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  1. Jim that's what an artist does but uses experience to get there much quicker. You will see and artist mixing paint on a pallet to get the right shade but using experience to know how the colour will be likely to change as it dries. An Artist also tends to be observant and paint things the colour they actually see not th colour we think they are. Another skill of the artist is composition and I think your choice of the buildings shows some flair for composistion. Don
  2. I thought noise comming from the Stepper might have been the cause I hadn't suspected the power supply. Yes you could try the sketch again. Don
  3. Someone being a bit lazy there Jim I think. Don
  4. My preference has always been to start with the crossings. Start with the most awkward bit of pointwork typically a double slip once you have those crossing marked you can align the crossings leading up to it. So in your example I would start with the diamond and work my way outward. As you say it is a personal choice. Don
  5. BT should have digitised maps of where there plant is which should show the edge of the roads and the kerbs. You do need to know whether a joint box in in the highway or foootpath. Mind you in the old paper plans days we were looing for a aprticular joint box that seemed to be missing. We worked out the highway had been raised about 10ft to 15ft (road leading to Telford New Town). Yes the joint box was still there just not accessible. I hung on to one or two maps that I saw had railway info Shifnal was one. Ooops probably committed and offence there. Do hope you are 100% soon
  6. The only thing I know about that could do that is to go into Sleep Mode. There is a a Sleep mode which shuts down most activities although it should hold current data in memory and wait for an external stimulus to restart. However I can see nowhere were the Sleep function would be called and you would need the appropriate includes . So I do not think it is that. I would check the Arduino is ok by running something simple that just blinks a few leds and is not connected to the stepper just in case the Arduin is faulty. If that is ok I would have a look atusing the legacy mode just to see
  7. When you say it stops I presume that means the arduino stops running too or does the on board led continue flashing?
  8. Now we know something is jamming the Arduino I cannot see anything in your code that would just stop the arduino unless with the ENPin HIGH it cannot perform the DigitalWrite(step_PIN, !digitalRead(step_PIN));// step motor and is stuck on that instruction. I would move that statement by putting a copy following the Digitalwrite(ENPIN, LOW) statement within the if brackets. So if it fails both if conditions it will not try the step . It may then just stop stepping but keep looping. Don
  9. Unless of course it is failing to read the DCC Input pin correctly which seems no less likely than the Arduino stopping running. Unless there is something in those parameters which can be set by software that limits the numbers of steps the motor can take. Or there is some overheating and the tmc2208 is shutting it down. Perhaps there is some kind of interrupt triggered by the TMC2208. The only difference from your description was that it was ok with manual operation of the end stop switches. When something stops working the firt question I ask is what has changed? What I suggested shou
  10. When designing fans we discovered that replacing the vanes on a fan with a circular strip of open cell foam it would still work as an extractor fan. Don
  11. If both step1 and step2 are HIGH the loop will just keep cycling. The scope pin will alternate but at at a one millisecond display may not seem so. If it works with you manually operating the switches it could be something to do with them. Don Edit I would suggest putting a 500 millisecond delay before and after the digitalwrite(scope, LOW) just for a test, With a LED on the output it would show whether the loop was just running non stop by blinking.
  12. One tip for anyone using three links. I use a steel wire ( as sold for wire in tube is fine) for the business end of my uncoupling hook. Being stiffer than brass or NS wire it can be thinner and thus less likely to jam between the hook and the links. The other tip is I found when exhibiting children were so much better than me at coupling up. Don
  13. Very nice. I do rather like three links myself. The the days I took a layout to exhibitions I did't find it annoying even for a two day show. It also gets up close and personal with the stock. I look forward to seeing more. Don
  14. Having already had my Covid jab you will know I am of an earlier generation than James. However I was well aware of Gay people when young. Having been exposed to it for example propositioned in a toilet, had a drivers hand feeling towards my crotch whilst driving along, and when being offered a place to crash was woken by being cuddled upto in my sleeping bag by a man. In nearly all cases when I indicated that I was not that way inclined they were accepting and polite. I have never had a problem with other people's sexual inclinations unless they are forcing them on others. I have no
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