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  1. See Liverpool Lime Street, this time in Railway Modeller May Issue. On sale from April 9th.
  2. The Liverpudlians on the layout would love to come to your layout. Problem is there are no flights from the UK to the USA at the moment!
  3. Unfortunately,due to Coronavirus Liverpool Lime Street has had to close down for the duration of the pandemic. All exhibition attendances for 2020 have had to be cancelled. It is the fault of the local people ignoring recommendations to social distance themselves and non essential shops being still open. We have realeased photos of the offending people and hope they learn to behave themselves.
  4. That is quite true. The real station front is not straight but has an angle of about twelve degrees between the two front arches. The model station front has an angle of only four degrees. The model station had to fit on fairly narrow baseboards and the track plan was modified to fit the baseboards. If you look at the real station it is built on a curve. We built the model station straight, but with the correct taper on the throat end of the roof. We didn't want to have parallel front arches with the straightened station so i managed to put in a relatively small angle in the alignment of the front arches. The photo shows the slight angle (not very clearly I might add!) between the two arches.
  5. See Lime Street Station in the January 2020 issue of Model Rail. On the shelves now!
  6. The Lamp Store fresh off the 3D printer. This will located on the front of the layout adjacent to the turntable. And painted ready for the weathering stage.
  7. You should have been a prostate surgeon!!
  8. Finally the boiler house is installed on the layout.
  9. And in a moment of madness, the Lancashire Boilers inside the boiler house. These probably get the prize for the best detail that no one can see!
  10. The boiler house painted and ready to go for weathering.
  11. The corridor connections were designed so that we could minimise the distance between the coaches. The buffers were modified to be as as short as possible and the gap between the coach buffers was set to 3mm. On a curve of four foot radius meant the compressed connections could protrude 1mm from the buffers. Making the connections expand by 1-2mm allowed them to stay in contact at all times. They were designed on Autocad with all the correct size of Comet components included on the drawing. The above shows the connection in its compressed state with the end cover omitted. The two components, an inner piece and an outer piece were then printed. The following drawing shows the two components ready for sending to the printer. Once printed the two components were joined with a short section of B&Q draught excluder. The completed connection was then fixed to the coach end. The support arms are made from 1mm brass angle and the moving part made from a small 0.45mm diameter lace pin with a small spring glued onto the pin to keep it in place. This photo shows a test piece. It does need a bit of tidying up before it is painted, but this was effectively a proof of concept model. The final connections do look good and were worth the effort. They do stay in contact when the coaches traverse our curves. The coach connections of the outer coaches in the rake are fixed in the compressed position as our rakes do not change. Hope that helps!
  12. A 3D printed model of the boiler house that will fit at the back of the layout. The tan coloured brickwork is brick plasticard, put there as the bricks failed to print as they were 0.1mm proud of the surface!! The model is made of 9 printed components, namely: The walls The roof The two doors The top slide for the doors The chimney The ventilator roof and ends The two ventilator sides Now for the painting.
  13. Finally the Glasgow to Liverpool sleeper train is completed. For the first time today it ran into the station hauled by Coronation Class locomotive 'City of Liverpool". The seven coach train is made up of seven Comet coach kits, Each coach has pickups so we can add lighting at a later date. The corridor connections are made up of two 3D printed components and remain in contact with the adjacent coach around any of the curves, Weathering is next as they are a bit too clean at the moment!
  14. The wheels on the Claughton are standard Romford wheels with a brass etched boss, which was part of the DJH kit.
  15. Glasgow to Liverpool sleeper train. After a delay due to fine weather cycling and five weeks in Australia the coaches are now painted. Next stage is to add windows, then think about final assembly.
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