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  1. Nice work. Good idea about the buildings worth nicking. Don
  2. If you wanted to post some music Matty Groves would have been better than Al Bowley. Great work on the layout test track. Mind you 'the cicle is complete' is not quite true even if you use battery power locos lack steering once you come of the end of the rails. Looking forward to the 'Golden Track Pin' moment to be captured for the parishioners we hope. Don
  3. Oddly living in earshot of the WSR I dont hear much clanking from GWR locos unlike some others. Mind you this year I haven't heard any clanking at all. Don
  4. Reputedly yes but I dont knoow if there is definite documentation. Don
  5. Well the Barnum And Bailey trains started in 1872 , I dont know whether they had elephants back then but it is quite likely that by Edwardian times the idea of an elephant being a big beast was well established and they would have been seen appeaing all over the county. I quite liked Edwardian's oblique reference. Don by the time I had checked when the tains started others had posted. Sometimes I feel as though I could just sit here and someone would post whateve I wanted to say sooner or later.
  6. Hardly what one would expect on an old fashioned layout . Learn to love the Dean Goods Don
  7. The Dean goods knocks spots off it whether round topped boile or Belpaire. Don
  8. Well going by the labels in my shirts and jackets I am a medium and reasonably happy. MArion said she has planted some in the garden. What a strange world (or strange not of this world if you like). I have the impression those like the one in the picture were nearly all con artists and arranged trickery so probably quite happy until they were caught out. Nice to see you is post accounts mood. Is this the Lawyers equivalent of the silly season? Don
  9. I know my desire to capture operations at Dolgelly would be easier in a smaller scale but I have 0 gauge kits in stock for locos and some stock not to mention a lovely Small SS 4-4-0. That is one of the attactions of this thread. Capturing the atmosphere in a small space. Don
  10. Donw


    A pleasure to watch Ian. Don
  11. There is a rather excellent book which I have but dont keep looking at it. I was a member of the BGS for a while many years ago. There wasn't much stuff available then. I have stood on the footplate of an Iron Duke in steam. Unfornately there was not enough track to move it. I could imagine it hurtling along. Mind you I dont suppose Iron Dukes ever went down the West Somerset line mostly the 4-4-0ST I think. If you want to see Bulk road track have a look at Modbury https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/100693-modbury/ It is modelled as re-gauged but done very nicely. Now there is an idea doing BG in 2mm I could have those big sweeping curves which I haven't room for in 7mm. Don
  12. The problem with the last sentence is the people in charge tend to be greedy ones often greed for power is their motivation. It is unlikely that the will keep thier own greed in check we hope they keep each others within limits but they often make our lives a misery one way or another. Regarding your earlier comment my use of the term fair is from the definition of Equity Fair and Impartial. We have to accept that we cannot all play football as well as Ronaldo but does that justify him getting higher wages than a fourth division player who may train as hard and put in as much effort as Ronaldo although to less effect. Well I certainly dont believe top footballers deserve such high wages but I dont think it would work if all were paid equally. Fairness is a judgement and all too often one persons opinion of what's fair is imposed on another. Partiality is a fact of life you may prefer coffee to tea no problem there but we all like to choose our friends it would seem odd if we we were obliged to be equally friends with people we didn't like. On the other hand to be excluded from a group of friends can be very hurtful. It is also very difficult not to warm more to one job applicant than another but to automatically downrate all persons of a race or colour or any other distinguishing characteristic is unacceptable. So to mind mind is favouring an applicant on the grounds that we need to maintain a racial balance. I agree with Edwardian's view there will always be a pyramid with the few at the top living fat on the many below. No one wanta to be at the bottom but a lot are happy to be somewhere in the middle especially if they believe they are in the top 50% that is what allows the few to keep control. Don
  13. Two points Firstly Edwadian is right your comment about the flag is shocking in today's enviroment not to us in 1979. Equity can make a nonsense of much of life. Sport would be pointless if it was regarded as unacceptable for anyone to be running faster than eveyone else, or the high jump bar lowered for shorter people. It depends how you define fair and impartial. Partiality is natural I prefer to listen to certain muscians as do others that partiality affects their earnings. One the the most unfair starts in life can be ignorant, uncaring parents no amount of help late can make up for a poor start. It could take away the incentive for anyone to strive to do better. I found maths and science easy it didn't take much effort on my behalf others find them difficult subjects. You could say it would be fairer for me to have harder questions in an exam. In truth that would probably just put me further ahead. Accepting the inherent unfairness of life is a necessary start ensuring that we dont increase the natural unfairness should be our aim and aleviaing severe problems our practice but ironing out all the unfairness wouldn't work as it would reduce incentive. Don
  14. Oh very nice. Not sure I should keep looking there was a very nice and quite modelable Boad Gauge terminus just a mile away and I could easily be distracted. Don
  15. Donw


    Superb piece of work Ian. Will she be on goods trains or pasenger duties? Don
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