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  1. I have just had an e-mail through from Rails of Sheffield saying they are to make a OO gauge model of 18000 in conjunction with Heljan There will be 3 variants BR Gloss Black with Silver Trim (1949-56 Condition) BR lined green with orange/black waistband lining (1956-57 condition) and early BR crest BR lined green with orange waistband lining (1957-60 condition) and late BR crest Priced at £199.99 Each a £30 deposit is required with pre-orders They say 'The design and CAD work is complete and tooling is well underway. First tooling samples are expected to be ready in early-2020, followed by decorated samples in mid-year and production towards the end of next year'
  2. This months Model Rail dropped through the door yesterday and the new big announcement is with Heljan they are tooling a Class 11. Looks like 14 different liveries including pre-war, post-war, Longmoor and industrial. They are also doing 5 class 12's which will include detail differences like the Bulleid 'Boxpok' wheels. More info in Model Rail 263 (August). I'm sure Chris @dibber25 will be along soon to tell us more. I'm definately interested in the ICI and NCB loco's
  3. Hippo

    DJM, the end.

    Hi Nigel. Could you start a new thread on this if the Mod's allow. It is something I have been looking into and would be interested to see your results and what you are using for wheels etc Maybe the mods could unlock the DJM J94 thread and this could be discussed there. Thanks Owen
  4. It could be anything. We regularly import from Canada (plywood) and it always takes 4-5 weeks to arrive , however the 4 boxes we were due last month, MSC suddenly sent via Barcelona adding 3 1/2 weeks to the shipping time. Nothing we could do about it and not something we had been informed of before hand. It just happened. I'm guessing when shipping containers from China lead times can stretch quite considerably.
  5. Hippo

    DJM, the end.

    To add to what Phil has said, as a regular buyer from Hattons, I can safely say they don't take any money from you for pre-orders until they have the itme in stock and it is ready to post. The same goes for Rails and Kernow. Thanks
  6. 2 NCB loco's.. Result.. Now where is my wallet
  7. Hippo

    DJM, the end.

    Its the same with the 18" Austerity. I have quite a few, a couple run really well the others are average. They do look the part and I would have bought more if the next batch of NCB and MSC ones had ever turned up.
  8. Well I'm finally at a stage to post some pics on here, what you see represents about a years worth of work (i don't work quickly). I plan on finishing it with Scalescenes buildings around the edge. I plan on putting a building either side of the fiddle yard exit to hide it. What I don't know is whether or not to add a kick back siding to add a bit of operational interest. What I worry is its going to make it very track heavy. So originally it was going to be like this But now I am thinking of adding the kick back siding going into a building. Like this I would be interested in any ones thoughts on it.
  9. From what I have read else where, I am not sure Dave can recover the tooling. I have 4 on pre-order that were annouced in August 17. (3x NCB and 1xMSC) I think if Dave could produce them he would as i am sure he would have been hoping these would be a steady income over the coming years.
  10. I have had an e-mail from Ultrascale this morning to let me know they had reached the minimum to produce anther run of EM gauge wheel sets for the chain drive Sentinel In case any one is interested, now is the time to contact them Thanks Owen
  11. Hippo

    BRM Podcast

    +2. Downloaded fine from Itunes. Funny listening to it a 2nd time in the car I took a lot more in then when I listened at the computer. When can we expect the next one, will this be a monthly thing ?
  12. Hippo

    BRM Podcast

    So...... I really enjoyed it. I look forward to forward to the next one. In answer to Phil Did you enjoy our first effort? Yes. Do you listen to other podcasts? Yes, a few on Geocaching How do you listen? In the car mainly. Although some times I'll listen while making a model.... Mainly I have to listen to what ever the Mrs is watching though... the car is my time. I await the next one.. do you have any sort of release schedule planned out?
  13. Hippo

    BRM Podcast

    OK, update, It does play from the link this evening.. It didn't this morning... No idea why. I haven't listened to it all but itd good so far. Thanks Owen
  14. Hippo

    BRM Podcast

    I do like a podcast, and listen to them regularly in car. I'd like to see this one added to Itunes so I can download it on my phone. Unless anyone can tell me how to download this to my Iphone, I'm sure there must be a way Thanks Owen
  15. Hippo

    Dapol 00 Gauge LSWR B4

    I am interested in history of 'Sussex'. I knew 2 survived into preservation, but can;t seem to find any info on Sussex and its yellow livery. Also does any one know about the liveries of the Southampton dock loco liveries, I already have Caen in brown, but I see Guernsey will be produced in lined green ? Thanks Owen
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