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  1. I envy you that! Missing my Manx trip this year, and probably next...
  2. Only books 1-26 are canon. Everything else should be ignored. And Annie and Calarabel are bogie coaches. That is a FACT!
  3. Interesting piece on "new" Thomas here: https://thesifblog.blogspot.com/2020/11/thomas-2021-what-to-expect.html?fbclid=IwAR26qkU2dRRsdeRM1EI4V7Ob-TcbfmjFdwwYpgJ7m-Y4-yrTPBvXJ6wv5Lc&m=1
  4. You might find Step 5 of my Furness Quay build useful: https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/techniques//building-a-micro-layout-step-by-step
  5. You don't say what sort of point motors you are using - assuming Peco, Seep or another solenoid, I'd say yes. A CDU is cheap and will give the points plenty of omph. If you want to switch two at once, you definitely need one for reliable operation. OK, you might get away with it without, but it's not really worth it.
  6. I had this explained to me by a diecast manufacturer. They always produced the popular colours in the second batch as it increased sales.
  7. It depends when the production slot is booked. If that is before the preorder numbers are in then all you can do is make an educated guess at quality. Would anyone here have said without the benefit of hindsight that this coach would be a massive seller? Possibility one of the biggest of the year? It's certainly not one you'd want to be left with stock of, noone without a Rocket is likely to buy one after all. Another batch means booking another slot in the future but then something else gets bumped. Anyone be willing to miss their APT for another batch of these? The
  8. And no one of has any idea where the problem lies - but are still willing to pile on here and slag people off. Before this turns into yet another witch-hunt, I'm locking the thread. If anyone comes up with some facts and evidence, I'll re-open it again.
  9. I'd suggest that recent efforts to get product into new outlets has paid off. Some might look down on shops like Wilko (suppliers of my favourite scenic paint) and others, but they were open during lockdown so placing Airfix kits in there will have boosted sales and increased visibility of the brand. I know that broadening the retail base has been a big part of Hornby's work over the last few years. Unlike previous management, Lyndon and Tim especially seem under the impression that putting products on shelves where people can buy it is a good thing...
  10. Adjust it all you like. Most drivers never read a copy once they pass their test. Everything is dangerous. Trains generally can't steer themselves into the path of other trains, unlike road transport. I've often thought that if you invented cars today, the idea that opposing traffic with closing speeds of 120mph, could be kept apart by painting a line along the middle of the road, would be laughed at. I suspect that mandatory re-examination would also be included in any plan, as it is for airlines and I think rail. Suggest that every driver has a refresher twi
  11. Looks like Ben answered all the questions and now the thread is spinning off topic. Time to lock it.
  12. I have a similar lamp - I'm not worried about the curved glass, but need a replacement circular bit for the front. Suggestions welcomed.
  13. I'm sure you think this is hilarious, but bearing in mind the deliberatly inflammatory title of this topic, I don't. Keep it civil or the thread gets locked.
  14. OK - we're well away from the Class 47. Either get back on topic or the thread will be locked.
  15. I've talked to more than one manufacturer who says the labour cost is the biggest share of the manufacturing price. All our models are hand built, and we keep demanding more and more fiddly bits be attached.
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