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  1. Now I see, looking at your link above you have more than enough photos of Heckington !"
  2. For those who model the Far North line here are two recent commissions I received from York Modelmaking as I am incapable of scratch building them ! Both (I think) are unique to the Far North line and are the lattice bridge and the crossing gates as seen at Forsinard. The gates at Lairg I believe are very similar. The little gate to the right is of course courtesy of Peco. The bridge is found at several places mainly on the northern half of the line. The bridge isn`t finished, it only has received a coat of primer so far , it is just plonked on the gap where the river will
  3. I live in Heckington if you want any photos.
  4. I was in Rails shop on Tuesday , ordered 8 Bullhead points and a box of Bullhead track. They said it should be with them by the end of October. Can`t proceed with my layout without. Frustrating as so much time due to Covid...................
  5. Seconded. If it`s a toss between "Made in China" or waiting a little longer, i`ll wait thanks
  6. Hi , I have the mag and have posted the missing page in the Scottish section. Let me know if it`s ok for you
  7. Here`s the last p. After sending page 1 the site wouldn`t let me send the others for some reason but permitted page 6 so you get what you asked for. Again, apologies for the coffee stains ! if anybody reading this wants pages 2, 3 , 4 or 5 to complete the article let me know.
  8. Good news, i have it and have scanned the entire article for you. Sorry for a few coffee stains but I think its all readable. let me know if not. By the way, it was March 2006, not 2008. Its coming in separate posts as it seems i can only attach one page per post. Hope this helps
  9. Hello, I am fairly sure I have a copy. Will look tomorrow and write again
  10. The track between Boston and Sleaford is 60 mph (although 35 / 40 for freight), Sleaford to Allington 50 mph (35 / 40) but alot of the track between Sleaford and Allington is now CWR and probably fit for higher speeds but I guess the signalling would need repositioning first ?. Just as between Boston and Firsby since the track was relaid to permit HST`s to run at line speed (60 mph) the track is fit for 75 mph but again the signalling needs re sighting.
  11. I started out looking at a company from near Chester which, whilst looking very well made (and fully lined) was £9,000 before I found this company just a few miles down the rod from me. Most things round here are cheaper, Try comparing property prices ! That`s why i am here ! I haven`t got round to the heating question yet but will need to before the autumn arrives. As it is 24 feet long I think one at either end will probably be what I do. Still waiting for the electric to be installed. Now it is fully lined and all baseboards are in place, track loosely in place just to see how i
  12. If you are still coming over to view the sheds on Saturday you are welcome to pop in and see mine.  I am about 20 minutes from the shed company or if you are going to Skegness you will almost pass my house on the way back to Tamworth !  I will be in all day as it will be the first  weekend I have to start on the layout after waiting for months ! Let me know, won`t be offended if you don`t but it might be worth seeing it ?

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    2. class26


      No problem, just pleased you had a productive journey. I finished lining the shed and the boards are now up so today i was just laying out track approximately to see how it will all look in real life. This layout has been planned for years but there`s always something you haven`t thought of.  My problem is I hate fiddle yards but need somewhere for the train to "hide" before returning. After much head scratching today i think i got there ! I will be opening a new thread on here (my first) once I have electric installed and there`s something positive to see. 

      Did you make it to Skegvegas ? Not a bad afternoon for it.

    3. B McG

      B McG



      Hope all's well. It was quite a nice day up at Vegas, however it's now fast becoming a distant memory!  How are you getting on with your prep work? I did have a look to see if you had started a thread but didn't see anything posted.  There was something else I wanted to ask about your setup in your shed rather than post on the planning thread.  I was wondering whether you insulated the floor of your shed and if you did, how you approached it?   


      If I did go for it the plan would be to use a breathable membrane on the existing floor, covered by a frame of 75mm high joists with 50mm celotex board in between the joists. Next would be to use aluminium tape to close all gaps between the joist and the boards and then cover with 18mm ply for rigidity.  It would mean a bit of extra work and expense but I'm am leaning towards doing this to maximise comfort in the dark months.  I would be interested to hear whether you'd think this is worth doing.


      Cheers & happy modelling,


    4. class26




      I have fully insulated my shed. Well not me but my builder. We used insulation material that you use in lofts then clad by what he called marina board. We also used this for the floor. I definitely think you should insulate though ! One thing, when the shed was first erected there were a few knots in the wood which popped out making small holes. We used some filler before starting the insulation and this seemed to have worked as it emerged from the recent deluges without problems


      The layout is proceeding ok thanks but you are right, I haven`t yet started a thread on here. I know I ought to but I would like it a little further advanced first. As my company has all but closed due to this blasted virus I will have time over the next few months. We are in group travel with most of our client`s being schools who have been told no foreign travel so you can imagine the devastation that has caused. Basically we have had virtually no income this year and it looks as though that will; remain the case until a vaccine is found.

      Do let me know when the shed arrives and good luck.






  13. I am aware I am hijacking this thread with my shed so I will shortly start a new thread but just to finish by saying , yes, it was a multi day job (4 for the lining and floor) and now the supports for the boards are going in, possibly finished today. Electrics to finish then we are in business. just as well there isn`t that much work at the moment ! Apologies Bryant !
  14. There`s 2 purlins on either side running the entire length. I`ll put up a photo of the completed shed soon, its almost finished being fitted out now.
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