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  1. Updates on this layout is now on my website: tonysmodelrailways.co.uk Tony
  2. All I have done is added the factory/mill as an art gallery, removed the graveyard and added some new buldings, and I'm currently repainting the backscenes, as the original printed paper had cockled... Then I'll be adding as many suitable cars/lorries/buses and stalls to give it the impression of an special event at the railway... Tony
  3. UPDATE: 23rd OCTOBER 2018 I've been making some radical decisions!!! My layouts will now be Coombe Bridge (009), Hockenhull Platts (O9) and Colorado Heritage Railroad (On30). and my Gn15 Sandhills Estate Railway. Work will stop on my other layouts, which may be sold or just stored. I'm waiting for the expected bad weather to come and pass, before emptying my shed, lining it and placing Coombe Bridge in there, with Colorado Heritage runing around the sides of the shed (10'x8') with a 'duck under' across the shed door. Forks Trestle will be across the opposite end to the door, which should fit with enough space for two curves to join two 4 foot boards each side towards another curve across the door. The shed will be covered by CCTV and my alarms will be upgraded, but the stock will not be kept in there, but kept in the house (as usual) after 'play' has finished. The electric heaters will also be reinstalled ready for some (but probably not that many!!!) sessions during the winter season!!!.
  4. I've dropped the Snow Leopard Scientific Expedition, which will give me time to concentrate on modelling, especially Coombe Bridge. So I'll be getting on with it shortly... Tony
  5. Bother!!! - relatives who were coming on Saturday, now deciding to come Sunday. Probably were stuck on the M25!!!! So I could have attended on Saturday, but now it's too late!!! Bother!!!! Hope you have a good time at the show... Maybe next year!!! Tony
  6. Yes, it has two methods of making a "roundy-roundy". the first is to start from the siding that leads to the second board and follow the track up to the top of the layout, then through the tunnel, where the track runs down to the exit you started from and so one. The second way is to start at the bottom go through the first tunnel, then there a point (seen through the inspection hole, lower right) which joins the track running down from the top tunnel and the train will exit the tunnel by where you started!!! At the back of the layout, there's a loop that trains could be held, while another train can be released and exit the lower tunnel mouth!!! Loads of operational fun!!!!! I'm looking forward to getting it ready for exhibition, but looking at the very tight clearances within the layout, I'll have to be very selective with locos and stock, so no Garretts and the like... Tony
  7. It appears it was based on a Cyril Freezer plan, but modified to incorporate a roundy-roundy "avoidance" line!!! The gap on the lower right is where the panel fits over to cover the "track maintenance" area... Thanks for the info from club members!!!
  8. This was an Ebay win in 2011 and is an unfinished 4'x2' 'Rabbit Warren' style 009 layout. I was told it was based on a Cyril Freezer plan in a 1960's RM, so I'd like to know which issue it was in or which Peco plan book it may be featured in? I wondered if Cyril suggested what it should be used as? slate mine? or whatever... and I would like to finish it off and get it on the exhibition circuit! All the track works, so I just need to sort some of the electrics, then ballasting and scenics can commence, but as what? Tony
  9. Cardigan This article shows the area in more detail and shows how near the line runs to the tidal river. https://www.welshwildlife.org/wtsww-news/wetland-trail-closure/ and no, the closure isn't to relay the railway back, but to repair the paths of the Wetland Centre... Tony
  10. The SSSI I was refering to was the one across Teifi Marshes which is from past the Welsh Wildlife Centre to Cardigan. which uses the old trackbed of the railway under the new 'flyover' into the area of Cardigan station/goods yard, which is now an industrial estate.
  11. yes it is!!! just found it on http://www.ukmodelshops.co.uk/events Sat 25th - Sun 26th - Corris Railway Society - Model Railway Exhibition The Plas, Aberystwyth Road, Machynlleth, Powys The Corris Railway Society's annual exhibition will feature models in various scales inc vintage Big-Big Trains and Tri-ang TT. As might be expected there will be a good narrow gauge presence with models in OO9, 7mm and 16 mm scales. Trains will also be operating on the Corris Railway, 4 miles from the exhibition venue.
  12. Is there one this year? I'm in Mach on Sunday, so I was hoping it was running this year! Tony
  13. Cardigan. Tidal river setting. Goods yard. Harbour. Good freight and passenger, depending on what period your modelling... and if they reopen the line... modern image - although I'm sure they'll be lots of protests (including me!!!), as the original line runs through the wildlife trust's SSSI... Tony
  14. Just found out that one of them was a small white-painted Ruston Hornsby 0-4-0 DM shunter - belonging to 'Lythgoe Bros Ltd' Tony
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