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  1. Yes, I know, but my shop only had Springside LNER ones no BR or other regions, in April when they reopened, and I can only tell in photos, I also fitted them to my King I got at Christmas. All my other locos have BR ones. Hope to visit this Thursday or Saturday and get the early crest 94 and some more lamps if they have some.
  2. Not sure if there is a dedicated thread on the BK mod, could not find one so thought I would share my mod to the BK mod for the Hornby tails. So this wet Thursday just gone, I decided at last to do the BK mod to all my coach rake ends only, and a few wagon ends. The magnets I chose were 1.5x30x15 fridge type, and only £3.95 pack 54 from Ebay., which I trimmed to 12mm and just stuck on top of sleepers then weathered. What to do about the Hornby ones which are attracted to the magnet so they will not raise? Bit of thought and trimmed a small piece of mag strip and glued width way
  3. Decided to stick with GM, so bought their panel mount simulator controller 'U' new, direct from GM. Mounted it in a frame to use as a Hand Held, or on control panel, as in photos, able to source 'sounds' so not a big issue. Superb, esp with my Baccy. 94xx.
  4. Oh dear, may have to forgo this for now as may take a while for updates to sort this and the other Android sound issues.
  5. Had another look, much confused (no pun). Not really tech savvy, which why I didn't go DCC, last exhibition attended in 2019, saw 2 locos crash head on, on a single track branchline with operators frantically pressing all buttons to no avail! And a complete waste of entrance money as most of DCC layouts just would not work properly.
  6. Yes, I meant to type 'Ha' not Ta.
  7. No worries, just couldn't get brain in gear last few days.
  8. Yes, someone posted the link on page 3 of thread, but here it is. https://d63oxfkn1m8sf.cloudfront.net/5016/1789/5051/HM_._DC__Instruction_Manual_UK_1-4-2021.pdf Very useful info, still debating between this and GM simulator. Also my ignorance what is a BLT layout?
  9. Good video, perhaps he could have moved up one on the PWM setting, to see if it was a compromise between slow running and noise. My Baccy 94XX, 8750, N class are totally silent on my GM100M. Would not want to cause long term damage, certainly not to the 94XX. Will continue to follow this with interest.
  10. I knew would not be as good as DCC but OK for me, have a Train Tech unit in a class 37 which is Ok. any ways the way this looks and saw Hby videos this evening looks as though you can only set a max speed and acceleration/deceleration in steps as in DCC and just sit back and do nothing. I know that my GM WS inertia did similar but with my input, maybe I'm wrong. Had a good go with DCC at a well known Lincoln shop with a large demonstration layout and DCC makes, and that was enough to put me off. So now leaning back to the either another GM-WS or the Trax. Childminding GD (3) aga
  11. This looks very interesting was at the point of ordering a Trax FC1-A hand held to replace my broken GM WS (my grandaughter, so a payable repair) then I came upon this thread. I am only really interested in the sound features, but will leave off a decision on Trax for a few more days I think, I spoke to Trax this morning even, to confirm the DIN plugged one will work straight into my GM100M. Looked at the Hornby forum thread on this and seems Android phones have issues with the sound loops pausing. Known issue on android on with latency anyway, nowt to do with Hornby, IOS okay.
  12. Finally got round to adding the bits and real coal, and a bit more weathering than intended. Cut back Tension lock to buffers for closer coupling, buffers actually retract on 2.75 radius. Pics always show more detail e.g. shows more dust than at normal viewing at 8" plus. Doh.
  13. Point taken maybe I should have been clearer, not just for the Manors but also on the 37 thread. Some peeps ask if loco No. 12345 from 1964 when it was modified with the oogemeflick and buckhorn widget gizmo to improve performance for example, will be made, but only lasted that year and only that loco had the modification and then went back to standard, if you see what I mean. There was one slightly exasperated reply from Accura on either Deltic or 37 thread but quite away back. Now I'm sounding confused.
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