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  1. 4D Models launches "Build a Tree" service https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/news/4d-models-launches-build-a-tree-service
  2. The more I look at the latest restrictions, which include a ban on using public transport, I'm forced to face the idea that despite half-hearted protestations, we are in for a second country-wide lockdown in the next few weeks. Looking at all the local lockdowns, none of these have been lifted in any meaningful way despite changes in numbers, so the national version is likely to become permanent - or at least "while a vaccine is made available" which is as good as. On the plus side, it's going to mean a lot more modelling time for some, on the downside, the economic crash means the government makes toy train shows the least of our worries.
  3. Planet Industrials announce a kit for the Clayton 25t diesel shunter https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/news/planet-industrials-announce-a-kit-for-the-clayton-25t-diesel-shunter
  4. Great British Model Railway Show Date of show: 7th/8th November 2020 Following the Prime Minister’s announcement last Wednesday when he introduced ‘The Rule of Six’, it has been decided, reluctantly, to concede defeat and cancel this year’s show in November. Venue, the British Motor Museum and organiser, Publishing Works Ltd., had been confident that they could stage a safe, enjoyable and Covid-compliant event with measures in place to protect visitors, staff and exhibitors that would more than meet current requirements. However, with restrictions increasing, rather than being relaxed and with the clock ticking, a decision had to be reached. The announcement last week had also led to a number of traders and exhibitors pulling out of the show, increasing the degree of difficulty at this stage. We know that many people will be disappointed, especially those who booked tickets in advance, but we will be back next year with a bigger and better show for everyone to enjoy in a more relaxed environment than is currently possible. The show’s organisers would like to thank everyone for their support and encouragement to get the show on and trust we can count on a similar level of support next year. The dates for 2021 are 30th & 31st October. Paul Appleton, Organiser, GBMRS 15th September 2020 Anyone requiring a ticket refund should go to www.gbmrs.com/tickets for instructions on how to claim their money back
  5. Warners have always tried to keep copies on shelves all the way through the publishing period according to a meeting I attended a couple of years ago. However, the world is strange, the news trade distribution is strange and so working out how many to print is challenging at the moment. If you want to ensure your copy - buy a subscription. It saves you money and is a big help to the magazine as the income from subs is higher thanks to lower distribution costs, some of which is passed back to you. There are magazines (not BRM etc.) who make no money at all from news stand sales!
  6. Apart from the shape and not being designed to fit on a Transcontinental motor bogie, almost identical.
  7. Heljan unveils Yorkshire Engine Co. Class 02 diesel shunter https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/news/heljan-unveils-yorkshire-engine-co-class-02-diesel-shunter
  8. London Model Engineering Exhibition 2021 Cancelled https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/news/london-model-engineering-exhibition-2021-cancelled
  9. Heljan show more Class 25 decorated samples https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk//News/heljan-show-more-class-25-decorated-samples?postId=3ddc5f42-3b5d-4b75-aa11-0cb4f8baa64d
  10. Update your Peckett with a conversion kit from Planet Industrials https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/news/update-your-peckett-with-a-conversion-kit-from-planet-industrials
  11. Contents View from the end of the platform Rush Hour on the Little Angel by Andy Taylor Regauging Hogwarts Express by Ben Bucki Building a Drewery railmotor by John Mileson Getting all fired up by Mark Thatcher The Woodland Cottage garden railway by Dave Skertchly A Merry time at Merryvale by Mark Thatcher Beeston Castle from Thermalite blocks by Rik Bennett The Lyme Regis Radials by Alan Macfarlane Product News Mailbox Diary Dates/Next Month Just what the vicar ordered by Vaughan Collier
  12. Not enough demand to make it viable - there are people who would like the information, but very few willing to actually pay for it. Leaving aside the considerable printing and distribution costs, it would now take at least 6 months full-time work to bring the information up to date. That alone makes even an online version look unlikely. Never say never, but if it was done, a significant investment would be required.
  13. I'd rate the earlier Monty's as some of the best you can buy along with the Dapol plastic figures. Loads of detail and properly proportioned. However, both ranges are fairly limited. 3D printed people have the benefit that the pose and proportions will be absolutely spot on. Like @Torper, I'm not convinced mega detail is required - it certainly won't rescue a badly proportioned figure. I see 4mm scale as the same as viewing a real scene at a distance. You won't see people's eyeballs, but will notice their shape.
  14. I tend to use Woodland Scenics and Hornby Scale Scenics scatters for all jobs - The WS is available in big tubs which makes it reasonably economical. Colours tend to be mid green, with occasional lighter greens for highlights or if I'm modelling a high summer scene. For hedges, it pays to put the scatter in a plastic tub (ones from the Chinese takeaway are perfect) so you can sprinkle the scatter on the hedge and collect the excess easily. Hope this helps.
  15. I don't know where you saw this - the last edition was the 9th and there are currently no plans for a new edition.
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