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  1. Some of the decals "may" be on the decal sheet for the NGS chemical tank kit 37 if I recall correctly. Scott
  2. I am wondering if it was a train of two portions and combined somewhere south of KO. Scott
  3. Agree on all the points you raise Woodenhead, however, this dearth has being going on before Covid. As has already been mentioned, re-releases were almost annual not so long back. Scott
  4. March 1983 skirtless (Dave Jolly) https://www.flickr.com/photos/hoover29/8757980063/in/photolist-ekUWmg-pFEaDV-2mkgcFR-2m7PTna-2hojMKL-eWdMV5-tHbLso-2igm1cQ-2ioeQag-r46QcD-2jboJz5-LtB51x-KDuMFm-787Jav-DpTdTf-LqZeXm-KDuM2q-dLk6iW-La5TGo-24NC5XJ-f4KDRP-k8R42J-bo5ibd-b8f1TZ-eeYGn5-2kAHjeA-2ahgYyK-2kAfFwj-CuNEhB-dnvMFU-f4KDSt-CN8tTa-de9gQC-LtB4gB-YyomCH-LtB3gv-2kqTkFx-LqZcFC-o9ZJuq-GRV3Nw-eee636-wp8QNn-LtB4NZ-nvZgjV-dQoT44-fyqaFT-Ywmie5-pe6YBa-J8Pnbf-2iLmYYS By December 1984 it had at least had its headcode boxes painted black. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8682305829/in/photolist-eee636-wp8QNn-LtB4NZ-nvZgjV-dQoT44-fyqaFT-Ywmie5-pe6YBa-J8Pnbf-2iLmYYS-2kVcFcf-KchdzZ-LtB3Yx-2iJYHwj-dtEvBQ-fqVxY2-4kscro-b8Bqhv-de9gNE-b8BrZ8-dTtzjD-2emtPGf-fh9vT5-2m9oXQR-rskFv8-dNvWzH-aMaUXr-GT4Sfb-wBe32a-zkP3WY-MKtK67-9RwSs5-diNxBK-hXCbzH-5W3AQ8-MCnNnz-bPju76-n2g92F-dA4vFj-9HTP7j-ek8FZh-cADTj1-boo7R9-bCEQQY-zwiVoV-2bkTdSA-bEcSwY-2fWxiSc-HYRh1s-dKQpBK HTH Scott
  5. They also ventured down the Hindlow branch to Briggs Sdgs. There is a picture out there in cyberspace but it eludes me at the moment to link it. HTH Scott
  6. Ahh, yes. Thanks and apologies to Bomag. Likewise I am not aware of any 105s in White/Blue. I seem to recall that the white & blue livery had something to do with Metropolitan PTE's back in the day ? Maybe that is why Anglia escaped the livery as I doubt there were many PTE's out that way such as WMPTE, SYPTE, GMPTE etc although I think the Cambridge-Royston shuttles had white & blue examples of the 101s.
  7. Are you sure they were all LMR allocated ? There were Norwich & Lincoln allocted 105s
  8. Thanks Will, that be them :-) Scott
  9. I would say you are spot on there Mike. When these were first proposed Cav/Alex uploaded a historical train guide in two parts, pre & post privatisation complete with illustrations and dates, pretty much like Revolution used to do. Maybe that could be made available somewhere ?
  10. In the image linked previously in this thread (and here again below) the third wagon back is what I take to be the (standard) Redland livery which is available in packs CM PG012 N (R) TP A/B/C/D, the bracketed (R) being for Redland I assume, and either with or without the protection panel. Product Description Set of 3 Redland PGA 51T Hopper Wagons The fourth, fifth and 6th wagons back are what I would assume to be the Larger Redland CM PG012 N (LR) TP A (the bracketed (LR) being for Large Redland I assume. Product Description Set of 3 Redland Large Logo PGA 51T Hopper Wagons It is clear that this version, which I think first appeared early 1989, maybe late 1988 ? have a larger Redland logo to me, as you would expect with a Large Logo Redland product description. I do not believe you have any of these illustrated Paul as your collection predates these from what I have observed. I hope that clears things up and I apologise for the lack of clarity previously, maybe it was not as obvious as I thought, or maybe I have it all wrong and the Large Redland Logo is not what I thought it to be, ie the fouth, fifth and six wagons as per the illustration. I was just trying to get things clearer for those with lesser knowledge of the liveries than myself, not that I am an officianado by any stretch of the imagination, but if i am correct, the larger logo is not depicted as such in the train pack illustration as to my eye it appears the same size as the normal Redlands.
  11. Now enlarged upon, excuse the pun.
  12. On the illustrations for the packs it looks like the Redland logo is the same size as the packs of standard Redland logo. The larger logo does not appear any larger, at least to my eye. The larger logo, being larger, finishes further down the bodyside. For those not overly familiar with the liveries (and there have been questions already) this fact does not appear to be depicted and people may not be familiar with what they are purchasing.
  13. It looks as though the image for the larger logo Redland set may be incorrect ?
  14. Not so sure about that Mike as the wagons were painted with the mid grey stripe from new(ish). There are many images on the web that show the mixed rakes with the all green versions that came later in their lives. Back in 1980/81 they operated as a uniform rake with grey stripes behind 2x25 or 45s. I was in for a rake or two of these when first proposed and spoke to Alex at some show or other about them. They are going to cost more through Rails but my support will be there for sure.
  15. Well the 47's weren't far away judging by the sound dubbing of the 37 leaving Ft Bill and crossing through the gates at Morar LOL Scott
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