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  1. All the best Mr.T. Have enjoyed chatting mate, but like Jaz and a whole load of others before me, cant stomach the people in charge on here anymore. Hopefully, somehow, I'll be able to keep checking on DP. Keep up the great modelling. Dave
  2. With regret I will now close this topic and end my membership with this site. Simply asking a question about the ludicrous prices of models has brought the immediate and expected censorship by the management on here, who in my opinion, are far to close to the manufacturers and retailers to allow anyone to even question something which effects us all (not them obviously); that being the cost of models. To all the genuine average Joe modellers on here I will say goodbye. Plenty of other sites out there with much less biased moderators .....so that's all folks! Dave
  3. Doughnut

    4- Cep back

    Just been checking some of the retailers websites, (one in Sheffield and one in Cornwall to be precise) and saw the 4-ceps back in production again. £254...is this an error or a Brexit thing; with the de-valuing of the currency..etc.. £42 for a seacow too. This is a genuine question but have no doubt it will be locked.
  4. This weeks progress...finally got the MPV I've had for a few years up and running. Floodlight equipped too, but as its a day scene didn't use them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyqyQ2qgxEc Dave
  5. Many thanks..glad you enjoyed it. Dave
  6. Finally the layout's up and running again, after finishing the TMD extension. 6 months...cant believe it myself ! On to the next project..(MPV). Dave https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lUgnHg0qMQ
  7. Thought not. Many thanks for that chaps.
  8. I'm just about to add extra detail/lights to my Bachmann MPV and was wondering if these vehicles have flashing orange warning lights above the cabs? One website, which shows how to add DCC lighting to models, shows how to add an orange flashing LED to the cabs. But, having trawled the various online info sites, I cant find any picture or video of the real thing having these lights. Anybody know differently? Many thanks Dave
  9. Looks good... platform looks great..very realistic. Is it scratch built or a kit? Loxley, by the way (Of Robin Hood fame) is in Sheffield, not 2 miles from me. Dave
  10. thanks VPF...yes ideal for spottin....as its turned out, it reminds me a bit of the grass banking at Tinsley shed, many moons ago. Dave
  11. This weeks progress :- Nearly there..just got to clean the tracks and the get the trains running!!! Dave
  12. Thanks Steve, George. Had a bit of advice on the Pway & Signals section, as to what was required for entry/exit of a TMD branch...2No.shunt signals, a Stop board & a trap to protect the mainline. Dave
  13. Highest order landscaping Mr. T. A 'Tall-order' and it looks like you've got it licked!! Love the rock texture and the grass is spot-on! Dave
  14. Thanks chaps. Inspired by your thread Sam with the shunt signals! Dave
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