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  1. As a keen follower of KL2 somehow I had managed to miss the fact that you had started on this build Jeff. Anyhow, I have just spent the last three hours reading through the project so far and have to say that the viaduct, even at this stage, is simply stunning. Looking forward to continuing to follow during 2021. All the best, and a better 2021 than 2020. Scott B
  2. Also ran from Three Spires Jnct (Coventry Colliery) to Didcot. Scott
  3. 31418 in the original series and after refurbishment, 31444 & 31450. Scott
  4. They look great Duncan, especially with all the individual paint jobs. I cannot believe that in this day and age we still have no decent RTR example of this wagon in N. May have to resort to looking at what can be done to the Farish example, especially the hideously thick chassis. Regards Scott
  5. Here you go. One of three images of what look like curtainsiders on John Turners Flickr site. Going by the dates of the images I would think that any blue "doored" versions that are pictured with brown/white UKF versions had, at that point, clearly escaped the repainting program. Scott
  6. 20154 allocation history since the 1970's, a brief two year spell as a Scottish based loco, a month at Haymarket, a month or two at Motherwell with a two year spell at Eastfield in the middle. Gen from the excellent Roger Harris Allocation History of BR Diesel & Electrics. Toton 5/73 Tinsley 12/79 Immingham 7/80 Tinsley 1/82 Haymarket 4/84 Eastfield 5/84 Motherwell 5/86 Toton 7/86 Stored (U) 8/4/93 Wdn 23/12/93 HTH Scott
  7. If you have an airbrush, a very light spray with white would tone the gravel down. HTH Scott
  8. I agree and I am certainly not getting tired of the updates, keep them coming Grahame.
  9. C for me out of the three but I still think it looks too large, sorry. Are none of the ballasts available from the like of GreenSceene/Woodland Scenics etc not suitable ? Scott
  10. Not sure where the text went on the last post, but ..... Well they look just superb. Scott
  11. Yes, I am using the Dapol Magnetic couplings, in this case the medium length variety. The pins are pushed as far as I can get them upwards but they still caught the points. Having now donned my magnification visor I can see that there is a cut out/notch on the original coupling arms that allow the shank to clear the underside of the buffer beam and then permit the coupling head to sit higher between the buffers (if you see what I mean). This notch has been replicated on the Dapol magnetic coupling this afternoon with the aid of a small diamond coated file and all is now
  12. I have medium dapols on mine at present which seemed to be ok. Big issue for me is that the couplings seem a tad lower and the Dapol couplings are fouling in peco points due to the height being lower. Scott
  13. Make a small funnel out of aluminium foil. HTH Scott
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