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  1. In my ealier post I forgot to mention the Swing Riots. Another thing that was left out of the History lesson I had. for the South East try https://blogs.kent.ac.uk/ageofrevolution/riots/the-swing-riots/ for Norfolk try http://www.historyhome.co.uk/peel/ruralife/norfolk.htm I wonder what weight they were using on the L&M by the time the TalyLlyn was laid. In the early days there were a lot of problems with broen rails I believe Don
  2. One needs to consider the wider context. The enclosure acts had taken away the common land that agricultural workers had used to grow their own food and graze animals so they became dependant on wages earned. Good in times of boom but not when times were hard. The introduction of increasing mechanisation in the 1800s was threatening jobs so there was an increasing number willing to seek a better life in the industrial areas. Not that it was a good life as we would know it, the choice of hard work in dirty smoky industries or possibly starving, unemployed or on very low wages in the countryside is not an easy one. So I assume there were plenty willing to accept life in those delectable hovels. Those countries where the peasantry retained access to a bit of land for their own needs may have been slower to industrialise as they lacked the readily available workforce. Don
  3. Mervyn see my post above you are thinking of Martin's Arcadia in EM but he wouldn't have been featuring GWR locos. Arcadia was later extended with Rye Harbour, before Martin turned to 0 gauge and built a new Arcadia. Very much missed Martin. Don
  4. Rather like Ironbridge/Coalbrookdale with the famous painting of the Bedlam Furnace by P J Loutherberg Don
  5. I think the local builders merchant had some plasterers stilts for sale. It is hard enough plastering without trying to do it on stilts. Don
  6. I cannot agree with that statement. The early waggonways such as Wilinson's in 1605 used wooden rails on wooden sleepers. By 1767 the Coalbrookdale company was using Iron rails and selling them. Later the wooden sleepers were replaced with stone blocks which were sturdier. In the Forest of Dean the tramways using plate rails were laid on stone blocks these were not totally replaced by the railway and as late as 1946 stone was still be taken down Bixslade on the plateway by Horse drawn waggons. The stone blocks were still in place when I walked down around 1990 and there still existed the stones in the ground for a plateway turnout near the Mushet ironworks. So both types of formation were known and used. The addtional stresses of heavy locomotives and faster speeds would of course be fairly new when Stephenson and Brunel were first building railways. Don
  7. The words come from the opening post by Edwardian but the picture I am seeing looks very much like the legs of my portable 0 gauge layout and does not appear on the first page of the CA thread. Can anyone explain? Don
  8. Garden railway builders have been known to deliberately run track through the highest point of the ground just so they can create a tunnel. Don
  9. you cannot always trust your eyes. If I hold two eggs in my hand the one on the left looks larger swap them over and the other one now on the left looks larger. Don
  10. Wouldn't it be easier to get an earlier train so you changed trians before midnight ? Don
  11. I like the pictures Andy Don
  12. What puzzles me is why nobody ever seems to mention one of the biggest problems. At the time of the financial crash it was accepted that personal, and national borrowing was too high. Unfortunately the econony had grown to a position where the only thing driving the economy upward was the borrowing. Cut back on the borrowing and the economy would shrink which would mean less money for businesses and workers which would mean less spending unless we borrowed more rather a vicious downward spiral. We have an economy based on contiual growth rather like a mad treadmill where we need to work harder to spend more to keep it going. If the government borrows a lot more we will probably have to pay more tax to cover the interest which will take more money out of the system. I find the enthusiasm for inward foreign investment puzzling for at the end of the day the profits go out of the country. Investment by UK nationals or Pension companies would keep more of the profits with the UK. One of my concerns about the Climate Change problems is a personal belief that in order to achieve the reduction it is likely to mean we need a big reduction in consumption which will starve the economy of the money needed. It is factors like the above that mean there are not simple solution to economic issues. Gordon Brown thought the tax relief on investments by Pension funds too generous and the money raised by stopping them could be better used elsewhere. Unfortunately that coupled with new regulations that demanded firms had to ensure pension funds were keeping pace with pension liabilities and the increasing life expectancy meant final salary pensions became too expensive for firms. The net result is that an awful lot of workers will find their pensions will be a lot less generous than those of their parents. It may well cause the government (and hence us) problems if too many need benefits because their pension is insufficient. Don
  13. I cannot check as all my tinplate track was given away when I was given an electric train set (I was not involved in the descisions) but I had curves of two radii in 0 gauge my vague recolection is 1ft and 2 ft radii. The tightest of those G1 curves look close to 1ft to me. Don
  14. Look on any packet of food and it will tell you how many joules it contains which could be used to keep you warm, run upstairs or saw up wood for your baseboards. Unfortunately those that don't get used seem to become fat. Don
  15. It is noticeable that everything has very short wheelbases just as well some of those curves look very sharp to me including turnouts. Still without them you couldn't fit that much in. Those coaches at the top which look to be in LSWR livery are impossibly short but charming. Looks real fun. Some of the lineside details are done very well. Don
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