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  1. I also use a hand drill of that type not quite of that standard (plastic handle not nice polished wood). I find the minicraft electric high speed drill inclined to skid off maring the surface of something before you are aware of it. I am much more in control of the egg beater. Don
  2. I would assume Clay tiles would come from similar places to bricks so an easy run to Kings Cross Don
  3. Looks good amazing how you got the tree reflections in the river without modelling the trees Well thats three weeks work for anyone else. Don
  4. Nice to hear from you Chris. How is Pencarrow coming on? Don
  5. If Brian were to run lockwork engines on a baseboard at a sensible height it is quite sensible for elderly persons. None of that grubbing under the baseboard with wires. Most will go round corners so can be fitted in a small enough space. Huge layouts can be tiring if you need to walk from end to end. I suppose most steam enthusiasts gravitate to 16mm or G1 so there isn't a ready made market for 0 gauge ones. I think that may be a bigger issue than the technial ones. Old steam engines is more of a collector thing. The same with Clockwork ones too. I cannot imagine someone choosing
  6. I did hear quite a lot about the place when we were living on the Wenlock Edge and met someone who had been there as a patient. Mind you life for everyone was a lot tougher then. Don
  7. I would agree that many people running steam engines do tend to run the round a circuit. But there are people at least in 16mm who do have end to end layouts and shunt and run round much the same as electric layouts. If you want to see Steam models run properly look for Hambleden either at exhibitions or on youtube example here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTU2IGfAr2A or summerlans http://www.summerlands-chuffer.co.uk/the-hambledon-valley-railway/4594144236 Don
  8. There was one of those repair shop programes on TV where the restorer made a new spring for a clockwork model . Spring steel is available as said you may have to anneal the ends to shape the spring to hold the ends see here for steel https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/173584705648?var=472997842642 You usually have to wind it up somewhat to fit and must be securely clamped while doing so see clockmakers spring clamps Don
  9. Superb work Rob really full of atmosphere. My 1365 would look quite at home on there. Don
  10. Father Christmas has a bungalow just up the road from us. He is always busy at this time of year visiting old folks homes or meeting kids on the railway. Must be twiddling his thumbs at the moment with the restrictions. One thing does puzzle me where did his Black country accent come from? Marion has decided a Christmas railway would be nice has to fit on a table so 009 railway. A new venture for me. The table is oval and it will need to split lengthways for storage so baseboards will be fun and the timescale is a bit tight. I might be excused other duties though. Do
  11. Nice idea Andy only one question it looks like it will only connect with one road in the fiddle yard. Mind you that will still work as it will just be a transfer to SMS. Regards Don
  12. I think it was 62 when the Groves layout first appeared at Central Hall. I remember how impressive it was. I also spent some time chatting to Stewart Hine on the 2mm stand. Don
  13. Looking forward to seeing what changes you will make. Don
  14. I was thinking of having some scenic treament a few bushes and trees perhaps a culvert or two. The idea is to have a length of run such as you might see from a carriage window of just countryside so you could run a train round and round without it feeling like you were repeating going through the same station. Nondescript scenery is I supose the idea. What most layouts lack is the ability to create a sense of journey. Take a space say 18ft x 10ft you would probably have a 45ft run. A train running at 30mph would cover 44ft/sec 308mm in 7mm just over 1ft so just a little slower
  15. I think the big oval would be great but with fairly simple scenery with some of you lovely bakscenes. So you could sit and enjoy the loco with a short train gently rolling along . I would choose to create three scenes a coastal scene Langstone HArbour sort of feel, a bit wooded Bluebell line sort of thing and the chalk downs. It would do for me as I like a bit of operating a nice shunt reforming trains a lever frame to operate. Now if I could fit one of those and the big oval that could be grand. Out from a hidden cassette area three times round the big oval and into the station run
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