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  1. If you use a resistance soldering unit the the is only hot when you apply power. I found it was also useful when I had to watch out for a parrot climbing down my arm. Foot off the button and he power was off. Don
  2. I too find signals an important part of the layout. I plan to have a lever frame which will work microswitches. I would have liked to build a proper interlocking frame but lack of time plus increasing arthritis means it would probably never get done. So I have written the code for an interlocking unit which will regularly poll the microswitches and if a lever has changed state will first heck that he lever is unlocked. If locked a red light will be on on the frame and any lever pulls ignored until the lever is restored. If unlocked it will send a signal to operate the turnout or signal and then check with a locking table and apply any lock and releases as approtriate. The heart of it is an Arduino Mega pretty cheap. I am also thinking about an automatic fiddleyard device that will send bell signals when it thinks a train should be dispatched to the terminus. A sort of modern version of Peter Denny's Automatic Crispen. Don
  3. That pole has a bit of a lean on it does it belong to the GPO or the railway Don
  4. Looks interesting. Regarding track laying the best reasons for building your own turnouts is a) you enjoy it and b) it is the only way to get a real flow to trackwork. A regards EM/P4 a lot depends on what locos and stock you want if it will all be kit built a lot of kits these days allow for P4 I believe but if you are planning to use rtr you may find it is a lot of extra work. I admit I haven't tried P4 I went from EM to 2mFS . The main reason for going EM was the rubbishy standard of 00 in those days ( late 70s ). Don
  5. I cycled out to Pendon from Reading in 1962. There was the viaduct sceen (no station just a viaduct) and Roye would bring out a few buildings and talk about making them. Abosolutly stunning especially as he was so far ahead of most modellers. It has grown a bit over the years. Well done mate. Don
  6. If we say around May an Aplle tree would be in blossom. Aquadulce Broads Beans were often sown in Autumn so would be a reasonable height. Not sure about the climate there when we lived in the hope dale along the Wenlock edge the area was a frost pocket as the hills rose on both sides so last spring frost was May earliest autumn frost was september so nothing tender was planted out spuds might be covered in straw if they came through early . Somewhere else stuff might be being set out in may specially in the southwest. Just had a look Aston not covered but for Clun the last expected frost is s2nd week in May suggested planting out Chiited potatoes 2nd week in April so they would be coming through in May so you would need to watch out. Runner Beeans wouldn't go out until June so I don't suppose the sticks would be in yet (probably fill the bean trench with compost in May this was always a highlight for the ducks they would have their heads through the fencing after the compost worms). Thats a point you would have had a compost heap For flowers the Forsythia would be over by May Ceanothus would have lovely bllue blossom but possibly not 'usual'. Lilac either white or Purple would be in bloom in May. Don
  7. Cattle dock looking nice. I would tuck away thoughts of other layouts for later. There is plenty of mileage left in this one and its original and looking good so I think you should finish it. BTW Geoffs Llangunllo was most inspiring he has moved to 7mm and Bleddfa road looks very special. Don
  8. That is a nice gentle curve. I have seen some layouts where the wires would be over the tracks mid span. It is surprising how even a gentle curve the sideways force will gradually put a lean in the pole. Don
  9. Donw


    When an apprentice at 16 (1965) I was with a Pipe Watcher (supervisor of the contractors laying ducts and building joint boxes. More bricks were need and I was sent to assist the lorry driver. We pulled into the yard next to a stack of bricks . One of us would throw 4 bricks at a time for the other to catch and stack. After the first throw when the 4 bricks all managed to hit different parts of the driver I was the catcher. I did have thick gloves on but I suspect H&S would have a fit these days. It didn't take that long to load 500 bricks. One way bricks were judged was by the amount of water they coud absorb. Weigh a brick empty and then drop it in a pail of water and once it had time to absorb the water again re weigh the bricks. Don
  10. I suggest this may be amusing https://www.ling.upenn.edu/~beatrice/humor/english-lesson.html However in a US based thread this may be an absolute load of bunkum Personally I would follow Moose the pural is Moose because that was the indian for more than one from which the name is derived so we could just use Caboose to cover however many you have. Although in truth I suspect the workers used cabooses. Don
  11. I hope you have fitted stay wires then. Don
  12. so you are adding ROAD CLOSED AHEAD signs then. The bit next to the ballast was the cess typically ash and cinders I believe and was intended to act as drainage. However it was also a convenient safe path for workers. These days drainage purpoe seems to have been forgotten rather than being lower than the sleepers it can be found to be at the same or higher level. Often old bits of rail and other stuff has been dumped there. I dont know if they still have linemen who would regularly walk the length they were reposbile for and for their own convenience if nothing else keep brambles etc. at bay Don
  13. All that faffing about with Adverts was ruining my enjoyment of RMweb so when my subs for gardenrail needed renewing I opted for World of Railways and Gold membership. Much better now. Considering the time I spend on here very reasonable plus I have access to BRM as well as Garden Rail Don
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