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  1. Looking at that picture there is what appears to be a barrage balloon, but above it a shape which think is Zeppelin. If so the barrage balloon may be a Zeppelin at a different angle. Spooky as my wife lived in Varcoe Road just off Canal road when we met. & we then lived there together for 3 years or so until we moved to Kent.
  2. Just googled the manufacturer "EZBustoys" that Paul 1973 refers to, they do a few trams. This one could make a good body for a scratch builder:- http://www.ezbustoys.com/large-scale-redwhite-kids-articulated-electric-trolley-city-bus-p-462.html The one he bought:- http://www.ezbustoys.com/kids-143-scale-white-red-plastic-city-express-bus-toy-p-555.html Umm, where is my credit card?
  3. A good group on Yahoo for Faller car system. Tomix have just launched a N Gauge system at much more reasonable cost than the exorbitant Faller system.
  4. Scary she is a year younger than me..... Now has an Art degree according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anneka_Rice
  5. That would be a complete eye sight test. I struggle enough with N gauge stuff with my rumy 53 year old eyes!
  6. I must admit as a railway layman it did surprise me that the interlocks weren't in place but as others have said given the low incidence it appears to be a non-issue. Although tragic for those concerned. As for 12 hours shifts, still very common in the NHS. My wife used to & still would be doing (if she hadn't have left) a 12.5 hours shift running a ward, frequently with no breaks whatsoever & not even something to drink.
  7. Yup I finally had a letter this morning. They were a lot more communicative when they wanted payment!
  8. Still awaiting mine as well. No communication from them either, looking at the quality of the mag I suspect I could end up cancelling the whole thing.
  9. Very good! You can download a picture editor for free at www.irfanview.com which is a free & easy to use picture viewer & editor with lots of available plugins to do different things.
  10. At that size I'd use piano wire as it is very strong & self supporting. Solder-able or could be supeerglued or epoxied.
  11. Blimey what speed was that works wagon going at & a few second previously people were walking on the rails.
  12. That looks good, interesting website about the original as well. Go on get it finished should be good.
  13. I think the USB spec is 5V @ 500mA so more than enough for something N gauge or smaller I'd have thought. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Serial_Bus
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