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  1. You might want to hold fire on this. There seems to be an issue with the track gauge Lionel produced. I'm looking in to it for Garden Rail. I'll lock the thread until I have answers.
  2. I've been told that Classic Train & Motor Bus in Leamington Spa will commence limited opening hours on 16th June.
  3. Superglue, but as I say, it's difficult to glue so experiments are necessary.
  4. Rails of Sheffield reveal second EP of the Wainwright D Class https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/news/rails-of-sheffield-reveal-second-ep-of-the-wainwright-d-class
  5. Decorated samples of Heljan's 009 L&B Baldwin Lyn revealed. https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/news/decorated-samples-of-heljans-009-lb-baldwin-lyn
  6. Years ago, I was a hospital radio volunteer. We used to go around the wards gathering requests to play that evening. Sometimes you got an entire bay talking and it felt good. More an more over time you'd just get a mouthful of abuse about the hospital or how stupid you were trying to do something. It was one of the reasons I gave it up.
  7. All issues available here: https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/Store/Back-Issues
  8. On what I was earning, joining the union was financially out of the question. As I recall, it was 2% of the salary of the grade above me. To make matters worse, the local union rep was a big mover in the local Conservative party, so her reasons for doing the job were more to get out of work and interfere with people. No donkey jacket required! Since we are talking the early 1990s, I don't have pay slips and as I recall, the pension wasn't recorded on them at that time. Whether all this has affected my voting is between me and the ballot box. Still, I learnt an appreciation of the poorest paid in society and I don't care how many NHS workers don't want me to clap, or honk my old car horn, for them, I'll give the delivery drivers, cleaners, binmen, bus driver and supermarket staff a bit of appreciation.
  9. There is likely to be only 1 Director of Supply, but hundred of much lower paid people who are largely ignored in discussions about money. As for the pension thing - I worked for MAFF for 5 years. When they closed our office, all our pension records seemed to vanish in the mist. I know I wouldn't have built up much, but it would have been something. Still, I was one of the rubbish little people...
  10. Scalescenes launch a Canal Wharf Boxfile Layout kit https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/news/scalescenes-launch-a-canal-wharf-boxfile-layout-kit/
  11. Rails approve the artwork for their NER Railcar https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/news/rails-of-sheffield-approve-ner-railcar-artwork
  12. We're stuffed if "personal hygiene" is a requirement. I don't just mean smelly people - there's plenty who don't bother with hand washing after a trip to the gents.
  13. If anyone wants to run a Cakebox competition, there's nothing to stop you and we'd be happy to set up an area of RMweb to help - BUT I'm afraid you are on your own after that. Far from having extra time, the BRM team are busier than ever and it's going to get a LOT busier very soon, so we're not going to have the time to run more competitions than we are right now.
  14. We are running some short modelling competitions in the "Get Britain Modelling" section of RMweb: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/forum/353-get-britain-modelling/ Look for the "See it/make it" challenges and give them a go!
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