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  1. Well its been a year since I updated this. I still have it, I still use it (play trains) and as you can see I have done a bit scenically. The narrow boat has gone and a rusty sunken barge has appeared. It needs some weathering but i think looks better. More soon, hopefully sooner than next January !
  2. Yeah I didn't order one either........ I ordered 2 and can't wait to get my hands on them. I'm sure Kernow will get them out to me as soon as possible, but there is no rush. Owen
  3. According to the Appleby Frodingham Railway on Facebook, KR models have announced they ARE making the Hunslet BO BO. https://www.facebook.com/AFrailway Owen
  4. Apologies, another and me post. Great choice. I really wish you both all the best and look forward to placing my pre-order. Thanks Owen
  5. Have you seen the Sphere ones I have one. Its not cheap but is very well made. https://www.sphereproducts.co.uk/#!/SPHERE-Cube-Workcase/p/76171269/category=16709062
  6. Mine has also arrived. I look forward to building it
  7. Sounds like a job for Planet industrial's
  8. @James Hilton Might be worth checking out page 24 of the Hornby 48ds thread. The below was posted by Ruston about a picture Karhedron posted. Sounds ideal for a Planet industrial kit. "That one is technically not a 48DS. It is a 44/48HP, in Ruston's classification scheme and pre-dates the 48DS. The cab and cab steps are different, and the wheel diameter was 3 ins. smaller than the 48DS. It's most probably W/n 186032, ex-works 3/4/1937, delivered new to Wiltshire United Dairies at Chard. That shot is interesting as I have a works photo of it on test in Lincoln and in
  9. According to Hornbys website R3640 - Willans and Robinson No. 882/1902 Due Summer 2020, announced October 2017 R3679 - Port of London Authority, No. 74 Due Summer 2020, announced May 2018 R3680 - Charity Colliery, 'Forest No. 1' Due Winter 2019-2020, announced May 2018 R3761 - Earl of Dudley's Round Oak Works (Open Back Cab), 'Lady Edith' Due Winter 2019-2020, announced Jan 2019 R3702 - Tytherington Stone Co, 'Daphne' Due Winter 2019-2020, announced Jan 2019 R3703 - S&KLR, (Open Back Cab), 'Bear' Due Winter 2019-2020, announc
  10. Only cheap ones I got off Ebay. Ebay clicky Just means if I want to build other layouts and swap between them its easy
  11. A little Peckett update 3 new ones announced in the 2020 Range. R3825 - Peckett 614, Centenary Year Limited Edition (limited to 2000 pieces!!!! I wonder how many are in a normal run) R3868 - Crawshay Brothers, 490/1890 R3869 - Dowlais Ironworks, 33 'Lady Cornelia' There are also 6 still out standing from previous announcements R3640 - Willans and Robinson No. 882/1902 Due Summer 2020, announced October 2017 R3679 - Port of London Authority, No. 74 Due Summer 2020, announced May 2018 R3680 - Charity Colliery, 'Forest No.
  12. So finally some progress. This has been untouched for ages. I did decide to go with the kick back siding and I was right to be worried it does look a little track heavy but I'm hoping by the time I get some buildings and ground covering on there it won't be too bad. The new rustons are great and the perfect size. Control is from a cheap Bachmann controller and the points are powered by an old Farish controller. Its over wired really. Every thing has its own feed and all the points are electrofog and modified electrically.
  13. I have just had an e-mail through from Rails of Sheffield saying they are to make a OO gauge model of 18000 in conjunction with Heljan There will be 3 variants BR Gloss Black with Silver Trim (1949-56 Condition) BR lined green with orange/black waistband lining (1956-57 condition) and early BR crest BR lined green with orange waistband lining (1957-60 condition) and late BR crest Priced at £199.99 Each a £30 deposit is required with pre-orders They say 'The design and CAD work is complete and tooling is well underway. First tooling samples are
  14. This months Model Rail dropped through the door yesterday and the new big announcement is with Heljan they are tooling a Class 11. Looks like 14 different liveries including pre-war, post-war, Longmoor and industrial. They are also doing 5 class 12's which will include detail differences like the Bulleid 'Boxpok' wheels. More info in Model Rail 263 (August). I'm sure Chris @dibber25 will be along soon to tell us more. I'm definately interested in the ICI and NCB loco's
  15. Hippo

    DJM, the end.

    Hi Nigel. Could you start a new thread on this if the Mod's allow. It is something I have been looking into and would be interested to see your results and what you are using for wheels etc Maybe the mods could unlock the DJM J94 thread and this could be discussed there. Thanks Owen
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