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  1. It doesn`t save very much, it`s almost the same price to build for 140mph as 200 mph
  2. A little work on the Altnabreac section today. Los of rough edges yet but slowly taking shape. Still have the static grass to apply to much of this area. i decided on War World Scenics "scorched grass" as the closest I am going to get to dead heather so hopefully the next photos will show this.
  3. I stumbled over this site recently and thought it might be useful for you. https://braesidemodels.co.uk/shop/
  4. Haven`t thought that far ahead yet. All depends on how time pans out. I think I need to do the central section "in situ" really though.
  5. The next job is to lay the track for the central section , make sure it is all electrically up to scratch etc which I think will take me up to the spring of 22. Once the temperature drops I tend to spend less time out in the shed, maybe a few running sessions but the scenic work needs lots of time. I might do some scratch building back in the house though.
  6. A few more of the Flow Country. Still fairly basic, water to be added to the river etc
  7. Time to report a change to the layout. I am not one who plans in huge detail a layout and then builds it. Rather I have an idea or two , (usually requiring more space than at my disposal) and then try to make it work. With the present layout whilst I always knew I was doing Forsinard I wasn`t sure how I was going to operate it and as previous posts will show decided to add Helmsdale as a second passing station. This turned out to be too much of a compromise scenically as it was being squashed into one corner of the layout in order to keep as much space as possible to depict the Flow Country. I realised that I wasn`t really going to use the sidings at Helmsdale and so a few weeks ago I decided it had to go. I tend to run the layout as a roundy roundy and the central section (yet to be built) will be a terminus / scenic storage area. In the place of Helmsdale I decided to include one of the single track stations on the line, just for scenic interest really and as the backscenes (already in place) are of the magnificent Flow Country so Altnabreac was decided on. Far from complete and the station building definitely not correct (is a Pop Up kit of Golspie station) but will have to suffice until the actual one gets scratch built. The final photo attempts to depict the track leading from Altnabreac station. All the bare space will be given the static treatment , probably next year now. Below are a few photos taken today of the progress so far -
  8. Thanks David, The snow fences are made from Scale Model Scenery sleepers intended for a barrow crossing and are real wood. I will be trying your method as soon as I get hold of the correct powders.
  9. Hi David, Thank you so much for all of this, it is incredibly helpful and very clear. As soon as I get the powders i`ll crack on with my snow fences Thanks again Nigel
  10. Hello David, I know you said above you used various weathering powders on the fence but I would be grateful if you might go into a little more detail about the process as I need to weather the snow fences on my Forsinard layout and your results are very impressive and exactly what I would like to achieve Thanks in advance Nigel (Class 26)
  11. A few images of Forsinard taken earlier this week by Jools1959. Static grass more or less complete although I will add in places some longer grass once I can get it to stand up better. My War World Scenics applicator is ok up to 4 mm but any longer it seems to struggle which is disappointing. Fortunately my eye sight is such that I don`t really notice the longer grass lying flat unless I look very closely and I suppose it could have been flattened in a storm ? I hope to remedy the grass situation over the winter, perhaps with a more powerful applicator and would be grateful if anyone has any tips. I am new to static grass and a little befuddled by it all. Some say voltage doesn`t matter whilst others swear by a higher voltage so if anyone can shed light please do advise.
  12. I would be interested to see the services today that do Brum to London in 59 minutes !
  13. Happy to be corrected but wasn`t there also a sleeper service up the Durham coast ?
  14. A few more photos from last weeks photo session. Again thanks goes to Jools1959 for taking the photos.
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