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  1. Just thought I would check in on RMWeb to see what Dapol's announcements were over the weekend: WOW The prospect of a RTR 08 in O for less than £200 has me salivating already - I hope for the sake of the hobby that Dapol pulls it off well, having got so many people's hopes up! And to think that there are still more surprises to come in the catalogue!
  2. Great pictures as usual, Pete! I also agree with your sentiment about BR blue. Some manufacturers don't even have a 'standard' blue across their own product range... :-(
  3. The CCT will be a very welcome addition to my fleet. Thanks Farish
  4. A BR Blue, pre-TOPS (but without the 'D' prefix), Deltic with head codes would be nice, methinks... And it'd look quite good pulling a rake of the new MK2As on an early 70s ECML express
  5. I am totally with you on the blue Stainer BG, David. Very pleased with this announcement. It's good to see that Bac-Far appear to take some notice of modeller's wish lists when developing new products (I see that there are a number of small tender engines announced in OO for example...). I recently got my first examples of the new Mk1s (B/G CK, SK, BSK) and was very impressed with them. I am looking forward to MK2As made to an equally high standard.
  6. I recently made a purchase from Hattons. When it came to paying for shipping, I thought I'd pay a bit extra for the '3-5 day' option. Somehow this ended up being 15 days. While it is nowhere near as long as some of the times mentioned here, I was still a little disappointed, as, in my experience, postage times between NZ and the UK are usually very good. The day prior to placing my order with Hattons, I made a purchase from The Signal Box, Rochester - which even with their slightly sub-par checkout system, arrived in 6 days on cheap postage rates. It's kind of ironic that the only time I make a conscious decision to shell out for a 'better than cheapest' shipping option with Hattons, I have my worst ever delivery time from them...
  7. Your weathering certainly improves the appearance of the 'old' 37, Pete. That overhead view is a bit of a shock! Your photos from the 'shot on the water' POV create such a convincing illusion of depth - your layout can't be just 6 inches wide! ;-)
  8. Very nice photos there, Pete!
  9. Their shop is about half a km away from my home. Yes, they survived the earthquakes- this area has come off very lightly- but they are shutting up shop for good at the end of the month. So I guess that might have happened last weekend. Talking to the owners Mike and Henry, they said that it was just not financially viable to keep the shop going. As well as wanting to properly retire they had had three(?) increases in their insurance after the September 2010 earthquake, a rent hike, and had to vacate one of the two shops that they had occupied (their store room). Also, they said that trade had almost completely died since the earthquakes, with people having more money worries... Very sad to see them go - they had been in that shop for a very long time
  10. Unlike many others here, BR blue was not a feature of my childhood; the locos I grew up with were 3/4 scale versions of EMD and GE products. So that kind of nostalgia is not a factor. Price and availability means most people over here model either the UK or US scene. When I was 12 I got a Hornby Flying Scotsman train set, and for years after, I was only interested in things LNER. As I got older, I gravitated more towards diesels. I like the Blue period because, colour aside (and I think the colour is actually a really spiffy bit of design), it was a really diverse era: I'm mainly interested in the 1970s period, and so much was happening in this time. TOPs, headcodes, no headcodes, three different marks of standard coaching stock by the latter 70s, a fair bit of pre-nationalisation NPCCS and the odd buffet knocking around in blue/grey, heaps of different classes of loco and unit, each with their own geographical sphere... The Blue railway, for all its problems, was still a real railway. Locos hauled passenger trains, and range of freight still travelled by rail. Loose-coupled unfitted freights and revenue earning HSTs coexisted for a while. Blue provided the impression of a cohesive railway network with a bit of permanence. There is a lot of scope for things in the Blue era!
  11. When I first saw a schematic of the 1902 track layout at KoL, my eyes watered at its complexity. It's intriguing just how much an actual location can be abbreviated in a model, yet still be identifiable as that place. I believe that your 'sripped down' version of KoL still has a more complex track layout than this side of the real station has today
  12. I must confess to being one of the lucky inhabitants of the city's north-west - we've come through the whole thing pretty much untouched. The central city is stuffed, and there are a lot of people still waiting to hear what will happen to their homes, but I think most of us here are just trying to get on with things. The baby is probably more of a threat to the modelling than the earthquakes at this stage
  13. It's a fascinating spot which I particularly like due to its harbourside location (I've always thought that rail and ships were a good mix). I have a sketch of a simplified KoL here next to me (literally on the back of an envelope) that I was mulling over perhaps building at some stage, but I think that in your version here you have managed to distill it down to its essential minimum. Your track looks fantastic; so much better than PECO setrack
  14. I also reside in beautiful Christchurch, NZ. Although I'm interested in a variety of NZ, UK & US railway subjects, I am trying very hard (and rather unsuccessfully...) to concentrate on Blue era BR in N scale. Hoping to get something small up and running in the near future.
  15. A couple that I have that are quite interesting are Chris Heaps, BR Diary 1968-1977, Ian Allan (1988) John Glover, BR Diary 1978-1985, Ian Allan (1985) These volumes highlight notable events and developments on BR on a year-by-year basis, and together cover the Blue period from the enter of steam until sectorisation. Another book I have is PSL Model Railway Guide 7: Modern Railways, Michael Andress (1982). Although dated, it is quite interesting from an historical perspective, as "modern" translates emphatically to "Corporate Blue". It also serves as a testament as to just how much choice in models we have today, compared to 30 years ago. Old magazines from the '70s and early '80s have also proven quite useful for info on the period, and have been collected at minimal cost - less than 50p from secondhand bookshops or old-fashioned modelshops.
  16. I too was very impressed with the speed with which Antics online dispatched the order that I purchased from them. There was a package in my mailbox within 4 days of placing my order; it was probably the fastest delivery I'd ever had from the UK, and at only £5 for shipping, I thought it was great value too. Limited disposable income for model railways means that I usually buy heavily discounted items from a Liverpudlian retailer, but I regularly check out the Antics site as a result of my experience with them.
  17. Diesel: Rail Blue 9007 'Pinza', or 60044 in Mainline blue. Steam: a 14XX or, just to be different, one of Thompson's pacifics - A2/3 No.517 'Ocean Swell', perhaps.
  18. OK, how about: Rail Blue Class 86s in early-mid '70s condition with route indicators, unnamed, available with TOPS or pre-TOPS numbers, along with some models of 86/0s without flexcoil bogies, including models of as built AL6s. I bought an 86 with a view to backdating it - however, upon closer inspection, I don't back myself to remove the later detail off of the cab fronts without completely destroying what is an excellent little model... It's a wish list; I can dream a little
  19. N gauge: Class 25, Class 81, RAIL BLUE Class 86s, Mk2/a/b carriages, a blue/grey Gresley buffet (yes, there was such a thing), Class 310 EMU, Deltic OO: How about an Ivatt Large boiler Atlantic in GNR livery? And an LNER J6??
  20. Wow - I'm impressed with what you've managed to cobble together with Sketchup. I downloaded it myself with a view to bepoke CAD work for model railways, but got no further than a cursory look at the enormous pdf instruction manual, which was rather intimidating :-S
  21. I know I've half a dozen ready to go, and they're definitely not for Scottish push-pulls :-p
  22. Although these Class 86 models are named and have plated over route indicators, specific to the tail end of the Blue period... How would sales have been if the availability of the models was greater (i.e. selling at the large online 'box-shifters' for £8-15 less)? It'd be nice to see Dapol take a punt and release a rail blue model with route indicator panels, centre arrows, & the upgraded pantos. If they were really generous they might even tool some new bogies and release an as-built AL6, and an 86/0. I find it amazing that they could look to these models and conclude that a new AC model, to their current all-singing-all-dancing high standards, wouldn't sell better. Did they concluded that the new A1 might be a seller based on the sales of their dire A3s and A4s...? Producing some early condition AC locos could also bring the steam/diesel transition market into play. I can't help but think that one of the main reasons that 25kv AC models don't sell so well as other subjects is the lack of a convincing proprietary overhead system. Maybe if Dapol were to expand their range of masts (particularly with some large, heavy duty, multi-track portals), there might be more interest in AC locos.
  23. As unlikely as it probably is in the near future, I would rather like a couple of these in N : 31-678 Bachmann UK Class 85 (AL5) Electric 85026 in BR Blue with single pantograph Is anybody else excited by the prospect of the forthcoming Bachmann OO AL5 / Class 85 perhaps one day 'going through the shrink ray'? And while I'm at it, a Class 81 would be nice too...
  24. Looking at the photos here I am struck at how the sense of spaciousness that is possible in N is conveyed in the open spaces of your layout, rather than by running very long trains - the six or so carriages you have in your trains look convincingly "long" and in proportion to the environment that you've created. Really impressive stuff!
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