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  1. Nope. They look a bit broken to me too. I'll let the office know.
  2. Replacing a wing mirror doesn't make you a F1 driver, it does make you a car mechanic. Correcting factory errors teaches you useful hand-eye coordination and how to operate tools. Isn't that modelling?
  3. You want to see RTR improve. Others would prefer lower. It's all down to personal opinion. That's why you are seeing people disagree with you. Every RTR model is a compromise. Every one. Choosing where to compromise is the challenge for the manufacturer. They are the ones taking the risk financially and have to weigh up many variable. We only have to decide if a model is good enough for us to hand over cash. We could easily fill this forum with abuse hurled at manufacturers. Many smaller forums are precisely that and the members enjoy the "sport". Here, we try for a more balanced and hopefully realistic view. The error has been pointed out. It's up to modellers to decide what they would like to do about it.
  4. You said "I think we can safely assume the cost to Hornby for painting that would be zero" - NOT that they would absorb the cost to the end consumer. This is a very different thing. I'd be interested to see you put a figure on the point at which it no longer becomes possible to modify a model. From your postings, it's somewhere between £100 and £260 but that's a wide margin. Essentially if you want a model of this train, you options are: A) Buy a Hornby model and paint the grille if it bothers you. B) Scratchbuild. Option A costs £260. Option B is much harder work. Which you go for is down to the individual. Personally, I don't want any pristine RTR but that's just me. I don't care about residual value, I care about enjoying the model as much as I can now. Everyone is different though. Ultimately, it's down to the buyer. These are discretionary purchases so we get to vote with our wallets. Don't like it, don't buy it. Maybe they will then be sold off at a loss and the price dip below that threshold where tinkering is permitted.
  5. An excellent resource for anyone interested in this subject it Early Railways: A Guide for the modeller by Stephen Weston. If you fancy some modelling, then his Parliamentary Trains range is well worth a look. I've built a couple of them and they are very well designed.
  6. Because the cost of the spray mask would be nil and the person who does the painting should be paid? And paint is free of course.
  7. Ahh. I've just realised you are on Exact Editions, not Pocketmags. My instructions were for the later. Not sure off the top of my head how it works for Exact. I'll go away and have a look unless @AY Mod can help.
  8. As you click through the issue, it's in there. There are extra digital pages in each issue, some of which contain video or photo galleries.
  9. If you read the threads, you'll see that this is patently untrue. There are many divergent views on this project. Some are countered with facts because we have people who work in the industry with a greater understanding of the background to decisions taken. You appear to have come on here just to stick your head above the parapet and expect to be able to pronounce without anyone being allowed to respond. That's not how a forum works. It seems that you consider than only your opinion on this topic (and it's the only one you seem to be interested in) is acceptable.
  10. Virtually all your posts since you joined RMweb have been on the HS2 thread. It's almost as though you signed up JUST to complain about it. You wouldn't be the first to join with the intention of battling on a single issue and when this happens, it rarely ends well. Please prove me wrong.
  11. Can I remind you to play nice. If you get abusive then the post gets hidden and you end up on the naughty step. Thank you.
  12. What you mean is we should throw away all the work carried out in the past and start again. The problem HS2 is designed to solve won't have gone away so a solution still needs to be found. All this means is loads more money shovelled to lawyers and consultants. In 10 years time, the "new" plan will be presented and all the complains will start again in exactly the same form as they are now. And someone will undoubtedly suggest throwing that plan away and starting again. Those demanding binning this plan won't have bothered doing a little research - even reading this thread from start to finish - otherwise old chestnuts like re-opening the GCR which have been explained away here, and doubtless in the original planning of HS2, wouldn't re-surface. You are just trolling for attention now aren't you.
  13. Everyone has spare power cars. Before starting, make sure you can find sufficient centre coaches.
  14. You don't need a spray gun, just a paintbrush. The Ratio kit is nice, but fit metal wheels and brass bearings rather then the plastic ones in the kit. "Trying" would involve dropping tens of thousands of pounds tooling up for a new model. They probably feel there are more lucrative things to make at the moment.
  15. We've taken a quick look at some of the new Woodland Scenics range announced last week over on World of Railways, complete with idiot presenter video. https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/news/new-peelnplace-tuft-range-from-woodland-scenics/
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