back to the factory and booking a production slot to produce a set of handrails. That IS a cost and even if it's borne, you won't see these handrails for several months. You can't just ring up the factory and say "Can you drop a few hundred handrails in the post." There won't be piles sitting around, they will need to be made by someone.
  4. Valid point. We are often told that US television is soooo much better than ours. That's more likely because we get to cherry pick the best bits to see and don't get all the dross. A bit saying a box of Quality Street is wonderful when all you've eaten are the purple ones and left the horrid strawberry things to someone less fortunate. Which would have been a problem with the original book - the only advantage is you could have had the defence "It's HG Wells wot dun it!" Or perhaps in a different bit of the same reality. During a Martian invasion, there would be lots of stories going on at the same time. If we ignore the second half of the final episode where they changed the ending, you could reasonably suggest that this story was going on at the same time as the HG Wells version.
  5. It's true... and Exact Editions is also corrected.
  6. I once saw Andrew Davies talking about TV adaption where he explained his approach. You often can't take the book straight off the page and on to the screen. My problem with WotW was that so little of it had come from the original. Had they not stuck WotW on the title and instead just claimed it to be a brand new series, then most of the objections would have gone (apart from the last few scenes with the sky clearing, that WAS rubbish) and we could have "enjoyed" people gawping at the scenes of destruction and Martians. As it was, Tom Cruise did it better.
  7. Where would they get "matching handrails" from? If they've not been made, they've not been made. After that there would be the inevitable models that are attempted to be returned because the modeller had drilled the holes in the wrong place. There are plenty of people who can't/won't plug pre-made details into pre-drilled holes (See ViTrains threads).
  8. Because a large layout with 4 operators is cheaper than 4 small layouts with 2 each once you pay food and accommodation? Because the public like big layouts? Big shows need big layouts. Even medium shows need big layouts. And I like small layouts. (And I have seen the layout in question and loved it.)
  9. I'm looking forward to the comments on here when that happens. I might say that all coaches look like Mk1's but suspect that others may be a bit picky when BR coaches are covered with sticky-backed plastic to represent something pre-grouping. On the other hand the "Hornby War of the Worlds" set would only be a paint job away.
  10. For those of us living in the times that should have been designed by Gerry Anderson, the big problem is that we know the Martian invasion didn't happen, and we also know a lot more about the planet so the red weed stuff is an issue. Personally, I'd have gone with a faithful version of the book (with Jeff Wayne sound effects for the Martian gun) and just accepted the historical and scientific anomalies. Mind you, I'd love the BBC to make accurate versions of the James Bond books as well. Maybe if I land the DG job next time.
  11. Talking to the large scale trade, they are very happy with it. When it was suggested that the range was being dropped, there were complaints. This wasn't true, it was just a re-packaging exercise. A new brake van swiftly joined the line.
  12. They are flashes forward to a post-invasion world. To be fair to the writers, if you insist on watching the whole thing on fast-forward then it's not their fault you can't follow the plot. Jumping back and forth in a timeline isn't a new idea, even if I'm not convinced it would be needed with a faithful adaption.
  13. I think the problem is that they called it "War of the Worlds" and so we all expected it to be an adaption of the book. Had the BBC simply punted it as a perfectly good sci-fi drama then it would be fine. There's a lot to like about this but it ISN'T WOTW, just something with some vaguely similar elements in a few places. Do this and we can focus on the drama and not keep wondering when they get back to the "proper" story. Interesting point. This is a 3-hour version. When the Beeb dramatised the children's novel "The Tripods" years ago, that was 13 half-hour parts - over twice the length of this. And book one of that was a bit thin on plot. (Goes away to grumble that proper Dr Who's are 4 parts...)
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