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  1. Is it possible that they are different people? The people on trains will discern a benefit from high speed rail. All the people moaning see is that their view might be slightly altered to no benefit to themselves (Yes, I know more rail capacity etc. but that doesn't wash with the man on the Chiternmouth-Nimby SUV)
  2. Over on World of Railways technique section: https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/techniques/how-to-paint-laser-cut-brickwork/
  3. This thread is generating much more heat than light, so I think it's probably time everyone moved on. Thread locked.
  4. Supply has been an issue, Peco and Metcalfe (both manufacturing the UK) are the biggest issues that come to mind - but that has largely been solved. 1) Get in touch with the store. By telephone ideally, don't rely on e-mail or the store reading your complaint on a forum. 2) Even in these days, normal rules still apply. Money shouldn't be taken for products that can't be supplied. I'm not sure how starving the retail trade of sales is supposed to help them though. While there will be exceptions, those selling online have had an except
  5. There speaks someone with no concept of the mind-boggling cost of one of these venues and the commensurate risk the organisers are taking on.
  6. Which is ironic, because according to the interview I saw this morning, the vote was mainly a protest against new planning laws coming in. It's almost like all these people don't want any new houses in their area. The irony of a party leader banging on about a "greener" future whilst opposing electrically powered mass transit never quite passes me by.
  7. Talking to a friend involved in planning, the passengers might not be back in time. It seems that in an effort to spare them from trains full of football fans heading to London, they were put on a service that has an "interesting" path to dodge every other train on the network! I did ask if they were on a Pacer... However, if they DO decide to have another go, I promised to lend them something faster.
  8. Accurascale Class 37 Update https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/wor/news/accurascale-class-37-update/
  9. The day people actually want to read good news, things will change. However, we are conditioned to click on, or pay for bad news due to millions of years of evolution. That might explain why, on a popular model railway forum, it's the highly critical or controversial topics that attract the most traffic.
  10. If you are interested in writing your efforts up, I'm sure we'd be interested in publishing. It's a massive job for a staff member to do timewise, which is why it's more suited to a freelancer doing the modification as a hobby and looking to recoup some of the cost of the work through publishing. PM me if you are planning to do it and I'll advise on photography etc.
  11. Contents View from the end of the platform Gladstone Park by Andy Parkins A Skylark for the Long and Short of It by Roger Danes Pottery cottage by Dave Skertchly Radio Controlled Points by David Anderson Times they are a-changin’ by Mark Thatcher Going colonial while enhancing a railbus by David Gibbon Two signal boxes for Clumber Central by Jim Smith Mailbox Product News Diary Dates/Next Month Readers Models
  12. Sierra Leone Railway Hunslet kit to be re-released in O16.5 https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/news/sierra-leone-railway-hunslet-kit-to-be-re-released-in-o16-5/
  13. The Model Railway Club recreates historic King’s Cross railway workers’ mug https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/news/the-model-railway-club-recreates-historic-kings-cross-railway-workers
  14. Putting together YouTube video isn't that different from exhibiting a layout. You shell out lots of your own cash and many hours of your time to entertain others. At a show, there are nice comments over the barrier, on the web, you pick up likes and (hopefully) pleasant comments on your video. Very few, if any, model railway YouTubers care covering their costs if you include time, materials and equipment. You've got to do it for the love of showing off - just like exhibiting a layout!
  15. You've just made @AY Mod very happy. Next time he does a review, he doesn't need to waste time doing any prototype research or crafting his photos. A few out of focus shots, read the words on the box and announce "It's a TWAIN!" and the job is done...
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