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  1. I've been a bit quiet as of late, however work has been progressing here and there mainly on vehicles. Here's a couple of Farish buses repainted into something that hopefully resembles Highland Omnibus livery. I still need to figure out how to finish them with destination blinds etc. however I'm quite pleased with the way they have turned out. This is my first attempt at airbrushing with acrylics as well which took a bit of getting used to... Hopefully more to come in the not too distant future.
  2. Did these run north of Inverness? If so I could be persuaded for one or two, I haven't come across any in pics yet though...
  3. I was lucky enough to see these coaches and kits in the flesh last night at club. They're very impressive with some rather fine detail, they also look relatively simplistic to assemble. Well done Linny. Shaun
  4. Evening all, A few weeks ago I picked up another couple of Dapol class 26s on ebay (26026 and 26040). I needed (wanted) a couple more to allow me to run a prototypical day's service, five are required to operate the daily passenger/freight workings and I thought an extra one would be handy to run an occasional double headed or special service. Here they are with snow ploughs and discs fitted. There was no need to renumber 26026, as apparently I must have renumbered the previous one I bought. Although as I already had a 26040 this became 26033, I also removed the stag emblem as these didn't appear until a bit later than I'm modelling
  5. Not much activity over the last week or so, I've been away with work a lot recently. I did manage to get some pics in daylight hours for once. Although the room the railway is in is north facing it does get some decent light for a few hours during the day. A couple of engineers vans in the sidings awaiting their next tour or duty. As the layout has to be stored from time to time, I didn't really want a normal type back-scene as I felt it would need to get handled too much and be susceptible to damage. Plus the layout sits diagonally across the room and can be photographed from all sides. Instead I'm hoping to go for a digital version and although this one is not quite right for the area it should give an idea of what I'm planning. cheers Shaun
  6. Thanks Mike, you beat me to it. My method is exactly the same. It's quite simple to do and 26s just don't look right without them. I did fit the full three piece set to one end of one loco, but all the others are done using this method as I wanted to have a choice of branch locos available to be able to shunt at the station which can require the use of both ends
  7. Hi Marlyn - It's ok, hijack away, it's all relevant. Hi Richard - Yes, definitely interested thanks Shaun
  8. Something that seldom seems to have made it into photos on the Far North Line, but happened all the same, was fish traffic heading south with passenger workings. Here's a grubby 26030 with a far too clean fish van in tow entering Georgemas with the Wick portion of the last southbound service of the day.
  9. Thanks Gary, you found me then! Very little progress this weekend. Just some pics of this evening's play session. Quite fitting for the current weather, although no snow here at Georgemas so must have just been a test run. A pair of grubby 26s running through from Thurso to Wick with independent ploughs.
  10. I've actually cheated a bit with my signal boxes I was going to use 0.010" rod glued into the groove on Slaters 1mm planking. However, after some trials I decided that it was going to be far too fidgety so I proceeded using the 1mm planking alone. It doesn't stand up to close up scrutiny but (I think) it looks alright from a distance. The corrugated roofing on the boxes and platform building is Evergreen corrugated plasticard with 1mm (0.040") spacing. Although afterwards I stumbled across the Redutex range of self adhesive textured sheets, they do a few different corrugated offerings and it was this i used on my PW hut. Some of their patterns are a bit questionable but the corrugated ones seem ok. They also have the advantage of being substantially thinner than the plasticard equivalent. The other place that I've used a Redutex sheet was for the tiled roof of the station building The colour scheme that I've used on the signal boxes and some platform buildings was prototypical although not for the period that I'm modelling - I just quite liked it. I don't know when it initially appeared as the earliest colour photos I've seen date from the late 50s, it was phased out at Georgemas during the late 60s / early 70s. I've been quite lucky for photos, it seems that Georgemas has been one of the most photographed station on the Far North Line, I've referenced over 400 so far that pre-date 1990. A great source of Far North Line pics is Ernie Brack's flickr page, see here https://www.flickr.com/photos/irishswissernie/albums/72157691625089715 cheers Shaun
  11. It's been quite some time since my last update, although work has been progressing at my usual slow pace. Some pics from last night. The station building is finally fixed in place - only about three years since I started it. It's not quite bedded in fully yet but is coming along. Some bits and pieces starting to appear on the platforms now too.
  12. Hi David, looking good - what have you used to represent the phone lines? cheers Shaun
  13. It's been a good while since the last update - the best part of a year. In that time I've bought and renovated another flat which I finally finished in June and have moved a tenant in. This month has mainly been taken up with the usual influx of visitors although I did manage to set up the layout and do a bit of work for a few days in between visits. It's not really obvious from the pic below but the pillars of the road bridge have been considerably widened after it was quite rightly pointed out that they were much too thin. I've also added some plants and bushes alongside the platform, which going by the pictures I have of the actual location disappeared in the very early seventies, I just felt that the fence looked a bit chunky when there on its own. A couple of, not quite finished, engineers vans sit in the bay platform awaiting their next tour of duty. I started working on these about a year ago and they are my first attempts at repaints. The mess van is an NGS Stove R repainted in black livery and the CCT was originally in engineers red although it was just too bold in colour so I stripped it back and repainted it in a more faded, and hopefully realistic, condition. Same as above in B&W, I can't quite remember where the hand cart came from, although I do recall it being very well designed and easy to construct. I should manage to get the layout set-up again over the next week or so. I intend to re-lay the fiddle yard track as I didn't make a great job of it initially nor did I make best use of the available space. I've also been working on a few NGS wagon kits that I picked up at the Glasgow show in February. That's all for now, hopefully back with more in the very near future. cheers Shaun
  14. Thanks for the links, unfortunately progress has ground to a halt at the moment. This year the visitors just kept on coming and coupled with a wedding or two there has been little time for the layout. The modelling drought looks set to continue well into the new year as I have acquired another flat that needs an extensive renovation and this will be my little project until Easter or thereabouts. cheers Shaun
  15. Thanks Richard. I'm quite pleased with how things are going - albeit slowly. Now that I've started to weather some stock the 'straight out of the box' stuff just looks out of place. I'll probably be focusing on the stock over the next few months fitting couplings so I can have some joining/splitting/shunting fun.
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