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  1. LSWR Models usually has some in stock (and is at Woking this weekend if you are anywhere near) http://www.lswrmodels.co.uk/ho-scale Have some sun glasses ready when you view his web site - Dullcote towards bottom of page...... John
  2. Services appeared back to normal this morning but on the way to the Tonbridge show caught a glimpse of a FCC 319 sitting in the sidings at Gatwick with a broken shoe beam supported/held up by some duct tape. Believe problem occured on the Quarry line section, so guess the 319 was one of the victims..
  3. Vancouver BC - June 2006 The impressive Waterfront Station And it's impressive interior John
  4. A couple more to supplement Chris's earlier post of Port Alberni, Vancouver Island. June 2008 Not sure if this one is allowed as not strictly a depot - although an important part of the railway infrastructure! Well worth a visit - very nice bunch of people, and was given a personal tour of the loco facilities - have more photos taken inside the loco shed but probably not for this thread.. John
  5. Vancouver Island - end of the line - Victoria, this time two years later June 2008. John
  6. Vancouver Island - Qualicum Beach Station - June 2006 VIA RDC's en route to Victoria VIA RDC's approaching from Victoria John
  7. As per all the previous posters - excellent prices and great service from John at Bromsgrove, email updates and next day delivery, plus a 3% MERG membership discount as well... Definately first port of call for my DCC 'bits'! Thanks John
  8. I had a quick scan through it last night - I too didn't like the two position zoom 'feature', but then discovered the full screen option - click on the 'square' - bottom RHS of screen - which helps a little, otherwise I found the text was too small in 'normal' view. Also I believe they will be paying for photo submissions - not a lot to start with, but could increase - according to the blurb in the mag. Payment isn't required until end of Feb. There were quite a few embedded videos - I missed some to start with and had to 'flick' back through the pages and hover over the photos to see if they were in fact videos! Still haven't decided whether to subscribe - really enjoyed reading it in it's old format - but I guess progress beckons... John
  9. Another vote for XLR connectors. Have tried various methods over the years but XLR is the firm favourite for the reasons mentioned in the previous posts. Very robust and positive, plus easy and quick to connect/disconnect especially when packing up after an exhibition! Did though get caught out once by purchasing some (cheap) 7 way XLRs from a well known tool/component outlet which turned out to be rubbish - had to wiggle the male connector to establish any form of contact, and then very intermittent, so had to trash them. Learnt the lesson and will only use Neutrik or similar, usually sourced from Rapid. Below are a couple of images of the underside of a new board showing the mounting 'bracket' for the 'chassis' XLR connectors - awaiting drilling of holes for the connectors. John
  10. I like this one from Japan: http://www.nttfukush...zu/Default.html High quality streaming video and sound - Aizu-Wakamatsu station, Japan. John
  11. Thanks for the heads-up Grahame, just downloaded latest issue. The 'Concrete Highways' article looks interesting but no idea what the UK equivalent to 'Spackling Paste' is......! John
  12. Having closely followed the excellent 'tutorials' by hayfield - thanks John! - I decided my next OO 'masterpiece' would be all handbuilt points, (C&L copperclad etc; and subsequently purchased at the Epsom show last weekend), designed around Templot (still to be purchased) and SMP flexible track. However the only places I could easily find SMP advertised (no doubt there are others) were Marcway and Blacksmith Models. One compelling reason for selecting SMP is that it is considerably cheaper than C&L. I do though have some C&L flexible track and can confirm Gordons supposition that their track webbing is joined on alternate sides. Also, after every ninth sleeper there is no join on either side, effectively creating moveable sections of (9) sleepers. Based on Gordons comments, I may possibly stick with C&L flexible track..... John
  13. Dan You may want to look here for some controller ideas (and plenty of other info to distract you!): http://home.cogeco.c...rcuitIndex.html But to answer your question - I built this a few years ago: http://users.rcn.com...tcl/ccartcl.htm which ticks most of your boxes and was used extensively on an American HO modular club layout, hence had to cope with a wide variety of mechanisms - old and new. The only changes I made were to the momentum resistor values (as suggested in the text) as we found for our purposes there was too much delay/momentum; you could practically go off and make a cup of tea before some locos really got going! Hence suggest fine tuning values to suit. Controller worked well and has now been passed on as we graduated to DCC.... John
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