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  1. If you are still coming over to view the sheds on Saturday you are welcome to pop in and see mine.  I am about 20 minutes from the shed company or if you are going to Skegness you will almost pass my house on the way back to Tamworth !  I will be in all day as it will be the first  weekend I have to start on the layout after waiting for months ! Let me know, won`t be offended if you don`t but it might be worth seeing it ?

  2. I am aware I am hijacking this thread with my shed so I will shortly start a new thread but just to finish by saying , yes, it was a multi day job (4 for the lining and floor) and now the supports for the boards are going in, possibly finished today. Electrics to finish then we are in business. just as well there isn`t that much work at the moment ! Apologies Bryant !
  3. There`s 2 purlins on either side running the entire length. I`ll put up a photo of the completed shed soon, its almost finished being fitted out now.
  4. Not sure what you mean by purlins , why not call them. 01526 861 737
  5. Pleased to hear this. Mine is almost finished now, lining etc and supports for base boards going in tomorrow then I can get down to the serious business of starting the layout. After your visit you could park up somewhere (Boston ?) and take the HST to Skegness. Probably not that many more times it will run although it might be slightly early for you if you are coming over from Tamworth? I know the journey well having lived in B`ham for 30 years ! Good luck !
  6. Here is my 24 x 12 being erected. I am very happy with the quality of the shed so would recommend you going ahead with the company if you still intend to.
  7. i would most certainly argue that the "triplets" would be very well received !!!
  8. They are presently building a bridge over the M42 near Brum
  9. In the short term no, but we need to look further ahead. If we just look at the next few months and take that as the new normal we would probably cancel all infrastructure enhancements as not worth it but traffic levels will steadily increase and our sights need to be on the long term.
  10. BR always reckoned that 1 minute of time saved increased revenue by 1% so if that still holds then I would say even 3 or 4 minutes saved is worth it.
  11. I had the same problem with home made write couplings similar to yours, coincidentally on a West Highland layout now dismantled. I played around with them for hours and eventually got them to work. I do think though looking at yours if it was wider i suspect the problem would go away.
  12. I wasn`t really complaining, I think it is great that they are doing so many Scottish railway buildings, especially those suitable for the northern routes. Not before time as my scratch building isn`t really up to it. I am taking your advice and using the Shed as a starting point and cladding it with various plastic sheeting. etc
  13. Just looked at their site again and there is a new building there since yesterday ! A highland cottage, much needed.
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